Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

Hi everyone. In this part, I thought it’s
important to let you know how you can have access to a bunch of apps provided
by Baldwin Wallace University for you. It’s not necessarily only ArcGIS
module or apps. It can be SAS, Google Earth, and so forth. It also allows you to
have access to the apps even from outside of campus when you’re traveling
or you are at work you can still work with your PC or laptop from home or work
and then connect to the apps and use it for your purposes. This concept can be
done by VDI which stands for virtual desktop infrastructure. The way that
VDI works is that all of the apps are installed in the server then if you have
permission which means that if you are a student, faculty or staff of BW then you
can connect to server and use all of the apps installed in the
server. This allows University to always have the latest version of apps for you
and it’s time and cost effective because instead of installing the apps for each
computer separately they can put the apps in server and YOU as clients can
connect to the server and use the apps. So it’s time and
cost effective and also you always have the latest version of software so if
they want to add a new app or upgrade to the upper version of the apps they just
need to do it once instead of installing the apps for each computer
separately. So the question is how you can have access to VDI? First of all, you need to open up your
browser such as Internet Explorer, Firefox or Google Chrome. I select
Firefox and in the URL just type and here you have two choices you can either select the client version of
VMware or select the HTML version of VMware. HTML version is not a safe
access and the client version offers better performance and features compared
to the HTML. so you need to go ahead and select the client version and install
the client version in order to have access to VDI. I already have done that
so I skip these steps but it’s very easy just download this and then install
the client version. Maybe while you are downloading it may ask you for username
and password which are your BW ID and password. And after that if you go to the
desktop you will see VMware Horizon and clients and then double click and in
this window just select this window might be a slightly
different for you because faculty and staff have different access so you may
see some other items or icons. Probably you can’t see faculty and staff
these icons faculty and student have different access to VDI. So you just need to
select lab desktop double click on that and it takes you to a new environment
which is VDI environment. It will take a few minutes to switch to this new
environment okay here is the VDI environment. In
this new environment if you click on start menu and under academic software you will see a bunch of apps such as
ArcMap 10.7 such as GMAT prep such as Google Earth, MATLAB and so forth. You
can use these apps even from outside of campu. The software
that we will work in this semester is ArcMap 10.7 so which is under academic
software ArcMap 10.7 that’s how you can access to the arcmap 10.7 from
VDI from outside of campus. After you done with your analysis with the lab
don’t forget to sign out from VDI. It’s not safe and because it’s not safe if
you do not sign out and other people can have access to your information and data
so again don’t forget to sign out. How we can sign out? it’s very easy in this bee
icon the yellow icon click on that and then select sign out. that’s how you can sign in and sign out
from VDI.

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  1. You can try: Ravada is and open-source project. Free, easy-to-use & deploy VDI solution.

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