Winter Office | 3d Architecture Speed Model | Sketchup & Lumion 8

Hey, what is up, nation? In this session we’re looking at James Nicholson architectural design. They have a really
cool project that I think I may have found on Pinterest. I have like a folder
with inspirational stuff, and stuff that I wouldn’t like the model for you guys.
So I found that in that folder and then did an image search of that, and came up
with his portfolio. So hopefully this is his work. But basically it’s a…it’s an
office in a winter landscape. And I wanted to try modeling and in Sketchup,
and then rendering it with Lumion. In the video you’ll see everything is actually
done in Lumion. Sketch up with Lumion. So I’m actually
modeling this in Sketchup in a separate window. So just for some clarity there. So
hopefully you guys enjoy, if you have any questions about anything that are doing
this, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below. And I’ll see you guys on the other

7 thoughts on “Winter Office | 3d Architecture Speed Model | Sketchup & Lumion 8

  1. What is the future of this work? Can we make money by drawing 3D architectural drawings? What should I do for this?

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