Which mattress is best? Choosing a soft or firm mattress that's right for you

hi I'm normal from furniture village and today we're going to talk about comforts when actually choosing a mattress most people think a firm mattress is the best mattress especially for a bad bag this actually isn't quite true the your mattress can affect your spine in so many different ways if it's actually too soft and you sink it puts your body out of alignment if it's too firm you suffer on pressure areas such as the shoulders and your hips so you must make sure you have the correct spinal alignment and natural neutral position when you're lying on the mattress so the neck the middle and the lower back should be of good alignment now when choosing a mattress you have to consider certain factors such as height body weight build different sleeping positions whether we sleep on our side or on our back also fillings on some mattresses can actually regulate your body temperature so you have a good night's sleep you may find that your partner prefers a different tension mattress than yourself this isn't a problem some manufacturers will actually make one tension for yourself one tension for the partner in one mattress if you have any questions that need answering go into one of our stores we're only too happy to help you you

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