Watch: White Woman Attempts To Block Black Man From Entering His Apartment Building | NBC News

please move move I can do you live here I'm sorry we keep counters right there you can film me that's fine into my building it's my room as well so I need to get out my way okay wait you meant I don't need to say that information so excuse me ma'am I mean control okay because you you I need you to move out my way please yeah please stop touching me I'm not touching you just was previously I'm not touching you at all what you step in I'm not touching you and I'm not in any way doing anything outside of letting my dog I live for they're blocking the door where you at I don't need to tell you that what do you know do you live in 307 okay great I'm on the fourth floor excuse me no you don't have a key fab you were know me if you have that then okay ma'am you're not security you're not the property manners you know like what I live here okay I live here – you're not Mike hermit you're not Rick I don't like the back do you have your phone in my face okay I don't like the fact that you're blocking me for our paper oh I'm asking what you I don't need to tell you that information man if you want to come into my building it's not your building you're not the owner the pay rate sorry you walked up on a street yes yes and I've already buzzed Dina how are you oh yeah it does not even matter can you get out of my way no can you show me anything in a second ma'am I bono walk through where I live outside yeah okay can you show me if they keep on into this no excuse no excuse me I'll police whatever you wear is going do you have a key fob that looks like this you can film all you want I'm not being rude I'm not being disrespectful you've walked in to a building that I was taking my dog out and pushed your way in No if you already went out to the park for a seat you know I want another your guys so now you gotta follow me I am because I would like to know who's friends and why you're here and if you do then I'd like to meet your neighbor want to speak with you please not following you I want to call the cops or harassment that's me next I'm just following you all the way to my daughter and you see my keys in the door that is so that no you just know have a good night ma'am that don't ever do that again you look pretty stupid on video have a nice night my name is mr. towles thank you hey NBC News viewers thanks for checking out our YouTube channel subscribe by clicking on that button down here and click on any of the videos over here to watch the latest interviews show highlights and digital exclusives thanks for watching

50 thoughts on “Watch: White Woman Attempts To Block Black Man From Entering His Apartment Building | NBC News

  1. It must be sad to be that lonely, she's probably still outside his apartment thinking that that is the most time someone has given to her in a while

  2. shes such a disgrace to the white race. how dare she treat someone whos the same so disrespectfully just because of colour. this has makes me sad.

  3. How many times had the place been burgled by blacks??????
    How many non-black residents have been assaulted by blacks.
    She didnt know what she was doing but she didnt do anything wrong

  4. Woman: I feel uncomfortable that your entering the building that I’m in, proceeds to follow the man all the way to his front door

  5. This is crazy. Smh. Glad the young man did his best to stay calm and use self control because this situation could've went terribly wrong. Smh again!!! 👀

  6. Lord, please grant me this level or patience and humbleness, because I would’ve been cussed, snapped and slammed her 😭

  7. She isn't racist she's just paranoid/nervous and he was purposefully snowballing the situation out of proportion by not showing his key.

    This is exactly what shady people do to get inside locked apartments, just wait for an open door. Both of them were rude and all it woulda took was one chill person to defuse everything.

    Shame on NBC for race-baiting.

  8. Wow the amount of stupidity, OMG 😡🤬😤 this man is very respectable, patient and well mannered, I would have been really rude to her, or would have called the police.

  9. She does have a point, I would not let anyone unknown in my apartment complex if they don't have the code or a key. No matter the color of their skin.

  10. Was it cause he is black or would she of acted this way to any man going into her building without using his key? Maybe I missed something but in the apartments here if your holding the door open and you live there your not supposed to let anyone in. People have to let themselves in? With that said if she was truly uncomfortable then she wouldn’t of followed him into the elevator. This man was so nice and handled the situation perfectly😊

  11. I think the real embarrassment is the world seeing you act on hormones alone. For the sake of decency, all she seen was hearts.

  12. I don’t blame her because just letting people into your apartment building is kinda sketchy but she could have gone about it much better.
    I also hate how it has turned into a race issue simply for the fact that she is white and he is black

  13. Legend has it she’s still asking what unit he lives in…

    DISCLAIMER: Don’t day I stole something I saw a comment like this and I thought it was funny so I made my own version. Calm yourself

  14. I can appreciate the fact that you don't let someone into a building that you live in, that's fine if you don't recognise them. "No key, no entry". I do this all the time, and anyone reading this, should do as well. I think we can all reasonably understand this. All both parties had to do, was just shut the door. Then the man could have used his key to get in on his own merit, without piggybacking on a resident that didn't recognise him. There was no call from either person about race. The uploader of this video is the only one who suggested it, and then the racists follow. It's sad that she lost her job, and quite frankly proves who is racist in this situation.

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