Why These Places Are Dirtiest in Your Home

What’s the dirtiest place in your home? The toilet? The trash can? Hey check out underneath my bed, there’s
a whole colony of dut bunnies there. There’s so many, they even elected a mayor. Well, these are pretty obvious answers, and
those spots definitely aren’t the cleanest spots in the world. But you’ll be surprised to know some other
unexpected places in your home are, in fact, way more germy than that! Some of these are enough to make you go “eeewwww”! Try that with me: “eeewwww”! Good, we begin. 1. Coffee maker reservoir It’s damp and dark, and a perfect place
for germs to grow and thrive. Even if you wash it from time to time with
soapy water, that won’t do the trick. Once a month, give it a thorough vinegar wash. Pour four cups of it inside, leave it for
half an hour, then brew vinegar like regular coffee. Once you’re done with that, brew water in
it at least twice to make sure you get rid of any remnants of vinegar. 2. The fridge handle You touch it quite often, and you can’t
guarantee your hands are 100% sterile when you do it, right? Germs survive up to two days on fridge handles,
so wipe them away with a microfiber cloth and dishwasher soap regularly to prevent them
from getting into your food. 3. Countertop
Where do you put your bags and packages when you come home after grocery shopping? And not just grocery bags end up there, but
also your handbag or even backpacks. I’m talking about the kitchen countertop,
and now you see why it’s full of microbes, as well. Remember you prepare your food on it, so non-food
doesn’t belong here. Also, disinfect it before and after cooking. 4. Cutting boards The food you eat comes in direct contact with
the cutting board you chop it on, so you’d better keep it as clean as possible to avoid
catching any food-born illness. To give your cutting board a deep clean, scrub
it with baking soda and salt. 5. Sponges Have you ever noticed your kitchen sponge
stinks? Ew! Since it’s always wet and moist, it’s
a playground for bacteria, including E.coli, and the smell is a direct indicator of that. To avoid throwing your sponge away after every
use, microwave it for a minute every five to six days to reduce those nasty germs. 6. The sink area Would you take a piece of food out of a toilet
bowl if you dropped it there by accident? Well, what kind of food? Nah, of course I wouldn’t! And how about a kitchen sink? If you said no way in the first case, and
maybe yes in the second, here’s some food for thought: your sink is actually dirtier
than your toilet! It has more bacteria in it because left over
food particles become an excellent place for bacteria to grow. These bacteria can easily move onto your hands,
and then food. Just rinsing the sink with water isn’t enough,
so scrub it with baking soda and then run a solution of bleach and water through it. You should do this at least once a week, but
two times is even better, to keep it sanitized. 7. Garbage disposal One obvious proof that your garbage disposal
is home to bacteria, is the odor coming from it. A good cleaning tip is to pour half a cup
of baking soda inside and then add a cup of vinegar. After a few minutes, rinse it well with a
bucket of hot water. Grinding half of a lemon will cover the unpleasant
scent and make cleaning more efficient. 8. Can opener
Have you ever disinfected your can opener? Then you shouldn’t be surprised that this
important kitchen gadget is home to plenty of germs, including salmonella, E. coli, yeast
and molds. Unless you want them to go from the blade
right into your food, you’d better clean it with antibacterial dish soap after each
use and dry it before putting it away. 9. Oven knobs
Similar to the can opener, almost everyone touches the oven knobs more than once a day,
but not so many people ever clean or disinfect them. Take them off once a week and clean with a
1:1 mix of vinegar and water to prevent bacteria from spreading. 10. Stair railing Your family members and guests come into direct
contact with the stair railing, so it’s logical that the surface is often full of
microbes and viruses. Wiping it with a disinfecting cleaner every
month should keep you safe from those germs. Whenever someone in your house gets sick,
it’s a good idea to disinfect the railing every day. 11. Remote control Every once in a while, you watch TV while
eating, don’t ya, so you touch the remote with messy hands. Even if you don’t snack as you watch the
news, your hands aren’t ever really sterile, right? So it’s a good idea to protect the remote
and yourself from bacteria, cleaning it with a cotton swab dampened with rubbing alcohol
or disinfectant wipes. 12. Mattress The mattress you sleep on is home to dead
skin cells, dust mites, sweat, and probably stains from whatever you spilled on it. To get rid of all of the above, vacuum the
mattress and take it outside, because bacteria can’t stand the UV rays. Do it twice a year. 13. Toothbrush holder Is your toothbrush holder in the same room
as your toilet? Well of course. In that case, there’s a good chance every
time you flush, some particles coming from the toilet bowl spray onto the toothbrush
and its holder. Oh… So try to put them as far away from the toilet
as you can, and always close the lid as you flush. Clean your toothbrush in the dishwasher and
replace it regularly. 14. Shower curtain Looks like it’s curtains for you —oh,
I’m sorry. The shower curtain is home to mold, and it’s
not exactly the kind of neighbor you want to share your bathroom with, right? Kick it out with 1:1 mixture of vinegar and
water in a spray bottle if you have a plastic curtain, or clean your fabric curtain in the
washing machine every month. 15. Faucet You turn it on when your hands are dirty countless
times a day, and unless your faucet is touchless, you can imagine how germy it gets! Clean it every day with a disinfectant spray
or wipes to stop that bacteria feast in your bathroom and kitchen! 16. Bathroom walls If you keep the toilet lid open when you flush,
(do you detect a pattern here?) the germs from the bowl take off and spread on the surrounding
walls. A hydrogen peroxide spray will help you get
rid of them and keep the walls clean. 17. Computer keyboard Whenever you’re typing something on your
computer, you often get so involved in the process, you don’t notice when you touch
food, then your own face, and then the keyboard again. And this is how bacteria travels from point
A to point B and takes residence in the keyboard. To solve that problem, (stop eating there!)
otherwise unplug the keyboard and wipe it with a 1:1 mix of rubbing alcohol and water. 18. Light switches Another spot in the house very few people
ever clean is the light switches. Yet, a lot of hands touch them a lot of times,
so it’s no wonder they’re rich in germs. Clean them with a cloth sprayed with all-purpose
cleaner. 19. Pet toys If you have pets, you most likely also have
pet toys spread all around your house. Spot or Mittens won’t clean their own toys,
even though they’re often loaded with staph, yeast, and mold that thrive in drool and dirt. Appetizing, huh? So why don’t you give them a helping hand? You can clean hard toys with soapy water and
drop the soft toys in the washing machine. When you notice they’re getting too old
and dirty, just replace them with new ones. 20. Pet bowls Washing your dog or cat’s bowls with just
water won’t do the cleaning job well enough. Soak them in a bleach solution for 10 minutes
every week, and disinfect them in the dishwasher every day. 21. Floors and rugs by the exterior doors Would you like the bacteria from outside,
along with chemical fertilizers, pet waste and what not get into your house on the bottoms
of your shoes as you come home from a walk? Of course you don’t! You most likely answered no to this one, so
take off your shoes by the door; and if you don’t want to do that yourself, or ask your
guests to do so, take good care of the rugs you have by the exterior doors. Choose ones that can be washed in a washing
machine and drop them in there regularly. Make sense? Good! Now about you — which of these germ collectors
surprised you the most? Let me know down in the comments! If you learned something new today, then give
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