You want to pack your food professionally at home?

home. Professional food vacuuming at home.
home is the first vacuum chamber machine for private households that offers
really professional evacuation. Home is easy and reliable to operate and can
find a space in even the smallest kitchens. High quality oils and wines can
be evacuated quickly and easily in their original bottles with home vacuum
stoppers. Evacuation with home ensures that food such as meat, cheese, fruit and
vegetables remains fresh and aromatic for longer. It is possible to keep
products fresh in pouches, vacuum containers and glasses in a way that is
particularly hygienic and space-saving. Another fantastic feature which only
home offers is the marinating function. Steaks, pears, onions and tofu are
marinated more quickly and intensively than ever before without time-consuming
preparation in just 15 to 30 minutes. Another type of cooking where home makes
a valuable contribution is vacuum cooking. Professional evacuation with
home enables vitamins, nutritions, aromas and food texture to
be retained. Whether it is for maintaining freshness,
marinating intensively or gentle sous-vide cooking: Choose home for a
professional vacuum. You benefit from freshness for longer, better cooking
results and unique taste. Home: professional food vacuuming at home

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