Wilson Master Bedroom Renovation

we bought a house about seven months ago and we had kind of a trouble spot in our master bedroom it's kind of a big area that a little overwhelming to me the ceilings are really high and I was having a hard time figuring out layout and how to make it all work without filling just two spacious I guess so you have this big space and the way we're going to make the most of it is by dividing it into zones so we have this sleeping area here and then we're going to divide it into two different seating areas that balance each other out on each side of the room and then you have such a big space that you can even fit a desk right over here our client was not kidding when she said that the space was a little overwhelming and in addition to the fact that it's kind of a big space there are all of these angles on angles on angles everywhere we cleaned up some of the liens by bringing this wall all the way to the ceiling our first thought was that we would do vertical tongue-and-groove everywhere in the space but then after a little bit more consideration and you know standing in the space and looking at it we decided that putting it on this back wall as a focal point was the best decision to let all of the other angles kind of disappear we're actually on site right now getting everything installed today so we'll be rolling out the rugs steaming bedding hanging artwork and just getting everything pulled together one of the challenges that we had was figuring out how to work with a large space that doesn't sound like a problem I know but it can be a design challenge because you have to figure out how to create zones and fill up the space but we created a few different zones in the room we have a workspace a seating area the bed and the window seat our client likes a clean traditional aesthetic and she loves a blue gray and soft white color palette we saw this artwork we knew it was a really great jumping-off point for the entire design this rug really anchors the bed space and what's really great about it is that it has this kind of Coralie peach tone in it that ties in really nicely with the color palette of the artwork our client had this existing queen bed and we wanted to balance out the space by doing a large nightstand this one is great because it has a little bit of area for styling but it still gets storage and then it has this really cool tray table that pulls out I love to put a bench at the end of the bed it's just nice to like have a place to sit set your shoes and this one the color is great because since the color palette in here is pretty light the deep gray it adds some depth when there's a TV in the room we don't want it to just be an afterthought we want to incorporate it into the design so here we use a few different pieces to create more of an eclectic look to fill the wall space on either side of the dresser and the TV there are a few different focal points in the space one is the wall behind the bed we have this really great vertical tongue-and-groove and it adds dimension and I think it also is great because it gives purpose to that little recessed area there the other focal point is this really beautiful beam and brass light fixture the beam is really great because it draws your eye to just one point of the room instead of drawing it to all of the angles our client has lived through the construction so the paint and the paneling and the addition of the beam and the carpet but she hasn't seen it all furnished and put together so we're gonna bring her in oh it really is so pretty [Laughter] okay I love this so much so cute see I just missed it with like a little bug oh this reminds me when I was in seventh grade we had to read 800 pages by the end of the term and it was the Saturday before and I had only read 137 pages and so I had to read like 600 pages so I had a window seat in my room growing up and I sat in the window stayed my mom brought me all my meals in the window so I could get my 800 pages well it was more like you will sit in this window seat and not leave oh this is so darling these look awesome I love them that's really cute you guys I love it I love it I could not wait for a variety to see it he's gonna die he's gonna die and this is so so pretty so pretty it looks so different from what it was before it's just such a different feel to I feel like so spoiled honestly like this is the best tree of my life it really is though thank you we're so glad you like it I love it so you can shop the look on me ginkgo and make sure that you subscribe from our home tours and design tips and we're also going to be doing more behind the scenes on our YouTube channel so subscribe you you

44 thoughts on “Wilson Master Bedroom Renovation

  1. It's really a gorgeous transform. I love your styling and explanation of your thinking process. Learnt a lot for my house. One of my favorite youtuber. Thank you.

  2. Как всегда прекрасная работа.Естественность и Гармония во всем.Вы лучшие!!!

  3. So beautiful.  Wow.  I am so happy I found your channel.  Ive always loved interior design and even thought about being one one day when I was younger.  This channel is design porn for me haha.  The other thing I want to know though is where did the homeowner get her jacket?!? Ive been looking for one quite similar haha.  Anyways, thanks for sharing your talent!!!

  4. Can we just talk about how on point the final result was with the owner she literally was wearing the entire color scheme lol

  5. What hand steamer do you use on linens? And, what brand/type is the underlayment you put under the rugs? I need to find it!! I love this by the way!! My colors. My style!!

  6. Absolutely gorgeous, but could have added another vertical dimension with curtains. Really missing in the room imo (still VERY pretty room tho!).

  7. I am such a huge fan. Love the bedroom. It's one of my favorite. Could please tell me where you to go and get those two throw pillows on the bed? I love the texture and pattern but can't find them anywhere. Thanks

  8. I too love everything you guys do and am thrilled when you post a new video.  I have a question for you.  We are painting our home to sell and I want to do the all white look because I think it would go well in our home.  What do you suggest to do if our shutters are "High Hyde" white by Sherwin Williams but would like to do Simply White by Benjamin Moore?  How do I blend my shutters?

  9. hi !! sweetie Iam 61 years old and nobody design and decor than you I will like you tel me how decorate a withe 3×3 square coffee table and side tables are withe my couch ys navy blue accent chair withe 😢 I dont koow. love you thank you💝

  10. Be still my heart! GORGEOUS! I think I shouted, "YES!!!" about a million times during this video!

  11. Awesome work!!! it looks so inviting now and sophisticated without lacking function. However, if it was design for me, I don't care for gold or brass, I prefer nickle or or silver but then again that's my personal taste. Having said that, I love finished product.

  12. The client is correct; the room is SO pretty! It's a true sanctuary and a retreat. The client is adorable, too, and her response at the reveal had to be gratifying. She was so happy with the result! Could you tell me what brand of steamer y'all were using on the bedding? I've been wanting one. I used to iron all my sheets, but I'm not able to anymore.

  13. So so pretty and such great ideas to calm down all those angles! I'm curious what the purpose of a rug pad is when a rug is used over carpet. Is it needed to protect the carpet from wear just as you would do with wood?

  14. can't believe I only now watch this, I used to be one of the first ones…
    love love love this room!!!
    you guys are amazing every time

  15. I’m looking to buy a steamer for de-wrinkling linens and clothes, could you please share which steamer you are using?

  16. Love your style on this channel! I’m currently a senior in high school and will be entering college next fall as an Interior Design major! I was wondering if you could please make a video about how you started off and the rest of journey? Thanks!

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