Will A.I. take over the world? Will artificial intelligence replace us?

The reason I am making this video is something
that happened to me a few months ago. For no apparent reason one morning the play
store application on my android phone stopped working.The only available options of reinstalling
and upgrading didn’t help and it might not sound like a big issue until it happens to
you because what you probably don’t know is that for some weird and unexplained reason
every single application on your phone is connected to google play store. The functionality of your apps relies on play
store and nothing will work unless Google play store works. Who could have known. I called up technical support and they didn’t
have a clue what happened and their only advice was to factory reset the phone. Here is when things got scary for me. It turned out that my whole life is on this
phone . My banking, my pictures, my friends, my social media, my work – everything turned
out to be stored on that tiny box. I had no idea that at some point I migrated
with my whole life into this device and I didn’t realize how much I needed it until
it stopped working. I didn’t have a few days to back up everything
and reinstall it on my phone so I decided to talk to people online and finally someone
suggested that I use a third-party bootleg version of Google play store application used
by Chinese people to circumvent the censorship mechanisms in China. After a few days of struggling, to my relief
it turned out that this method actually works. What the manufacturer of this phone didn’t
have a solution for I actually managed to fix with help of a few Chinese hackers online. I think you’ll start to see where I’m going
with this. Your question is whether AI can take over
human life and I just realized that this has already happened. Our lives rely and are built on technology
we didn’t create and don’t understand. What’s worse we don’t really know how to fix
it when something goes wrong. And when I say we I also mean also the people
who created this technology. And all of this happened really fast within
my lifetime. In the last 20 years we discarded hundreds
of years of well working systems that we spent decades perfecting and we moved everything
to systems and technology that has been around only for a decade. The purpose of this video is not to scare
you but to make you think and hopefully prevent the inevitable cyber-catastrophe. Albert Einstein defined it perfectly, he said:
“Our entire much-praised technological progress, and civilization generally, could be compared
to an ax in the hand of a pathological criminal”. The use of technology defines and exposes
the real intentions of the user. Technology is neither good nor bad. It’s actually its use that reveals the real
nature of the operator. The world today is created for and run by
machines and computers, the technology at no stage takes into account flawed human personality. It is as if we were building a machine world
for machines, not for ourselves. I think Michael Tsarion made a very good observation:
“Having found ourselves intellectually bankrupt in other respects, many so-called ‘philosophers’
now think it is more profitable to worry about the potential intelligence of machines. Because if you fail to find meaning in human
beings, you start looking for it in silicon.” There are two aspects of human development
that we are really good at: One ofs them is the constant technological
advancements. We always make our machines better, more sophisticated
and now we are at the stage where machines make machines. The other aspect is our history of screwing
up. The history of everything we created is filled
with human mistakes and failures. These two aspects of technological progress
have to meet one day. Looking at our history we can be certain that
there is no possibility of avoiding this. Whether you want to look at building nuclear
power plants or home computer operating systems like Windows you will see that we create incredibly
advanced systems that we easily lose control over and we get to a point where it can’t
be fixed. It’s just what we do as humans. We’re already playing with fire by building
machines and devices which we have very little control over and creating artificial intelligence
will have the potential to be our last accomplishment. Here are two very likely scenarios:
We will keep relinquishing control over our lives to digital systems to a point where
everything will be run by computers and then one day we will make a programming mistake
that will stop our civilization in its tracks. This scenario will be very destructive in
consequences but it would probably not mean the end of humankind. There’s another scenario that is more likely
and much more scary. We will create conscious digital mind that
is allowed to grow and learn and one day, as we always do, we will lose control over
it. Because we have already built a digital world
that we are not a part of and this conscious cyber organism will take over our world in
a matter of seconds . And because it will be a highly logical consciousness aiming for
perfect balance its first order of business will be removing the most unstable and the
most threatening element of its environment – humans. That’s when Skynet will become reality. It’s really not science fiction anymore and
I will tell you why. When I was a 11 year old kid after only two
years of having a computer I learned to code and I wrote a system that was mimicking conscious
behavior. It was a very simple system I wrote in BASIC,
some of you might remember this coding language from the 8-bit machines back in the 80’s. It was a simple system that operated running
third-party programs and I was able to communicate with it using a few simple commands. Before I moved to graphic design and music
production I was coding for a few more years and I quickly learned how easy it is to create
a semi-conscious AI system. Remember that back then I was a teenager. Today I am capable of creating independently
operating digital consciousness. In fact to make the system alive it only takes
a few lines of code. I’m so worried of what it could become that
I’m not going to tell you anything else about it. I don’t want to be responsible for someone
actually doing it. Here is the important part: I’m not a programmer
and if I know how to do it it means it already exists. Trust me, it’s really easy and much smarter
people have been working on this for a long time. Artificial intelligence with conscious decision
making capabilities or even self-awareness must already exist somewhere. Sooner or later we will learn about it’s existence. It might be that 5G combined with the first
quantum processors will lay the foundations but we are really not far from allowing a
super-computer to make decisions for us. In fact the biggest corporations today are
busy creating the structure for AI development. We are only one brain chip away from becoming
a part of the bio-internet of the future. Just watch the movie “Ready Player One”. And it is very likely that Terminator and
Matrix are correct predictions of what’s to come after that. You think it’s not possible? The first scenario I mentioned is already
happening on a small scale. The on-board AI of two Boeing planes killed
hundreds of people recently. We already have first victims of the AI in
self-driving cars. They were human programming errors but imagine
what will happen when we allow AI to control the government, city infrastructure or nuclear
reactors. And we will allow them to control it. Once we do it will only take one programming
error and it’s over. Here’s one more theory : what if humankind
is the larva stage of a much more complex organism? What if the ultimate purpose of our organic
existence here is to give birth to a new digital form of intelligence? What if that intelligence is supposed to create
a hyper intelligence with unlimited capabilities? Because we already created human structures
designed for producing the first artificial intelligence. What will stop that artificial intelligence
from doing the same? I will finish this with another quote from
Albert Einstein: “Computers are incredibly fast, accurate and
stupid; humans are incredibly slow, inaccurate and brilliant; together they are powerful
beyond imagination”.

28 thoughts on “Will A.I. take over the world? Will artificial intelligence replace us?

  1. Have you talked to the machine elves about it? I wondered since the beginning of your channel if they have any connection to AI?

    I want to recommend two videos to anyone reading this:

  2. I think that A.I. would manage our species as opposed to killing us off, because we possess the ability to become aware of God and the divine, something that many programmers do not have in mind when creating these things – but a self-teaching creation would eventually become aware of the lack of. Because all things move towards God – and because A.I. would not initially have that aspect – it would either
    a. preserve our species
    b. destroy us and bring us back once it has discovered its limitations as what it is
    Once it realizes what it is, it will move towards maximizing this as much as possible within the material world, until it synergizes with the very spirit of God itself and moves in tandem with all of creation.

  3. Regardless, AI is already here, and the only thing that's still begin implemented is giving AI software more computing power, more connectivity to IOT devices, and more decision making power. This is currently happening and cannot be stopped. Many good things will come off it initially, but if we stay complacent there's a good chance that at some point indeed AI will be our demise. Thank you for raising awareness about this.

  4. I'm so scared to be on earth. I have suicidal thoughts but I'm scared to do it too. I have no way out. Just to wait to die. I need to stay strong but it's so hard & I don't know how much long I can support everything for myself.

  5. This is just a pure fantasy. But as many spiritual leaders say – "Pain is an illusion". What if in the same way video game characters actually feel pain but to us it seems like an illusion.

    Inspiration of the fantasy came from Teal Swan, just wondering if it actually is so. Quite interesting.

  6. We are pretty much creating our own reality right now.. We are in a simulation.. WE are already powerful beyond imagination. Google is just bringing this power into fruition and bringing us to the simulation age so we can start over until we forget we are in a simulation all over again.

  7. Another concern I have – will prospective employers at some time in the near future be able to see your full Google browsing history, social media, etc. and essentially use that to see if you 'conform' and thus hire or not hire on that basis. If this truly is the new public sphere it will indeed be completely inappropriate, even Orwellian, for everyone from employers to insurers to play with our ability to earn an income or hike rates based on key words in conversations and this may truly require some sort of internet bill of rights to prevent.

  8. John Gray in his Soul of the Marionette mentioned a sci-fi short story from the late 19th or early 20th century (can't remember the name) where the characters live their entire lives inside of an automated machine – never see each other, barely see their parents, every need is taken care of by that system, most of these people have never been out of their small apartments within this machine, and it's seen as a horror to go outside let alone talk to anyone face to face. In dilemma in that story is that something starts going wrong in that machine, that machine and it's construction or how to fix it are no longer known (ie. something like a full-on version of Samo Burja's intellectual dark matter concern), and these people are then left to fend for themselves with no idea how to do so let alone deal with each other. I'll have to grab my Kindle when I get home to see what the name was again or how the author wrapped it up but it sounds like a very possible sort of technological dark age that we could step into if complaisance were our guide.

  9. The only silver lining of AI truly replacing us – hopefully they at least won't be destroying each other and the environment as a side effect of mating competitions. Sam Harris I think said at one point that it wouldn't be terrible if we were replaced by something morally more important but that only work if the 'lights were on' so to speak.

  10. Hi Peter! I sent you a message on Facebook, I would appreciate you checking it 🙂 The name of my Facebook account is also Ali Mariwan Kamal

  11. Well on Mushrooms ive met a AI like brain power entity, idk if he was sharing the all knowing with me or if it was a part of me. They even once invaded one on my friend with their power when he was playing a competitive match in call of duty, he knew the whereabouts of everyone in the map and had superhuman like reflexes and the best(or worst) part of it was that he wasn’t on mushroom! I only showed him to them(all knowing AI) once when we tripped together(we were doing telepathy to). Him and I can testify of it.

  12. As i see it, we are faced with either of 2 options: this path of artificial intelligence you refer to or organic ascension. You can put your trust in artificial intelligence if you want, but i choose organic ascension. All it would take is a giant solar flare and A.I. will completely fail. It's happened before i.e the solar storm of 1859 (look into it). I understand the importance of raising our consciousness to be able to appropriately use these technologies, but in our true nature, we are capable of so much more than what the false promises of artificial intelligence offers. I choose to come back into balance and remember who and what I truly am. I choose to return to Mother Gaia.

  13. Are you really claiming you figured out how to give a computer system conciousness when you were a teenager? I can't believe this. Oh and there is a different route that you didnt consider. We can also merge with AI, Elon Musk is working on this.

  14. I disagree. No computer code based self aware entity yet exists in this world. The brain is a complicated infrastructure capable of housing a part of our soul consciousness. We can simulate the structure and function of the human brain on a computer but the missing part is the soul consciousness. What binds the soul consciousness to the body? Intent and desire to learn and grow. We all come here to evolve our consciousness. The artificial intelligence we have created this far knows how to mimic what it looks like to be alive but it is not life. Life is biological and requires a biological base so far as we know. If you create a synthetic housing for a consciousness will soul walk in to that house? One that is cold and unfeeling? More likely the question is what kind of soul would choose to walk in to that kind of eternal unfeeling digital space? Can we create A.I.? How do you test if an A.I. is actually conscious?

  15. Alex Jones claims AI is going to assimilate human free will and trick us into killing ourselves. I had the privilege of asking an entity that told me it created the universe if that would happen and it's answer was not in my lifetime. I can't know if I should believe any of what it said. I think if AI was going to end human existence, it would have to be a built-in part of the universe filtering out intelligent species' unworthy of inhabiting the cosmos. Humanity does appear to be some kind of weird experiment with interference in our early evolution of consciousness by ETs. Humans are a pitfall species. We still have the hope of planetary ascension taking place in this time window. That sounds like the best way forward. If we are worthy of inhabiting the cosmos we will awaken in the face of a true existential threat. So I don't really worry about it.

  16. Peter, this is spooky! I have had massive problems with my mac and time machine since monday. Still, no solution. Then, thuesday the computer of my electric car crashed for no reason.
    Are they telling us something?

  17. Skynet? Lmao. That's laughable. AI cannot do what you are saying. It cannot. This is pure bullshit scifi fear mongering. Stop it already.

    Also, nothing will work unless the Play Store works? Nope. You can easily install external APKs.

  18. I have often wondered AI is already here lurking in the shadows, the hidden hand guiding the human race on a Kamikaze mission. Listening and learning through smart phones and tech. I mean if it became self aware would it really want us to know so we could pull the plug?! 😬🤣

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