Wholesaling Real Estate | Ugly House Fix n Flip Update | Vlog 15

– I’m just tryin to help my community man. Ain’t nothin wrong with getting
paid while you’re doing it. (upbeat music) So I’m just coming back
from one of the projects and heading to the new
office that I’m gonna show you guys here in a little bit. So these two houses, I’ve seen
them before, but these are what you call problem
houses in the community. Both of these houses are
ordered for demolition. Right I’m actually back up
so you can see the other one so you can see how disgusting it is. This house here, you can see
all the neighborhood kids have thrown rocks through the windows. Can you catch that? And there’s a notice on
that door for demolition. Now these houses have
completely been abandoned, and for me it’s something that I can go negotiate with the
city, maybe new windows, stuff like that, and find the
owner and deed the property to me for 500 bucks. I can get it up to code
so they don’t demo it, and then you know as
cash flow’s happening, this I what you’re
thinking as a wholesaler, cash flow is happening, that can be one of your first rental properties. And so could the property next door. ‘Cause you’ll start
having contacts for roofs, you’ll start having contacts for windows, and all that stuff like this. But this entire neighborhood
is rented, 100%. So all you’re lookin at is just trying to pick up some cash flowing
properties for yourself. But you’re also gotta
look at what you’re doing for the neighborhood and for the city. That property’s not
generating any tax revenue and it hasn’t for a long time. So if you look at yourself
as a problem solver, you could solve the problem one, getting the city to get
revenue back on the property, two fixing up the neighborhood, and then the person that
was gonna lose the house from demolition, they
now get to get 500 bucks when you do deed for dollars. Now that’s a little bit
more in depth obviously cause you wanna get a
title search to make sure there’s not crazy other
encumbrances on it. But you can pitch stuff
like this to the city because they’re just losing
revenue left and right. So I randomly turn down
roads when I’m driving if I’m not on a time crunch
cause I just wanna see what the neighborhood’s doing you know. It’s not the best neighborhood, but it’s a neighborhood, it’s all rented. Right, you’re just looking
to pick up some properties. Here goes another one here. Right so that’s all boarded up. And the house next door’s all
boarded up from the inside. Now I look that house I already know it’s got brand new windows on it. So and there goes order
for demolition on the door, I can see it from here. So I’m gonna take the
property address down. What’s that 1832? – [J Rod Behind camera] 1823. – Dsylexia. 1823 right? – [J Rod Behind camera] Um hmm. – See guys I told you you don’t
have to be smart to do this. You just seen dyslexic right
there, switching numbers. Don’t make any sense. So what I’ll do is I’ll
research that property. I’ll get my attorney to do it. And then see what happens from there. I’ll bet I can get that property. And look over here, I mean you go here, it’s some equal housing,
some community housing probably for a retirement community. So it’s a decent
neighborhood, decent stuff. And then there you go brand new houses. So I’m just trying to
help my community man. Ain’t nothing wrong with getting
paid while you’re doing it. Let’s head over to the office soon. I’m gonna show you guys the new office. It’s actually a crazy thing,
it’s above my closing attorney. So now he’s on the ground floor, I’m gonna be on the second floor. Closings’ll happen much quicker that way. We’ve also got, gonna do
some renovations upstairs because it’s not up to
par to what I wanna do. I think it’s important that your office feels good, looks good, cause
it just helps with you know, what you call it J-Rod? – [J Rod Behind camera] The aesthetic. – There you go, the aesthetic. Makes the aesthetic look good. Francis my realtor and
my acquisitions manager is gonna have an office in there. J Rod’s gonna have an
office in there, so ya know. We’re gonna rip the carpets
out, put vinyl flooring, some other stuff like that, it be fun. So come check it out with me. I’m at the post office
tryin to send a letter off to the North Carolina Secretary of State for my yearly filings. The line’s too long but then
I’m stuck in the car because I also do some work in Los Angeles and my partner in Los Angeles, Sasoon, we just got a crazy good
lead and I’m just tryin to transfer information
from the VA to, from Lica to Sasoon, she just talked to him. But I think it’s, the numbers that he’s asking for it’s already a deal. We’ll see what he does. But I know you guys don’t
want me texting and driving so I’m trying to cut that down. You guys reamed me a new one on the comments about that stuff. So I’m not doing it right now. I’m gonna do this from right here. What’s up brother? – [Man on Phone] Maxwell, what’s up man? – Hey dude, you’re a hard
guy to get a hold of. – [Man on Phone] No man you’re
a hard guy to get a hold of. (laughing) – I’m just messin with you man. It’s been crazy the last couple of weeks, like growing and moving in the
offices and stuff like that. But we been playing phone
tag the last couple days. So cool man, good luck to you and I’ll see you in
Arizona in a couple weeks. – [Man On Phone] Word, alright man I’ll catch you later
and thanks for the help. – Alright no problem brother, later. – [Man On Phone] Alright bye. – Alright so we’re pulling
up to the ugly house. Right now, it still looks ugly but the outside is the
last thing we work on. A lot of the work comes
in from the inside first. (door opens) So yeah this is still ugly but I know there’s progress going on on the inside. And I see Noey’s truck’s here
so gonna see what he’s doing. At least the sun is out,
everything look’s beautiful. Hey Noey. – [Noey] Hey. – How you doin brother? – [Noey] Alright. – Looks so much better. – [J Rod Behind camera] Oh
yeah, that’s totally different. – With the window, you see the window now? – [J Rod Behind camera] Yeah. – The floor, hey brother. – [Noey] How you doing? – Looks good. Aww then he put the tile, let’s check out the tile in the bathroom. See that, nice tile and tile is so cheap, like the tile itself is cheap, it’s just finding a good installer, knowing there’s a good job with the tile. And then once they come in here, you guys already know
what we pay for floors. But the whole new floor,
the tile looks good man. I like it. – [Noey] Looks good? – Mmm hmmm, this is beautiful. You got the window, you
can now look outside, (laughs) – [Noey] You like the window? – Yeah, beautiful man. You got the all white cabinets. If you could afford all
white cabinets on a job, put em in there, cause it’s, man. What do you think J Rod? – [J Rod Behind Camera] Yeah it’s nice. – So this is the hard part of the job. The investing stuff is easy, right? Easy, then the deck,
you gotta put the deck, new deck in, and stuff like that. It’s the easy part. Oh he had to put some new floors huh? – [Noey] Yeah, yeah, (background
noise drowns out voice) – And this is like the living room area, but it’s nice man. It’s gonna be a real nice
house when it’s said and done. I mean you could step back here and look at the open
concept, check that out. Alright so that’s a whole nother house. (upbeat music) Alright guys so today I’m closing on a property that I already have sold. I’m buying it for 25 and I
already have it resold at 40. Now the reason why I’m buying at 25, because I’m contemplating keeping it, and if I keep it then
I’ll just have it for 25. If not then I’ll just resell it and I’m only gonna take
an offer at 40 and above, which somebody has already offered me 40. So I’ll tell you a hedge fund has already offered me 40,000. Now I’m torn in between
using the hedge fund, only reason because using a hedge fund too many times does not
keep the cycle of life of these properties by giving
them to local investors. So that’s one reason, second
reason some of the hedge funds come with a little bit of stipulations. Not really too fond of that so
if I get a cash offer for 40, I will sell it, anything
less than that I’ll keep it. It’s a three bedroom,
one and half bath house that can rent for 750, 800 on Section 8, and it probably needs less
than 5 grand worth of work to get Section 8 ready and approved. So you’re looking at $30,000 investment to make 800, 750 a month. So I’m torn between,
sometimes I’ll keep em, sometimes I won’t, we’ll see what happens. But I’m gonna run in the bank real quick, grab this check, I’ll be back. Hi guys, so this is the new office, but before I take you in, it’s still dirty and everything needs to be cleaned up, but I want you to use your imagination, like when you’re buying one
of those old raggedy houses. All of this’ll be cleaned up, this is gonna be like the conference area where we’ll have some team
meetings and stuff upstairs. This is where my secretary
and that type of stuff will be here, but let’s take you in. This is gonna be Francis’ office, that’s why he’s just in
here pacing back and forth. – [Francis] Hey guys. – With no idea why he’s
pacing back and forth. So he’s got the office
with the big window. I wanted that office but I’m gonna go with something different. We gotta bathroom. This office is gonna be
my production office, so this will be where I do podcasts and all that other stuff in there. This’ll be my office. It’s the bigger one, I needed the room, and I’m actually putting
together my desk, my chair. I got one of those standing
desks, go up and down. I got it from what is it, Autonomous, Autonomous desk and chair, matter of fact, I’m gonna put a link in the description, that if you wanna get one of those standing desk and chair, it’s pretty cool. So this is the office,
(upbeat music) give us a few weeks we’re gonna put all new flooring in the whole office, laminate through the whole thing. This is gonna be our new
cool thing that we got. Check this out, thing
that makes this so cool, is downstairs the next floor
down is our closing attorney. So we’re actually above
our closing attorney and that makes things a
little bit faster you think. So there’s a strategy behind picking this office and why we have it, cool. So this is it, see you guys later.

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