What does NAAB accreditation mean for an Architecture school?

I’m Natalie Gattegno, Grad of Architecture
at CCA. So the NAAB Accreditation visit, which recently
took place at CCA, allowed a number of experts, academics, professionals, faculty, who are
involved in, on one hand the academic side of curricula in other institutions and also the professional
side of architectural design practice, to come to CCA, see the work that both the Arch and the MARCH
program have produced in the last two years, and evaluate it relative to a series of student
performance criteria. So I’m Mark Donohue, chair of the Bachelor
of Architecture program in Architecture. For me, the thing about NAAB I think is so
important is that it assures quality. It’s something that is defined by the students’
work, and the students’ work is really what gets us accredited. That’s something to really point out specifically. We are teaching the classes. The students are the ones who are performing
and making it happen for us. I think that the other thing is it touches
on a variety of things that are very analogous to what happens when you become a licensed
architect. In fact, this is a way to licensure. For all students who go through
a NAAB accredited program, they quickly go on and actually go to the IDP program, which
is now changed to AXP program. And then that allows them to take the licensing
exam, so it’s actually an important point. Not every school allows that or has that as
a possibility. I’d say the advantage of studying at an art
school, for me, it’s actually personal, because I had an experience as an undergrad. I went to a school, an architecture program, that was
actually an engineering program. Then I went to graduate school where it was
an architecture program that was in a liberal arts college. Very different environment. The thing that I found with CCA, I actually
found my people here, because I feel like I’m a maker and the people that are around
me are makers as well. And so I think that the culture of making
here is absolutely incredible, and that’s the thing I’ve really turned on to, and I think
that if you’re that kind of a student that’s interested in that — you’re interested in
making and building things, this is the perfect place, for sure.

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