Why is biodiversity important for development?

Biodiversity doesn’t need development. On the other hand, the other way around, one may notice that regarding development, over one third of the SDGs are linked to biodiversity. Indeed, life on land. Indeed, life below water. But also food, health, air quality, water quality, climate change mitigation, they all need biological diversity to be reached – and maintained. And indeed, they play a key role for development as well. So development needs biodiversity. Fungi are a very important group of non-timber forest products that play an important role in the socio-economic life of local communities. There are edible mushrooms, medicinal mushrooms… There are many other uses for mushrooms. But we must remember that there are toxic mushrooms. So, on the one hand, they are of critical importance, but on the other hand, there is a negative interaction. So it is now up to us, researchers, to try to share the knowledge we have about mushrooms with communities so that it can serve as a lever for local development. We worked on the COHERENS model, which has a large capacity for the modeling of ocean circulation and risks such as pollution. With the COHERENS model, we will try to model these different phenomena in order to understand the dynamics of circulation of different species. Because erosion is a very important, recurrent and topical problem for us. Habitats on the coasts are disappearing, so we have to do something as quickly as possible to be able to predict, and to protect our coast.

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