Why Industry Leaders Are Outsourcing Their Marketing – Harbinger Marketing

I've tried and tried to deal with different marketing firms and most of them are pretty much full of crap if you try to hire in-house marketing person they're gonna have limitations they may be good at one thing but not so good at something else I don't know anything about marketing I don't know can you think about digital advertising I know very little about social media harbinger' marketing is really thanks for all of that I don't have to make decisions that I'm not sure about I mean that's what they do there's so many different facets to what the Harbinger team brings and I get so much more in that team that I would from an individual they can do so much more than anybody I was ever able to hire than a big load off of me whenever I'm dealing with other businesses I like to feel the same sense of urgency that I put for my customers for me Harbhajan marketing really makes us feel like we're their only client they've almost become a part of our staff our first year with Harbinger was remarkable sales went up by 30% new customers increased by 24% we've actually spent less on advertising than we did before when we were just throwing darts trying to see what works we put together a strategy early on of what we wanted to try to accomplish we've definitely been nailing it and achieving and hitting those goals or Lai's have doubled at least they help me make a lot of decisions more quickly they bring up a lot of my time to do it they've actually freed up a position that we had built here they're saving me one employee's salary doing a better job than we could ever do our city I would say if you're the guy that wants to take over the world and you want to keep pushing and growing and growing and growing and you're willing to to kind of come you know into a partnership with them to drive that growth you know they're the guys for you I don't feel that we're missing anything I'm not having a in-house marketing person as we did before I still feel that we have an in-house marketing person that's more qualified to help us make decisions that person now is of course harbinger marketing you

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