18 thoughts on “What House Would You Pick? $250,000 Home VS $550,000 Home | Comparing House Value

  1. What House Was Your Favorite? To 👀the differences in $200,000 🏡 VS $250,000🏡 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=30VjqFMya2c

  2. First first first and I love this video . Sorry but it’s the country home for me . YOUR EDITING IS BRILLIANT . Like amazeballs

  3. Awesome Kristina!💚👏🏻 I have champagne taste and beer money…🍻 So, I’ll take the $561,000 home please!😃

  4. I’d take the country any time I must say I hate golf n golf courses but the home is beautiful I don’t do stairs

  5. Thanks to one of your other videos I'm not making the mistake of using CRC on my gate and door hinges. I went out and bought some special oil and hinge lube stuff. It was quite expensive unfortunately. The first hardware store I went to which is the most convenient but has the worst selection and never have what you want said I should use CRC and I said no I need the stuff specific to this job. Anyway it was very expensive stuff but today I realised I can't leave it any longer because on my outside gate the hinges make a horrible squeek and I sure as hell am not that proficient at hanging gates on new hinges, we put this one on new hinges about 3 years ago and it was no fun at all. Seems weird that you can buy a brand new home so cheap there, it makes me wonder how much of that 250,000 is comprised of land. Where I am a plot of land is probably 200k – 250k by itself – and there aren't any really here because its an established 1970's neighbourhood. I probably should take your advise to get my gas hot water heater serviced every year – but does it depend on how much you use it, because I usually take one shower at 4.15am and then I wash dishes around 5pm, so it doesn't have too hard a life and the 2 propane tanks last me 6 months or so. I only got the gas hot water heater in probably april this year. I'm good for some time I think. Granite countertops really are very top end here, your starter home in this area will have melamine for sure.

  6. I don't like the gold fixtures, especially the gold fixtures in the bathtub with the white a gray tile. I like the city house.It had good light.

  7. They are both beautiful-differences yes, but,… you should have shown or mentioned, one level vs stairs. Me personally ‘country ranch’ – one level and breathing room. Nice video (would take city floors). ;—)

  8. Sorry Kristina but maybe my attention was some where else but does the country house have a garage. I would pick the country house for the fact that is has a nice lot and the price point. Also being a golfer that would be a dream home. I am sure the weather there is much milder than what we get here in Connecticut. Just finished a 2 day ice and snow event. Would move there in a New York minute but my wife would never leave our Connecticut split level home of 35 years. I love your presentation Kristina your personality and enthusiasm makes for a great presentation.

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