61 thoughts on “What’s new in Android development tools – Google I/O 2016

  1. I had to disable instant run. Often did not get the changes forcing me to force a clean rebuild (very long). Worst part, when something didn't work I started to think: did I made something wrong or is it instant run? basically unreliable. Are you aware of these issues? there are tons of bugs reports about this, are they fixed in 2.2?

    other thing: Data Binding is amazing but preview does not work with it. tools namespace data are ignored.

    finally: constraint layout is really cool but suffer of the same problem of the appbarlayout + collapsingtoolbar. If you want to use fragments sometimes you have an image there, with a transparent toolbar, sometimes the image is below the toolbar (smartphone vs tablet). Problem is you need to keep the toolbar outside the fragment but the image managed by your fragment is inside the appbarlayout. Are you aware of this issue? any plans on addressing this?

  2. Pretty cool congrats on the new release! I can see you're updating the docs too. Now I will try this new version. Thanks for your work!

  3. This Android Development Tools team goes to eleven!! Unbelievable work!
    This release should be 2.11 instead of 2.2 because it goes to 11.

  4. Quick question: if I use a linear layout inside a relative layout to group items, in case I want to hide them for example, won't the flatten to constraint layout screw it up?

  5. is it just me who dont know android dev but still think new version is the coolest one? i wanna be NerdMan.

  6. is it just me who dont know android dev but still think new version is the coolest one? i wanna be NerdMan.

  7. is it just me who dont know android dev but still think new version is the coolest one? i wanna be NerdMan.

  8. 92% is actually disappointing due to the fact that 8% still uses eclipse which is not officially supported.

  9. Why did they remove the "Monitor" button from the toolbar? Do they offer the same functionalities from there, within the IDE?
    I don't see the feature of getting the current view-hierarchy , for example…

    IS IT JAVA???????

  11. I don't understand how you can talk so happily about the new things when the "old" still have (major) bugs, are incomplete or don't even work at all.

  12. Finally I'm not insulted a woman. Shes informing not just a stupid affermative action placement

  13. I dont have the convert to Constraint Layout button when right clicking a layout. Anyone else having the same problem?

  14. Какая же ты страшная, ненакрашенная и накрашенная тоже страшная.

  15. waiting for the stable build but other than that ive had the normal amount of bugs especially gradle build errors even when there were no errors

  16. For me, the structure of the talk seems a little bit awkward. First, the demo shows a lot of new features in Android Studio. Next, most of the content of the demo is repeated over a number of slides and very little new information is given.

  17. gradle is really slow , I have to wait more than 3 minutes to build, this is really annoying.
    also the emulater is another slow feature, it runs fast and stable in eclipse. also everything is running fast in eclipse.

  18. I like the way how Android Studio has lowered my productivity down by 1000%, thanks to shitty gradle. Who needs instant runs, in Eclipse, when you can make and drink a cup of tea, and have a s***, and visit your neighbour, every time you run the damn s***. Google, are you Microsoft in disguise?

  19. Getting closer and closer to the beauty of designing in Xcode… you'll be 30% there in another 10 years or so…

  20. LOL at the off-camera presenters with their mics STILL ON, whispering to one another – we can still hear you – hello?

    The quality of this presentation is okay, but lacks the confident and polished, self assured style which Apple excels at. Do better, Google, because the way you come across in public is a metric by which people measure how much confidence they have in your ability to run your company… and if you haven't even got it together enough to mute your off camera mics, well……

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