Westcoast Homes: Tour a White Rock prize home!

(upbeat music) – For Westcoast Homes I’m Arran Henn. We’re in White Rock just
blocks from the beach on this nice little private
street, quiet cul-de-sac. Look at this beautiful home, one of the grand prize choices in the BC Children’s
Hospital Choices Lottery. Erin Cebula is the Lottery spokesperson. Let’s go say Hi. – Arran, welcome, come on
in, let me show you around. – [Arran] Okay. Oh, I’m excited to see this home. – You should be it’s
beautiful, come on in. It’s a beautiful home. It’s our 2018 Choices
prize home, of course. Just under 4,000 square feet of loveliness as you can see, contemporary, but cozy. – Yes, oh, and look at these big doors. Lots of light coming through. – This is a wonderful feature. These are eclipse doors
so they open right up. You can bring the outdoors in to a nice comfortable living space here. Fireplace, flat screen, you know, everything you could possibly want. I love how it flows right
into the dining area. You can enjoy that with
friends and family. Then once again into a
very spacious kitchen that’s all built around the bar area. – Where everybody hangs out, right? And all that prep space it’s perfect. – Absolutely, we all know
it’s always a kitchen party. – It is, yes. – This is where people want to congregate, but this way if you’re in the
kitchen you’re working away you can still socialize with anybody in any of these spaces as well. – That’s true, and the
kitchen kind of keeps going. – Exactly, it’s nice, it
has a nice linear feel to it almost like a loft, but it continues back. There is a fully equipped spice room so you can keep the mess
separate if you need to. – Very smart. – Yes, and if you continue on
there’s also a huge mudroom, so dirty dogs, dirty kids, gum boots. – Right. – Lots of space to keep it separate, and space is kind of the
theme we’re going with here. Lots upstairs, too, want to see? – Let’s go, yeah. – I want to point out the den office area which I think is very useful. All right, Arran, here we are. It’s not the most glamorous feature, but it sure is convenient,
laundry upstairs. – Oh, yes, then you’re not
lugging everything down. – Exactly, it’s a very smart idea, and it’s flanked by as you can see two really spacious beautiful bedrooms. – Oh, yeah, this is great. – And like any good
prize home we, of course, have a spectacular master, and on the way to it I want you to notice. I wish you didn’t have heels
on so you could test it out. Radiant heating throughout
under the hardwood. – Oh, wow, what a treat,
especially in the morning, you know, when you get up. – Yes. – Heating your tootsies. – Exactly, so upstairs three bedrooms, one downstairs as well, plus a little surprise
that I’m gonna show you after we tour the master, come on. Here we are, our comfortable,
contemporary master. – Oh, but it’s got a nice little bit of glamour to it as well. – I like the sparkle. I also really love the patio here, and on a clear day you can see the beach, you can see the ocean. A little overcast today but imagine this on a sunny, summer day. – So nice, yeah. – And a huge walk-in closet as usual. I mean, we don’t skimp when
it comes to the prize home, and in here a massive ensuite, soaker tub, a very spa-like space. – [Arran] Glamorous as well. – Yeah, it’s a nice feel up here. It’s a bit of a sanctuary. Want to have some fun? – Yeah, okay. – Okay, I think we should go downstairs because I’ve been making you
wait long enough, let’s go. – [Arran] This is a great rec room space. – Yes, isn’t it fun, I
know, a nice little place for family to relax, get the kids, they can
mess it up nobody cares. – What’s this? – Don’t you worry about that. That’s something we’re gonna come back to. I’m saving the best for last. I want to show you one more thing first. Here’s the little surprise. – What, what? I was not expecting this. – [Erin] Yeah, I know, it’s beautiful. It’s a mother-in-law suite currently, but it can be converted
into a full legal suite, so if you want another revenue stream, a revenue generating property you have that here in the home too. – So it’s plumbed for a kitchen. – Yes, it’s ready to go should you choose for it
to be a revenue property. – Okay.
– Okay. – Nice. – Beautiful space, nice and bright. Now I know I’ve teased you. – A lot. – Quite a while here.
– Yes. – Let’s go have some fun, shall we? Okay, okay, I will follow you. – Thank you. – Can I just say this virtual reality
look is working for you. – Oh, thank you, I’m sure, and how’s my hair gonna be after this? – Amazing, it’s gonna be amazing. So this is our virtual reality games room. This is a surprise, pretty cool. – Okay, this is so real. – Isn’t it, I know, so I’m gonna take you we’re gonna race, okay, are you ready? I’m gonna take you for
a little cruise here. Okay, I’m new, are you ready? Ready, set, here we go, girl. And we’re off.
– [Arran] And we’re off. – Okay, now I think this is how I steer, I think this is how I steer. – Oh, my gosh, where did
you get your (mumbles) – Okay, okay, maybe I
need a bit more practice, but fun, right? – That is so much fun. – It probably takes a little
practice I’m thinking, but isn’t that wonderful? This, of course, comes with the home as well as all the furnishings which are from Valley
Direct Furniture in Langley. $2.7 million in total. – Oh, my goodness, and
somebody’s gonna win that. – Somebody’s gonna win
this and the money raised goes to BC Children’s
Hospital, so win-win. Those little patients with a great need, so let’s do what we can. – Yes, so get your tickets. You can get them at BC Children.com Erin, this tour was full
of surprises, thank you. – I deliver.
– Yes. – Want another race? – I do, let’s go for it,
okay, here we go, all right. All right, better driving
this time, please.

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