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hi I'm Luke Armstrong and thanks for inquiring about franchise opportunity with f45 training just three years the f45 network has grown to nearly a thousand studios you know the 25 countries by helping people just like you build profitable businesses of a passion to help them see our market leading training system consists of the most innovative and effective team-based workout delivered with superior service and supported by cutting-edge technology to provide our members with a totally immersive experience that is fun fast and scientifically proven to deliver phenomenal results but f45 is so much more than just a workout it's a really smart business system that is cheap to set up easy to operate and highly profitable and this explains why a 45 is now the fastest-growing fitness network in the world as you do your research into air 45 I'll be highlighting different aspects of our franchise system so that you have the right information to decide if it's workable when you're ready to discuss the opportunity further you can schedule a call with me personally at any time by reserving a spot in my calendar to start you off today you'll find a brochure and clothes along with a link to our online map showing you the territories we have available in your region of injury to view the map just click on the link below and navigate your desired town or suburb if an area is available for purchase its shaded green you can click on a territory to test precise boundaries along with some other useful identity once again thank you for giving into consideration and congratulations on making the first important we've achieved a lot in a short time but we have very big plans and a lot more to accomplish so if you like what you see and you're committed to building a better future for yourself we look forward to hearing from

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