Web Development students learn by doing — right from the start.

Bernie Monette: My name is Bernie Monette,
and I’m the program coordinator of the Web Development program at Humber College, and
behind me here, is the portfolio show for the 2014 class of the web development program. Student: All of these students are showcasing
their portfolios, and hoping to meet some potential employers. Royce Yadav: The students here have worked
hard for about, 8 months now to come to this point so they have a lot of websites to showcase,
each website is unique in that they’re built using specific technologies that are industry
standard right now. David Sabine: I see that a lot of students
tonight are working with PHP, jQuery, JavaScript, that sort of thing, and all of that is within
the technology that we use, as well we’re looking for, design talent, and people with
a very keen understanding of user interactions, user interface design. Student: It’s a full stack program, they
are teaching us both front-end and back-end with design. So by the time we go into the
workplace, we have a lot of options as to what we want to do. Bernie Monette: We’re really interested
in web development, not just as a technological problem, but also a social problem. And, the
developer’s doing it need to not only have technological capabilities, but they need to
be able to communicate their ideas to their clients, to the people that are going to use
their website, and so on. That’s what we’re really tying to teach them here. We’re
not just saying, you know “We’re going to teach you how to code”, but we’re going
to say “We’re going to teach you how to behave as a web developer”. We’re not
waiting until you graduate before you start working, we’re gonna get you to start working,
right from the first day of the program.

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