38 thoughts on “Vishal Khandelwal at Value Investing Summit 2019, Kuala Lumpur

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  2. How To Become A Investor ?
    Which All Courses Should I Pursue To Get Complete Knowledge Of Value Investing ?

  3. Sir .mey aapka video dekhta rehta hoon .Hindi mey balance sheet samjhna hey koy book ka naam bataye.

  4. Great connect to the audiences hats off to you sir so concisely you could sum up the whole world of investing. One of the best lectures i have ever seen. I will humbly request you sir please share your priceless ignorance and knowledge

  5. बहुत शानदार प्रजेंटेशन है। काफी जानकारी मिली यहां से। ग्रेट बिजनेस, ग्रेट मैनेजमेंट और लोवर प्राइस सफल निवेशक का एक मात्र फॉर्मूला।

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