Wholesale Real Estate: Top Objections from Sellers and How to Overcome them with Todd Toback

welcome everybody to the whole silly NEET podcast this podcast is going to be absolutely banana when asked because I am here with him you're gonna get both me and Todd Toback on this podcast this one is going to be absolutely unbelievable it's going to be chock-full and the theme of this podcast is going to be how to handle objections okay okay how to handle objections from the sellers maybe we can touch on a couple maybe from the buyers of mostly how to handle it from the sellers because this is a common question that comes up to me all the time in social media all the time from the TTP students all the time from whole silly Inc Facebook page all the time on the YouTube channel is how do i effectively handle the objections that I get and you know as well as I do this is like there's only a certain amount of objections that you get I mean I think that's huge right and I think knowing how to handle this is gonna make or break you yeah so it's funny I think I saw a post I don't know if you saw this online but someone said I heard of a friend that sent out ten thousand postcards and he didn't know deals Direct Mail is dead right and I just ranted right because there's a lot of information that's missing there right so I don't care if you've got a great marketing source if you can't handle objections if you don't know how to compress timeline something we're going to talk about today you are dead in the water on the other hand has been then the positive thing if you know how to handle yourself if you know how to handle objections make the seller feel comfortable control the conversation all stuff we're gonna go over today yeah right you are going to completely and utterly dominate your competition and that's a word that I really want to talk about is dominate you're gonna feel good you're gonna do good you're gonna make money and you're gonna you're gonna just explode your results absolutely and just just to let you guys know Todd tote bag this is like this guy Donna you've been in this industry for what almost 10 years I mean sailing oh yeah so eighteen years investing and right about since I've been explosive exclusively since like 2012 2012 guys yeah like 2012 when the market was just kind of tweaking back up before a lot of the people here listening and or watching ever even heard of wholesaling Todd was doing this in a really competitive San Diego Mark it was the first podcast that I ever heard I didn't even know what a podcast was I had a friend tell me that the whole podcasts are amazing you get all this information and I was thinking myself well what if there is I'm gonna I'm gonna Google wholesaling podcast and your podcast pops up and it's you interviewing your brother Tom crow right and pulling it and getting him into the business right what was it called it was on the tour die series do or die series 90 days to a life without limits 90 days yes yes so what was it just just touch it what was the 90 days like he had 90 days to get his first deal this isn't really interesting because I wish I was trying to get tom involved in wholesaling for years right and he was like and he was comfortable and you know he had his job and he actually sold the company and he was in this job as the owner right right or were they the left over yeah yeah yeah and so I give him yeah and then one day like he was like I I think they're gonna fire me soon you know but he was just not caring and then he lost the job and then he went or on the verge of bankruptcy yeah so all of a sudden one day boom like hey what about that that a wholesaling thing going on right there so um and so I said you know what let's do this but like we got to go all-in I said what do you mean I was like what were you alive on the podcast and everyone's gonna he was like no no no they don't tell everyone almost bankrupt I'm like no we're telling them and he's like don't pull the deadline like we gotta do the deadline yeah and it worked yeah ironically this urgency and um you know before Todd before anyone knew Tom as Tom write is like this pressure it really put him in a do-or-die situation right which was really really cool I think whenever we can put heat on ourselves like that it's it's awesome well I mean really I mean you were the coach of the coach of all of us coaches I mean you are like the the tip of the cell the the peer we all come to you and we have questions on how to be lean in this because you have a an incredible business in California you run it very much like a business right and you're teaching and in the way that you train your acquisition man there's disposition management people that work with you it's kind of what we're talking about we're gonna go through right now which is good getting through that initial we get it ok marketing talking to people giving the leads in yes we got leads in there yes but now that's the easy part right I mean that's that now now it's a rubber meets the road right yeah it's not we're not building rockets we're just talking to people either you're paying for them to call you or you're calling them and you're using your time so you get the leads in now becomes converting and actually turning it into an come which is truly truly truly well the the skill you said something really awesome and I just want to clarify that because I think you know whoever's watching this might have missed this yeah there's sales versus marketing so marketing is getting the phone to ring right if you're doing outbound direct mail or pay-per-click advertising that's marketing if you're doing coke calling those outgoing calls if they say yes yeah right that's what the marketing arm yeah this is the the back half the back half so it's like almost like the front is like almost like practice yeah and the sales is like hey this is game time you've already spent the money now you got to perform it yep yeah so now you get a lead coming in and what happens is either they don't answer their phone anymore they don't respond to texts anymore all of a sudden they're there they're saying that there's a certain I think that there's four main maybe five main objections that a lot of people talk about that we experience a lot in our business right yeah I want to get more money yeah right never hear that yeah I want more money for that property I want to get a lot of different offers from a not a lot of young people yes right I can't sell right now I want to wait some time maybe at the end of the matzoh doozy but that's the killer right there the killer of all wholesale business I need more time I don't right I need more time and maybe a little bit the I I don't know I've never heard of your company or you're not like it you know what I mean we're starting out or when you don't really have a brand name that's one of those things that we even get there like are you on the Better Business for whatever so let's let's tackle these one at a time okay okay well first let's talk the philosophy because this is something that you've put into my head this is something you put into my acquisition you said my company said what is an objection what is there an objection truly well the an objection truly is you don't know all right you don't know what that objection is it might be a real objection but another time maybe something completely different right might be a smokescreen you know it might be just a way to push you off it may be a way that they're trying to get more offers and so the most important thing here and in handling the objection is finding out is this really the objection right right is really the objection because a lot of times sellers look they're smart they're trained whoever mentions a number first loses right I don't want to hurt this guy's feeling or if I tell this guy what's really going on he's gonna take advantage of me and let me tell you this is the case more often than not so the first thing that you have to ask yourself is is this the real objection and then of course is this the only objection right and then after that is going to be maintaining control so we could talk about all the any of us well I think you know off the bat pre-qualifying is absolutely vital yeah right condition timeline motivation price yeah what is going on here is this an actual lead right and I think there's a big difference between an objection and a condition like an objection I want more money for my property yeah a condition I want more money because I have no equity in the house yes I've holed out I you know I owe three hundred thousand – team and it's worth 250 right that's a condition we can't give back yeah but something that I want more money more you know I want to wait for some some higher offers these are objections that we can talk to and see really what it is yeah what is that what is the fundamental part of that okay so what I'd like to do is if you want to talk about objections we're gonna kind of like freeze-frame yeah a little bit yeah that's okay with you so the that's where that rhythm the important by the way so part of that is we're gonna discuss a technique that we'll use I got five communication techniques okay that I teach on my No Limit selling system yeah okay and so I'm gonna say okay this is something that this is the technique yeah that we used and then we'll actually handle the objection yeah that sound good okay perfect what was the website that we had by the way was an invert wholesale deals was that a convert convert wholesale deals guys and it'll be a link down here as well but if your age there's there's gonna be more videos in there that that attached to this but also it's going to give you an idea of everything that the Todd's teaching for them it's a must like literally this is my coach like for real okay so anyway so you want to freeze frame this a little bit I'm gonna freeze frame it's okay give me an objection okay I tell you what's going on and this is so important right well let's go let's go with the deep one let's go with the one that you say is the killer of all killer you know I'm a business you know what Todd I want to sell the property but I've got my my sister's living in there she's not paying any rent but I need to give her some more time so that she can find somewhere to live maybe maybe a couple more months okay freeze okay so right here we've got a major major challenge right and everyone's like okay I'm kind of motivated seller you feel good right you're like I got a right everyone's freaking pumped right yeah well this one right here the problem with this is this will go on for another two three four or five years and you you know you could be dead by that yeah yeah right yeah and so the seller this is the objection where the sellers not really giving an objection they want to do business the problem is they don't know how to do business emotionally they're attached to this yeah and so sellers get in these situations because they are natural procrastinators this is their nature they don't want conflict anything and so the only reason why they let their sister living there for free for eight months after their dad passed away and left it to both of them yeah right well the house that deteriorates is now it's behind the taxes yeah all true stories right of stores that's because they're not able to deal with conflict and so what now is going to change between now and the next phone call if you don't intervene yeah answer well if you don't think I know nothing's gonna change I'm going to just keep going along I'm gonna keep my head in the sand I'm gonna do whatever bills are gonna come up there's gonna be some stress and they constantly be kind of pushing it off I'll probably drink a bunch and you know at home and forget about it right he's got it so that's use the cell the host acquisition specialist or wholesaler so when I use the word acquisition specialist or if you're a one-man show that's fine you're just doing deals totally cool yeah mister I'm referring to the person who's locking up deals with a seller mm-hmm when people get new-new they call up and they say oh great hey and then let's say you call it a month how's your sister doing did you talk to your sister oh I haven't got around to it yeah you know that we've got a lot of things a lot of paperwork issues and you know I just got to talk to the little tourney some more and also when I can cook it so carefully follow-up in a month right that's right boom okay how do you find out now I want you now to get into the mind of a wholesaler the acquisition specialist how do you feel I feel like I've still probably got a lead maybe right they're just kind of working some stuff out and you know go on to the other real hot ones the real low-hanging fruit you know and lock up those focus on those and this one will pop eventually but I need from that side a little let me think that right but as business if you have if you focus on the low-hanging fruit especially you know the marks getting more competitive you're toast yeah right you're literally toast so what's going to happen is that month six months seven months eight you'll see this in in notes keeping a good CRM is this things going on for two years and the story has not changed at all right right then so now what we have to work on is okay compressing this timeline okay compress this is when you're you're you're you're handling this objection the seller doesn't even know it's objection that are mine they want to do business with you but nothing is ever going to change yeah right and so this is really a too far out topic but this is so important because a lot of people they have these hot leave like this and they're counting their money mm-hmm right so they feel good there's no urgency right right and so like all I'm gonna get back to that Mac deal I'm not telling them they get pushed out it's gonna be huge months out huge right there gets pushed out seven eight months and they're counting that money and because they're looking far out they're not looking at closing revenue today and that's a real real problem sure so let's get into the thick of it right now so how do we can compress it at the timeline well you want to do something where we talk about get seller commitments okay really really really important so you must define when the seller you mean what is the next step okay right Pam staking detail okay in painstaking detail now they might score him a little bit right but if you do right you can do something like I call it cushion mmm-hmm all right where you can kind of back away and pull away like your help so we can we can roleplay this little bit right and then when you think you're clear get even more clear okay right and then when they get a little pushback from the sister and kind of role play it out with them a little bit so they know what to expect right and then kind of future pace and say hey your sister doesn't do this I see this I yeah you know what are we gonna do yeah and have them to find that yeah does that make sense right yeah so we don't you things everyone I'm gonna clarify okay right and you're gonna notice that I'm also going to do something called reversing so a lot of times sellers will control the conversation yeah right and you're gonna tell me this and get to call me back I'm gonna reverse it so I can take back control the conversation and then I'm gonna come in in debt that's two out of the five communication techniques okay okay so yeah that's role play so yeah Todd I don't I can't sell yet I'm still waiting to get things figured out with my sister you know it's uh it's it's a tricky you know well tell me where that is dude well she's she's going through a tough spot you know she needs somewhere to live and just trying to get a job and and you know I just we need to give her some time and just kind of get on her feet I understand that yeah so tell me how long has this this whole thing gone on you know longer than I like to mention okay can you can you can we share that details yeah you know I mean she's she's been she's been going through a tough spot for a few years okay so a few years yeah okay and so you know you need a little more time how much time do you think you need I want you to define this for me brother there's no pressure whatsoever to do business with us whatsoever yeah okay so I just want to can idea what is your timeline where you'd like this to be completely resolved and that's enough time mm-hmm for your sister man I'd like it like in a month or two would be perfect okay yeah like what if you actually even give her like more time like like it's like you're like oh man that's over the top six months would probably be over the top six months okay so do you do you want over the top or do you want like like what's what the timeline say this is the top like drop-dead date like I'd want around I'd say it's I'd say the next three months three months yeah okay fair enough okay so what has to happen for you to talk to your sister mm-hmm and have her committed to move out in the next three months when you have to have that conversation and give her that kind of commitment I've been trying to I mean I've we've had that conversation she just doesn't she just doesn't do anything you know I mean it's uh you know it's just kind of just pounded it into her head you know what's gonna happen right now that we need to move forward and she wants the money from the property as well okay as I do and she can't keep it up and it's costing more and you know it's just it needs a lot of work yeah so uh you know and again hopefully I'm not prying too much okay no it's cushion cushion cushion yeah right yeah and I think also really important you're not you're not causing any friction with me right you're not you're not telling me that I'm wrong in anything you're not telling me that my sister needs to get her act together right you're not you're not you're not saying wall gee she's taken advantage of you don't you think right like some of these some of these things that you might cut might be going through your head but you're keeping it you're keeping the conversation going and asking questions right and keeping the friction low yeah and so I think the biggest part of that too is so I'm cushioning and keeping the friction low yep right and then if I feel like I go overboard yeah I'll be like hey you know I'm just trying to help on the way if it's not a fit you know that's okay right yeah and you can you've got a sense that and yeah listen to the voice ask you know hey you know no big deal I help ya so in that out yes okay we'll listen you know I know you've been going over this for two years right do you think the next time you speak to her that this is going to change um yeah I think you know she's coming around she yes yeah okay great now she's coming around all right she's been looking at places she's been talking to hard and see if there's a room she can rent or you know whatever she knows that there that we need to sell this I mean she wants the money would it be fair to set a deadline at her yeah well like yeah I guess so okay hi yeah tomorrow no I know you know I'm going to be very sister yeah I mean you know I'd like her to be able to stay there at least another I don't know like maybe another year or two no that's too much what was that that's not something we call the stuff mismatch right and seven so I'm not a year okay so what do you think no no she's gotta be out in three months yeah I mean what it was like eight or nine months no no I mean it's just taxes and okay yeah so if she's got to be out in two months what do you think would be a fair deadline to give her she's gonna need it more time than I give her probably a month okay yeah all right so here we are I know you want more time no I would it be fair to ask you to talk to your sister mm-hmm and give her a deadline of 30 days when you speak to her next yeah yeah that makes sense when do you want speak Tori we're supposed to see her this weekend okay yeah great so how about this so I how about we follow up on Monday talk to her sister you're gonna give her a deadline mm-hmm right yeah and then you and I will talk on Monday let me ask you a question I know we talked to I don't we talk price is there anything else preventing us from doing business besides your sister I think that's it okay you know just making sure that you know we can wait if we don't have to fix it up okay we don't have you know we can't really repair it and as long as you know where you get that price we're good okay let me ask you this you know when you give her this deadline and she starts screaming and yelling throwing stuff across the room they go absolutely nuts right you know and says she hates your guts right I'm not saying she's gonna do that but you know like what if she did yeah how do we helmet Oh conditioning they are conditioning so so I'm conditioning for preparan years so that when she does she's like all-time warming about this yelling right yeah so go ahead I love it I love it this happens though this is this is like real life I mean this is really all Honda nodding behind the camera I mean this is real life people go through this we hear this all the time this I just love the way that you're framing and you're giving commitments from them yeah no I assume some people don't some people are just like and I know I don't want to do it you're like little more sometimes yeah yeah okay it work it works most the time yeah not every time yeah but if you can improve your batting average from absolutely to 280 that was pretty good yeah love it love it so I you know the eye if she acts I'm going back if she acts crazy then you know I know what to look for it's no big deal okay I know I know I if anybody can handle her it's me okay yeah great yeah all right so then I have this now is a Monday yep at 10:00 a.m. yep right and then our view if you get this handled are we ready to do business yeah on Monday yeah okay absolutely sounds great I'll see you Monday at 10:00 a.m. awesome all right yeah great great okay I love soaked in the condensing the timeline right that's compressing the timeline so what happens and again this what we talked about in the No Limit selling system is that it's you know it's it is it was made on the t is the foundation is the tears of my acquisition specialist to me learning this Brian right I mean getting punched in the mouth yeah those timelines would kill you and so normally in a lot of scenarios they just keep pushing it out and now they know and you could work in the same league two or three years and you could have closed it to six months yep right and so yeah you know we had one where real working where as a hoarder really nice old lady and if she was so embarrassed there's so much fear associated this we just said hey look you know like when is gonna be a good time and she's like oh never you know just her stating that yeah the actual getting hurt estate that actual never got her to commit to do the deal yeah and I was in a thousand dollar deal ranges Mike and that was a two-year-old Lee that we compressed you know from infinity yeah done in two years yeah yeah and you've done some big deals months well I mean I like to think they're big like on the wholesaling community bragging on the commercial yeah and other people some of them doing a huge is some guy in San Francisco it is massive right dudes right yeah yeah and you've learned through all of these battles that you have and through all the trial and error through would you say mm of seven years of the same conversation yeah he has anybody come up with any new objections any new major objections that have really like stumped you that you're like oh my gosh this is crazy cuz its I want more money there's competition I need more time I don't know who you are right there's some bizarre ones right you're like hey how do you handle this right you're never new business Rebecca no no that's a condition you know like some guys like hey you know I won't do business through escrow title two screaming yeah yeah so that's a condition that's a condition yeah and you're like no you know the so weird one today the guy said well if you I I live out of town if you just send me some money I can give into town and then I'll sell it to you at that price yeah yeah yeah you're like you know how about this I'll send a notary out for 35 bucks we'll wrap this out right now don't bring us some tacos yeah that's it so okay now let's just touch on one other because I think it's something that comes up a lot what happens when you taught me years ago and it's something that has increased literally guys it has increased my assignment feeds from 12,000 27,000 oh yeah and that was anchoring low with the price based on two things and the sudden I talked about in this channel all the time and on the podcast certainty and likeability yeah right when you're giving the the low price how does somebody speak to the people that maybe haven't done or even worse to get through this are real estate agents that are looking to do wholesale and then they go way high and they just sabotage themselves the whole time yeah how do you get how do you build the certainty likability how do you get big deals okay well if you're a real estate agent you're gonna need years of therapy done do your programming so I'm sorry I sent Brent the bill yeah but I'd say that kidding you can certainly do deals yeah but the biggest thing is a lot of people that the size of the wholesale deal they get is that literally what they're expecting what they think they deserve yeah no I've got to make at least ten well what do you know all their wholesale deals are the same yep right and and of course it's not always the case right but a lot of times it is and so number one is that you've got to react you got to reset your expectations and say hey listen I wanna make fifty 150 K a deal and once you do that you're gonna start negotiating differently right in two ways number one is that you're gonna have to go lower yeah right so a lot of times we talk about dealing with a seller and you know they're not gonna give you a number and that happens right well then you got to go really really really low right well okay well what's really really really low that's subjective right so now that you think you deserve yep and what you're going for that's gonna be determined by how much you want to make right so number one I challenge you whatever your number is double it yeah okay and the next month we're gonna double it again and that's double the amount that you want to make not what you're offering oh yeah the amount the amount that you want the amount that you want in your bank accounts yeah and this is really really really critical when we look through it now we look at the ADA through the lens of $25,000 sealed back before it was ten back before is fifteen now it's a we keep increasing increasing now we do less deals for sure both they're bigger and we make more money yeah like it's just in life is so much better because typically the smaller deals are the ones that just take up all your time and are so emotional and there's a lot of drama yeah and they want to can so they want to keep it going if they fight and then they regret the deal it could have gotten appeal from the buyers yeah but the sister-in-law tells them oh you could have gotten more right and so a lot of people to think they'll leaving money on the table no yeah you're not leaving money you're getting the number one asset that you have as a business owner and that is a clear mind right a clear a clear mind is going to be more productive you're going to be doing more deals you're going to feel confident and your the business is gonna be a lot more enjoyable right fighting for scraps that's not my style yeah and the number of deals by the way if you've listened on Facebook or wherever you have is BS right it's the size of your deals you're gross and your neck yep right and of course that's being the most important number by four yep so how do you build up your confidence your certainty likeability I think people can figure out if you're not likeable work on it right you know to me yeah but the certainty and the confidence to like it scares a lot of people like in there you know that whole thing of if it hurts in your gut to offer them that that's probably a good sign or even offer less yeah like is that it I mean how do you how do you feel confident and certain with a low offer when you're given it when they won't give you a price or or when you know that you need to be low sure well number one is gonna be able to roleplay this stuff so you know like I talked more about this in the video so yeah this is convert wholesale deals yes 'burn wholesale deals calm convert wholesale deals calm guys listen TTP I'm gonna listen you're gonna source these deals when you want to want to convert and close these over and over and over this is you've got to look into it and it's very reasonable well it's very reasonable I mean I'm very reason yeah I'm not gonna talk about it now yeah it's silly there's enough on the link down below I'm actually embarrassed yeah yeah convert also feels calm like where we go where we're going with that is their skills so when you practice right like I'm like Oh Todd you're a natural-born salesperson right well let me tell you that's a lie from the pit of hell yeah yeah and and you get this by practicing in repetition yeah right Reggie Miller right the schema the guy was a three-point shooter like oh my God he's such a natural I guarantee you or even Steph Curry you know they practice behind the three-point line like constantly running the time millions at times and so you've got to practice this stuff okay so you want to do that you want to watch these videos that we're gonna watch them over and over and over and over and over and over again you want a role play that gives you more confidence but the other thing that gives you just this edge something that I talked about being a truth teller and a truth seeker okay and when you do this when you're so blunt with a seller yeah man they all of a sudden trust you even if they don't I certainly like the answer it's like well you know like I don't want to hear that but I kind of like the guy because he's so blunt right so for me like if we've got it if we've got a deal and the seller is like hey you know I'm thinking about listing it yeah some people like well you know after listening with an engine after fees and costs and you're peeing spiritual period I thank you for you know we're gonna like niche we pretty close yeah no yeah I'm not gonna be close it's not gonna be true unless you're trying to make this little tiny tiny tots usually with a tiny margin right into your pen please is with me here yeah that's like no and that's it then I use that funny voice because I feel like that's when you do that that's how you feel yeah you feel like a small person right me feel like you're begging and you feel pathetic at least for me that's how I used to feel I already got beat up when I was used to sell my Agri farm snow companies to do that yeah and I used to beg the doctors like for their time yeah and I used to sit down the house rules I used to sit there and like all everyone liked me in the offices yeah but like they weren't writing they weren't prescribing more of mine Yeah right yeah I didn't have the respect that's that's what it was so my mentor taught me this right he's like you know be a truth teller be a truth seeker when you do that even though they like the answer you'll get what you want most of the time yeah so for us I said look if you fix this thing right and you fix it up and you put it on the market you're gonna net quite a bit more and maybe that's a good option for you truth tell the truth tell the truth they'll treat them and when you do that don't like um you know I get that well and then when you do that mm-hmm that actually puts you in a position of you a truth seeker mmm now they usually come back so when and that's also affirm the truth tell a truth seeker is a form of that stealth mismatch yeah because I give you the opposite of where you think I want to go and you come back yeah and then they start flushing out objections so like well no actually we don't have time to do that because of XYZ my brother needs a kidney and it's $50,000 I'm getting on the black market in Mexico and tomorrow yeah right and I for I just I'm just done with it I've been telling it the house is done yeah and so the and so that's how you do that so the truth tell the truth secret when you're constantly forcing the truth down there toilet and that's why it's down the throat right you're gonna get you you're gonna get respect you're gonna the answer you're gonna get your way yeah most of the time right so what does that mean so you just be you tell them like hey this is the price like if they won't give you a price and you've tried it all yeah you've asked them three on board five different ways I'm going what do you do right so the biggest things like it's all it's worth it's worth 300 okay and I'm sure I want to ask five different ways bottom I really why yeah why do eyes everything five it's because I want you remember that it's just five different things right yeah but so for me I'm gonna be like hey and I'm gonna share those five things and again sometimes doesn't work yeah the work every time but guess what it works most the time if you do this you should get a number about 70% of the time yeah so let's just go over those five and then I'll go back this is in those training videos and convert wholesale deals they also there's not color in there so you don't need to have notes never watches look out hey old cash and clothes quickly and there's no real estate commission what would be the best price you would accept the Kemp there was no piece to pay god that's the first one then you'd have someone okay they said well I don't really know okay is like it like ballpark number two yeah ballpark um yeah you know I haven't even looked in a while I mean just like you know your best guess that's guess I don't know I geez man I really don't know okay let me ask you a question why don't you tell me well what do you think what are the neighbors house selling for your shoulders are going up yeah I don't know you know what you tell me what you think what are you worrying what would you pay I mean look can you just throw something out there so I just even know that we're even on the even the same range stratosphere so that's gonna be fun ya know so then I'll send an actor five I know this guy's yes but cuz cards close to his chest right now so at this point I'm gonna go a really really little soft ass remember I'm gonna use the cushion yeah right so if you're like hey I can let's say the house I know I can pay two hundred right yeah I want to come in one hundred and said I could pay a hundred thousand and not a penny more yeah don't want to do that right and then but we've got some really aggressive the students who have done that right by the way kudos for you for having courage courage right yeah but you have a loosen up a little bit but he's got to be a little cover yeah so you cuz I don't know you know what if I could pay like a hundred grand –is– other grand that's no no that's way too low I need at least 125 I thought you had no idea well I mean you know I need more than that come on now it's it 120 125 sounds better 125 a lot better is that uh is that the best you can do it feels like it'd be Ryan it does need a lot of work maybe 1:21 best I could do okay yeah trying to now I'm try not to be like a deal all right you get slow it down there should be some friction okay right right the worst thing that I could do and be like let's do it let's on the contract right now worst thing that you can do because after that conversation ends and he's laying in bed at night and he's thinking about the conversation what does he think oh man I could have got my coat I got more the texting system coder then like you did what and we fight for said no I fought for this guy for an hour and that's the best he can do yeah so they got to feel good about it yeah they got to feel good about a lot of it is emotion this whole thing is emotional yeah right they make common sense they just list with an age of them so yeah said added equity for speedin can mean that equity for speeding convenience and you know I think you've got to be the confidence will come mm-hmm with the practicing right right but I knew they you you've mentioned twice now role playing like literally role playing dense role playing a role playing a role play and can you role play with yourself can you come here do you do it with people in the industry do you find role play partners like great question right so the biggest thing is like you've got to have the discipline to do this so if you're a solo operator that you're just doing this yourself and that's totally okay yeah right do it in the mirror yeah I can do it your wife but I think the biggest thing is man you've got it you've got to be a warrior in your craft okay right like it's just a hobby or are you gonna be like yeah right and so like are you gonna go into battle yeah yeah we're not practicing well it's interesting because for for centuries there's apprenticeships yes right for every crack yeah right this is the the apprenticeship for for plumbing or purchase ship for electric or pal but they still have it I'm gonna still do you know a purchase ship for a wholesaling real estate I mean some of these apprenticeships are years at the place let me get my hair cut they have to sweep floors and wash heads for two years yeah before they can cut hair yeah two years for a job that may be at the max you know it's 60 $70,000 that's it you know of course but 60 70 thousand that they make they here which is a lot but we can make that on a deal yep and if we can make more by practising more by understanding there's certain things I think it's really powerful if you if you literally write down all of the objections that you're giving on a regular basis literally write them down and just write out one or two responses that make sense to you you can find it on videos you can find an impact program you can find it you know what I mean and memorize those then when they come up it's the same thing we talked about the TTP script yeah we call somebody and ask somebody if they would consider an offering their property there's only a certain there's only six things that they can say so if there's only six things that they can say you know how to respond so where is this gonna be published by the way this video this is YouTube this is on the wholesaling podcast okay so let's do this in the comments yeah on youtube I think I would love for you to start writing down those common objections right I got a little challenge here if that's okay with you yeah is if you've got permission to record calls right and you've got some call recordings so I would love for someone to pose the call in which they got blasted Yeah right it's got blasted and beat up by the way this goes back to courage right so if you feel like a fool even better because for me that's the ultimate respect if you're willing to put that file yeah in the public domain right make sure you're done permission sure to do that so I'll address that right and if you want to even you can even comment what you think you did right and what you did wrong so if they go the convert wholesale deals com they watch those videos you can actually send any recordings yep right and just believe in the comments or like maybe like the mp3 file or whatever you want to host it if you know how to do that I don't know whatever yeah the if you do that you know think about what you can do better and I'll tell you what the best one the best one I will personally critique that call Yeah right so I like that according yeah and I will make a new recording on top of that recording and break it apart for the listeners what do you think about that love it yeah that's that is gonna be it's gonna be a lot yeah so I don't know I don't know if you know Jurassic yeah come on okay it'll be done yeah guys do this like really challenging I'm telling you this is the master this is who trains everybody this is who has been doing it for forever Nets a beautiful amount every single year in San Diego in in the surrounding areas in California like this is a huge huge huge opportunity if you're listening to this podcast come on if you're watching it on YouTube come on I mean this is absolutely what it is let's go come on now come on come on right so so what's next I think you know I mean really the the main thing is price that I saw time compression and really you know we don't have to get into I don't know your company or anything like that or any of those or I want a higher front well let's actually do that because I'm company because this goes back to reversing this cobots of control okay so a lot of times our time gets eaten up because the sellers controlling the conversation yeah right so this goes part of your state and how you feel about what you're doing so well and you know when you talk about dominating the conversation I think that that's more than directing it and asking a lot of random questions going on so a lot of things I don't think what you mean is and correct me if I'm wrong they don't think what you mean is they're answering all my questions and they're talking a lot they're giving me all the conditions and the timelines and motivations and all this you'd like that's what we want from them what you're saying is they're taking it and going who how many properties have you bought how fast you close this is your title company where's your cash where's your all these things right that's what what I mean by that is ironically if you're controlling the conversation yeah if you're controlling you're doing almost no talk right almost zero right and that's a sign if you're answering questions as huge yeah right if you're if you're talking it's most what they're asking the questions and you're you're giving them information not the other way around yeah and that's a telltale sign yeah so if any word if you start saying I'm a member of the Better Business Bureau right and I've been a business in 15 years and we did a hundred houses last year you're probably in trouble you're in trouble right you know you got to get control this conversation really quick yeah so so why don't we just give me then again we're probably running a time yeah so just give me a quick objection let me show you how I take control one of the things that you ask the answer question with a question yeah right or you can use the word I don't know right but as soon as you do that what I want you to feel the power shift so the first thing that I'm going to do is I'm doing the wrong way yeah I'm gonna do it the right way okay sokka let's go are you part of that you have a a plus rating with the Better Business Bureau yeah actually we signed up in 2015 and we have an A+ okay and I can look that up yeah yeah and it's not some weird name it's under your name like what is your name what's going on you know the name is get it get it done house buyers incorporated we're a California Court and this is gonna be on I can't even handle it my heart's skipping a beat okay but this is real right so a lot of people like this like that wasn't a doctor's office you feel like you're providing this customer service yes because you're answering all these questions yeah right that's not the worst thing that they need I have no idea I know nothing about you controlling the entire conversation and you know the name of my first board guy right so like I know this the right way and take control the conversation close this deal like yeah let's close the video by closing the deal yeah so are you do you have a Better Business Bureau rating of the a or A+ what do you mean the better the BBB does ratings based on good companies oh maybe that's employer you asking me you're asking me for a member of the Better Business Bureau yes okay well we do happen to be a member right let me ask you why is that important to you well I want to do business with people that have a good rating and what else the people that you know are good I have what they do okay and then what do you mean by that I love Mercer then you know that you'll do what you say okay so you want someone who's gonna do what they say okay and how would you determine that then whatever is determined you know that the contract gets done and the time that it is and I get paid the money that we agree to okay so and you determine that someone's gonna do what they gonna say like I like customer testimonials or our interaction together like how would you determine someone's gonna do yeah usually testimonials or good sounds good okay anyhow nope okay yep so we probe or we at least agreed on price yes okay yeah the price is fine I just want to make sure you know I've never heard of your company and I've heard a lot of stuff and I've read the newspaper and there's a lot of stuff in the news about you know people doing scams and I just want to make sure it's not a scam and I want to make sure that we're doing business with somebody that's gonna do their do do good work I totally understand that I can completely relate as a matter of fact when I had another customer the same exact thing when we bought her house she was extremely stressed out right I rightfully we got into closing she did a little bit of homework love us when a video talk to our testimo looked at our testimonials then she talked to our escrow agent she looked actually on the californian corporation then she looked at our Better Business Bureau and she felt comfortable and as soon as she opened a best growing less courageous called her says huge sigh of relief and of course when she got her money seven days later I mean you know she was a huge fan I mean I'm at you know I know you're not her yeah let me ask you if we can solve all those other issues right mm-hmm are you ready to do business tonight yeah great so what do you need for me to feel comfortable um none you know what I feel good I feel fine okay yeah are you sure yeah okay I don't want you make you do anything you don't want to do no no no you you've answered my now we got it right you see how I I like literally you might be still like Todd that's an exaggeration yeah no no it's really not right I control that literal but I'm something fun this is great they're so the when you control the conversation I get it I love it and you know what I didn't feel it honestly I understand what what what is going on but I felt that those were very reasonable questions you know what I mean it wasn't like you were trying to you know trying to some weird technique some sort of weird mesmerizing hypnotizing techniques or simply asking questions but I think what's really important that you really have to if you're listening and you're watching this you have to listen to the tone that Todd uses right the tone that he uses and the active listening that he has and the and and and the way that he's he's softening it up based on the way that I'm feeling he well he doesn't want to go too aggressive with somebody that is obviously timid yeah right if you go too aggressive and you're like well why is that why do you want to know that well yeah I totally get it why do you want what's important about that right I think that that's so huge you know the whole you know it's not what you say but how you say it if you if you can combine knowing what to say and how you say it's right that's when people start going really really really successful with it and closing a lot of deals and you could just change your tone bright any month right so yeah you know like Brett that we can just share with me why that would be important to you Yeah right let's so you can say the same thing depending on who you're killing up I bomb negotiate with Brent yeah you think there would be a firestorm yeah here it is if you're negotiating with you know hey your old grandma you know it's gonna be a different story and you could mirror and and match the hell of snow look Paul thank you this was a tough this is awesome this is it really really incredible guys go back watch this again if you want more if you really want to get like a full when you give at least kind of you're on here and obviously we've mentioned it four or five times for a reason guys todd has changed my life todd has changed more people that are millionaires now because of you that it is my pleasure to bring you on the YouTube channel anything introduce you to as many people as possible right because I know that what you teach one is a hundred percent instruction not a hundred but it is based on the foundation of instruction you're not going there for like you know education or entertainment by any means and to if people take action on it they truly can change your lives right so guys thank you yeah I mean honestly thank you from the bottom of my heart also the the website is a convert wholesale deals calm yeah convert and wholesale deals calm if you want to source those deals beforehand go to the most proactive group and real estate investing which is the whole of the TTP program that is at wholesaling inc.com for slash TTP check out the page if it feels good in your gut sign up for a call and then once you want to convert all those and grow your business and grow your team and start really converting and getting the big deals come on baby convert wholesale deals go herd wholesale deals there's also some free videos there too so you know you have to buy anything or anything just go there and check it out awesome no pressure whatsoever you can absolutely say no yeah awesome yeah until next time guys I encourage you to talk to people

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  1. I spoke to someone that was an experienced investor and the first thing he did was ask me who I work for and if I was a licensed realtor when I said no he didn't want to deal with me. I lost total control.

  2. This was gold. Can you give some pointers on sellers wanting to take multiple offers before they decide?

  3. Had 2 closings today, 1 later this week, 2 next week and I'm about to get a contract in about 30 minutes. May buy it as a rental for myself.

  4. I love these 'objection' videos. It helps 100% when I'm talking to potential sellers..Thank you!

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