Your Home Is NOT An Investment

what's up everybody I am just but it's sing I'll walk up to the minority mindset everybody needs a place to live right right whether you want to live in a 15 bedroom mansion 40 tiny studio apartment it cost money to have a roof over your head right Yeah right and if we kind of have to pay money to live somewhere you might as well own your home because your home is an investment right yeah wait no not exactly the home that you live in is not with a capital and not an investment and I'm gonna explain why in this video so sit back relax hit that thumbs up button and make sure you watch this video until the end because I'm gonna be debunking a lot of myths first just so we're on the same page let's talk about why people think that your home is an investment there's a few reasons for this when you own a home your mortgage payments are building equity in your home which is an asset while your rent payments are just going in the garbage your home is an investment because real estate always goes up in value like if you buy a home for half a million dollars today you'll be able to sell it for a million dollars in ten years your home is an investment because if you ever wanted to buy a boat you could just go to the bank and use your home as leverage to get a line of credit and you can use this credit to go and buy a boat that you can't afford we've all heard these things before right but there's one more reason why many people think that their home is an investment we're told by banks that your home is the single most important investment of your life look imma give credit where credit is due and that's a great marketing pitch I mean that's like how cereal companies keep marketing that breakfast is the most important meal of the day if banks can convince you that your home is an investment it'll be a lot easier to get you to buy a bigger home that you may or may not be able to afford second what's your definition of an investment if your idea of an investment is you spend a lot of money today on your down payment and then every single month with no months off you pay your mortgage payments and that anytime a window breaks you have to pay to fix that and then anytime you want to remodel your kitchen you have to pay for that and you have to pay for your property taxes every year and you have to pay for your utility bills every month and you do this every year for 20 years just for the hope to make a profit two decades later if that's your idea of an investment then I recommend you watch some of our videos and you know I'll even link some in the description below my definition of investing is very simple investing is when you buy something for the sole purpose of making money or growing something if you do this correctly you won't have to wait 20 years to see a return or even two years to see a return when you invest for a passive income you can start getting cash flow in just a few months and for those of you think oh you need a ton of money to start generating passive income I linked a video down below to show you how it works you buy the home that you live in to use not to make money on third if you still don't believe me through the mailbox test now I already know that some of you are devided you're sitting there watching this video and you're thinking to yourself but just break everybody buys their home as an investment how can you in your right mind tell me that building equity and a half a million dollar home is not an investment tell me now where I'm gonna hit that dislike button so hard that you're Turpin was gonna change colors whoa whoa whoa hold on to your trigger finger because I'm gonna give you an exercise that will show you exactly what I mean here's what I want you to do put on your slippers go outside go to your mailbox and tell me what you find I got some bills and an advertisement I don't get it ah so you're telling me that your house isn't sending you any checks no flour the house pay me exactly because your home is not an investment when you buy real estate as an investment you still have the expenses and you still get the advertisements but you also get rent checks which cover the expenses and trip put some money in your pocket every single month that's why it's an investment your home comes with the expenses and the responsibilities of being a homeowner but we're none of the income if your home isn't paying you it's not an investment forth so uh are you saying that I should only rent a home no I'm saying understand what your home really is not everything you buy will be an investment like I buy clothes and I have this fancy phone case and I have a car there's nothing wrong with buying nice things or buying expensive things are buying luxury things as long as you can afford it what I want you to do is understand what is an investment and what is not an investment so you can make your purchasing decisions like a financially smart person when you think that your home is an investment it is much easier to convince you to buy a home that you cannot afford which puts you paycheck-to-paycheck because you think that this big beautiful home is gonna make you rich 2008 crash I would rather you live smaller for a few years this way you can take this extra money and invest it in things that actually make you money and then a few years later you can go and buy that dream home and actually afford it thank you for watching if you enjoyed the video hit that thumbs up button and share it with one friend so we can help spread the word don't miss our new videos on entrepreneurship business and money every Wednesday and Friday at 7:30 a.m. Eastern Standard Time so it's a subscribe button and the notification belt below tell who you actually find out when new videos are released and as always keep hustling

37 thoughts on “Your Home Is NOT An Investment

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  2. Home is a investment when you can afford it and pay off soon. I bought my, for 95k in 2010 already paid off and worth a ton of money now. No plan to sell it, no plan to move.

  3. Hey. Is buying a 2 family home an investment? If I live on 1 floor rent out the other floor for the cost of the mortgage?

  4. This is what I told my bf. The only way I will buy a house is if I can rent part of it out for a profit. If I’m not making money from my house every month than it isn’t worth it. It’s just a liability.

  5. It's not an investment. But if you sell your home for more than you paid for it, the government has no problem taxing the difference as a capital gain.

  6. maybe if you live in a SHITHOLE. what a RETARD! all you FUCKWITS that liked this video or agreed in the comments… do you even fucking KNOW what an investment IS? SMH!

  7. This guy is spot on we only come this way once and you can’t take it with you but nothing is forever

  8. It's stupid to think of a house as an investment. Just buy some stocks and leave it alone for 20 or 30 years if you want to make investments. You buy a house so that you will be able to save money when you are older and not working. A person that has been renting all their adult life will still to make a monthly rent payment and have nothing to show for it. I don't understand why so many people want their house to increase in value. I want the value of my home to go down or stay about the same so that I can save money on property taxes. I have seen people lose their homes because it went up in value and they couldn't afford to pay the higher property taxes.

  9. What's the name of the beat you use in the background? Is it in the youtube free music library or is it something you paid to create custom? It helps so much to keep me engaged in the video. wanna steal it for concentration reasons

  10. "hit that dislike button so hard your turban is gonna change color" turban changes colors

    Subbed 🤣🤣

  11. I love the videos I've watched of yours up until this one. Gotta call BS on this one. Granted there are housing crashes. There are stock market crashes and bond defaults also. Investments have risks. Much more than average, a person can buy a home, have the mortgage remain steady for 20 or 30 years and then you outright own the property which has likely tripled in value or more. Where can you rent for this deal? Let me know and I'm in. If you think you don't have these costs renting a home you are mistaken. A landlord needs to cover mortgage, escrow, repairs, etc and make a profit. They charge rent to pay for all of this. A home owner isn't going to be in business for long renting at a loss.

  12. Bought my house in Ferndale in 2008 for $23,500. A few months back the guy across the street bought basically the same house for $140,000 and it did not come with a two and one half car garage like my house did. I paid my place off quickly and am enjoying cheap rent.

  13. Your looking at it wrong , all the money is yours . you have first lien interest in the UCC … they never lent you a dime , you own the credit in the investment contract all you money is sitting in the DTC !!

  14. Your home is an investment…perhaps not for you, but they sell your mortgage and bundle it into mortgage backed securities and sell it around the world…so ya, your home is an investment

  15. How in the WORLD can a home even be considered and investment at all? Simple math people……After you add all of the interest as well as the principle….you end up paying for the house something like 3 times over if you just make the minimum payments… lets say you buy a 100k house at the end of 30 years you've paid (lost) close to 300K… thank you….

  16. I have a small payed for home, I consider it an asset, because I get use out of it, and it allows me to save my income.

  17. I was able to buy my 2 br 3 bath home in really good shape in a quickly developing area in 2014 for a great price. In 4 years and only $3500 in upgrades (a small bathroom), I have accumulated $90 k in equity. I think my home is a good investment. I will consider using it as a rental property in a year or 2 when I downsize after my sons move out.

  18. it's an investment as long as everyone believes it's an investment. As soon as the demand falls the prices fall and people rush to sell at the top of the market further worsening the situation. The plummeting value of your home just destroyed your investment. Ever heard of the phrase 'don't put all your eggs in one basket'? People get a huge mortgage and live paycheck to paycheck thinking they are covered because of the 'investment' in their home

  19. What are you suppose to do for those 15, 20 or 25 years while you are waiting to earn all this money from your investments to purchase your "dream home"?

  20. Lol i made 72k off of my last home due to appreciation within almost 4 years, but you’re the omniscient one, so what do I know lol

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