why the music industry is going downhill

hi guys we're back you better be yeah but anyways mention unless you're wearing these on the mother unit another video now and that's going to it's been something on my mind for quite a while Cindy and I've been debating who does this is have a video does this law today I've just had out to because I truly can't we're going to talk about the music industry today especially a mother music and the direction it's girls going down okay [Applause] that is a live now would have been killed because I'll stand black and I will be sitting at the back of the bus I'm someone where the music I listen to is very I guess alternative but that's the type of music I enjoy because I appreciate a lyricism and the craft of music I don't like mumble rap I don't care if you guys are about to come for me in the comments because today I have your time and I would deal with you accordingly I just don't get it like all this in a good school to get Pam I don't see how people can put in earphones and generally enjoy that type of music it's actually just noise I don't understand I don't get I don't comprehend I don't see why how where when and where where for music has evolved to such a shambolic level we've now come to Kodak green 23 salvage the meters now if I listen to rap I like my sausage and it is awesome Jay Cole I like myself some jay printz I love myself some bird link Jenkins I love my sauce on Tom belly and that's my type of music and I do understand that not everyone enjoys the same type of music some of your not like listed – is it when we talk about stabbing each other cool is that progressive for us black people know my issue is mumble rap first of all you're not going to sit here and come on Beyonce's internet and you're not going to stand on Barack Obama's land and then pretend like you know what they're saying you're a liar and oh my god I feel like the essence artists are putting into their music it's dry the bar is on the ground and I just have to lift my leg like this and I am over the bar because if I'm not trying anymore so what's in the Jason Derulo is going on these days and I don't I don't now he's just oh my god a producer give me a dumpy let me chat some rubbish and then put it out that music career and this is why all these mumble jumble of rappers are not winning Grammys because there is a kiss me sorry let's talk about music videos these days okay let's just have it let's just have a little worried right now before we address this let's just pop my head in for a hallelujah amen this whole em entertainment industry that's online said that it's not discriminating against body shades and certain colors as the int as the US okay I'm trying to be as nice as possible saying this because if I was just talking to my friends I would be dragging our society is getting more work as in we becoming more aware of certain issues that are fundamentally based on the colorism as the site is becoming work and just feel that rappers are just becoming a man not trying exhale back in a 30 mm we knew you know we had a light-skinned with the bad hair and that was perfectly fine because we were all stupid back there with the common ball work Twitter is genuinely a nice on people and now you know using the brain cells of the Lord Jesus Christ you know gave onto them it's just that rappers are just doing red rocks legally blind they can't see if they're just ignoring everything and are keeping the same big bomb big breasts light-skinned latina chicks I am sorry I am tired as a whole song Christian man of God I do not wanna see a naked woman but I just I just don't get it talk about the correlation between music video and music this is what they're doing it's not changing I didn't get it but right now I'm not even dragging the artists I'm dragging the label how can you artists I'll come to you with a certain song and your vision is not to be doing ooh spring Beach Miami it's making no sense planes of directors executive producers get it all did all these titles up5 not put next to your name why don't you do your job you know what what happened to the rain that one coming into music videos on early 2005 turns out the videos we long for on let's talk live let's just let's just talk about one hit wonders quickly before I end this video cuz I mean I just way to make this natural sweet snappy why did wonders yeah now I feel like back in the day it was very I say back in the day how many 20 by the end of the day less continues I think I was quite evident that artists actually like worked on their crops the Beyonce's only Beyonce because of the work she put into become Beyonce hallelujah that is the word for the week these days in the hate of social media in the age of Instagram on Twitter one video can just make it I feel like sell individual atom contract any names before people now Sun emailing me and because I'm scared I can actually do videos now that will do something as a joke and then because of the cloud so that then pushes the song they just go with the flow because now do you people have made them practice or singers or artists blame them because change the bad if the brand is coming to you don't seek the bread I believe you people that are sharing it and now let me just talk let me just touch about this quickly before I get to let's see few people that are very quick and easy to share Kanye West's Church circus music but then you have someone around you that genuinely pursuing music and generally produces quality and you don't share you don't prevent anything but when Kanye has now gathered his assembly of witches and wizards when can you now goddesses little minions to your well whites I'm do choir you know I'm a critical down your story challenge your friend does actually good and it's actually around you and actually needs the support because we all know candidates got all the support he he's done gold digger his way his line he did mercy he did and watch the throne Connie does not need your sham I'm so sorry to say oh I'm so sorry to break it to you if you didn't know that before Kanye West does not need you to share anything but you know let's leave that for another day because I understand outside of music from now on I'm going to be listening to oxygen and I'm having a long train ride if I'm on a plane somewhere I'm just going to listen to my thoughts because music it's just not doing any more simple but oddly this one of my heart Elias realizes you know is the Lord is coming for you and let me explain what sits on my heart right now oh my head is hot you upcoming artists I'm going to drag it support everyone I support your hustle period however I don't support fraudulent made yeah you upcoming artists that do music yeah okay what's your lyrics because you cannot carry yourself to a studio or to a producer and then dope your mouth in front of the microphone and then proceeded to say mama never put food on the table when your mother is a lawyer your father is a doctor and Durin's gets it okay do you know why because it is everyone loves the black struggle narrative everyone likes the whole story of oh I came from nothing that came from the streets it is okay okay listen to me it is perfectly fine to be black middle-class and still make it no one is judging you you don't have to like I said your mother couldn't feed you when everyday there was rats in the fridge because not today and not ever are we going to come come on to your Adele's internet and chat rubbish we're not gonna do that I just wanna gets better come inside musics cancelled I'm sorry I have to say oh yeah blundering generation because you know why lots of hamsters would have been segregated for me I was born right God knew what he was doing period love support good music okay one-hit wonders y'all keep doing you but just work on the craft you know if you accidentally late a burner that's very try to do better because when think that when they give you the opportunity they put you on the live stage now you can't cover your weights and then people come for you when you go from here where there's not from here whether you go for me it's meant to be like a full-on around this is just me share my conclusion is you really have to do a lot to find good music because these days the mainstream media just pushes trash g-got decides that god is good god is on the threat he will not believe Amen hallelujah one day I feel like we will get to the day where we will see girl of different shapes and colors a music videos and even big boys cuz I feel like a lot of people talk about like you know colorism you know like the whole punished and and stuff in the entertainment industry you know film music rainy why not media nobody sees any one space on radio well you know you get my drift I'm not talking about like you know dark-skinned big boys because I'm guessing that going through as well less that's that let's just all love each other that's the end of my sermon not was the greatest gift of all hallelujah stay blessed instruction effects cool kid is out and I'll see you again good night I'm going to sleep good night

29 thoughts on “why the music industry is going downhill

  1. found you on twitter and can i just say we're the same person this is scary, I HAD TO SUBSCRIBE😂❤️

  2. Listen you're speaking truth 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽 people will now say I'm mad for listening to kpop. More time I'm sure they're not speaking English on the radio

  3. Me getting exited that Ehis liked my comment😱💕 and then realising that he liked everyone else’s 😂😂😂😂😂✌🏼🤙🏽

  4. I’m sick of these nonsensical emo boys with coloured dreads crying about the time they got left on read

  5. Man said, if you accidentally make a banger it's okay…. but when they now put you on stage and you can't carry your own weight, where do we go from herrrrrreee. An attack and a half.

  6. At the same time though, I feel like rappers lie about their circumstances in an attempt to create a life that makes rapping seem like their best option at money and expression; because if their parents are indeed doctors and lawyers, lol, sometimes there is a stigma against voluntarily choosing rap as a career choice.

  7. I agree with everything you just said, and got a good chuckle while doing so. Lowkey though, if you put a beat behind those "where do we go from here"s starting at 8:45, you'd have your own banger. lol

  8. I burst out laughing when an advert of the calm app came up while Ehis was ranting 😂😂 what you are saying is true though ! Period!!!

  9. Male rappers can make no sense on a record, be abusive in ever sense of the word, commit crimes, be sexist, colorist and still would get respect from their peers but if female rappers did the same they would be shamed til kingdom come. Prime example of how women are held to a higher standard than men in everything we do. This music industry will continue to go downhill until they finally learn how to respect women – black women especially.

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