Vietsway – cooperative work space and job training / social enterprise work group in Vietnam.

The work here is good and suitable for me I have many opportunities to continue my passion Beside that, Vietsway has not only good happy but also friendly working environment My coworkers support me at work through my difficult time Before, I worked for another company My income around $40 per month, but cover the food and accommodation expenses Im hard to cover my living cost because of low income My life gets better when I joined Vietsway with the better salary My name is Ngan from Dong Thap province, Vietnam Now I am working at Vietsway My daily task is packaging and preparing for shipping to within Vietnam and international I can speak English and good computer skill I am satisfied with my current salary and support my family now Now my eyes can see 30% If I have a surgery, it’s 50/50 whether I will regain or loose my vison the condition is someone donates me a cornea and fee If the surgery fails, I have to still keep going but no clue for my future Thanks for watching! Follow us and vist our website

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