WEBINAR: Franchizing – Is it the right move for your business?

hi my name is Peter Winkler I am recently retired from the United States House of Representatives as a chief of staff however over the years I have been associated with McDonald's Midas muffler rallies which is a restaurant chain and Jackson you at all as a franchisee this will be the third part in a series of webinars in the final part in the first part we we dealt with the overall concept of franchising in the second part I dealt with what you would need to do and what you need to think about how you need to research a decision to become a franchisee in the final part I will be dealing with the issue of how to franchise your business so in the event that you have a business concept that you think you can package and market to others as a tool of expansion for your business there are a lot of things to consider not the least of which is your ability to teach your system to others and there are of course also a lot of advantages it is probably the best way out there to expand your service business with a minimum amount of your capital franchising uses the franchisees capital to to do a lot of the expansion you also have a lot of other decisions to make how much of a company presence do you want in your system how many people are you going to need to monitor your system so we will be dealing with those in the upcoming webinar it is going to be 11 o'clock March 27th on that be Eastern Daylight Time at that point I'm not sure what that is in UTC hopefully you can check it but I certainly hope you'll join me thank you

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