World Amazing Modern Road Construction Russia and USA Germany Denmark Holland etc.

that’s how was laid asphalt this asphalt I lift up with my hands such an asphalt in Ukhta This asphalt costs f**king great money – Are not you ashamed to do such work? – Why ashamed? – poorly doing. Why do you pour out on the sand?! – I was told to do so… – Who told? – chiefs… – How do you think how long this asphalt will stay – A month for sure – Month? And then again..? – And then will be another asphalt

22 thoughts on “World Amazing Modern Road Construction Russia and USA Germany Denmark Holland etc.

  1. ну да, в россии дороги ж только лопатами строят, что за бред, необъективная нарезка, взято все самое лучшее с европы и все самое худшее с россии…

  2. ДАА…докатились, надо уже надпись на технике менять,автодорстрой на таджикстройдарога начальство мрази и воры.в Китай бы всю эту шваль…

  3. Russia is a poor Third World country. Do not believe the propaganda, it is not a "geopolitical enemy" to the Western world.

  4. It must be nice to live somewhere where they actually fix potholes. Back home in Norfolk, VA fixing potholes is unheard of. I hit one so deep on Granby St. one time it busted my tire, cracked the wheel, bent the tie-rod and A-arm, permanently jammed the transfer case into 4 high (it was a Jeep Cherokee), and literally tore the engine right out of the mounts.

    I had to sue the city to pay for the repairs and that damned pothole remained there for over a year before they finally got off their ass and had it fixed.

  5. The video is obviously trying to make it look worse than it is, but the truth is Russia is still a shit hole and everyone knows it.

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