78 thoughts on “Using Material Design with Flutter

  1. Implement XML in Flutter please, I'm waiting for it…
    It is mutch easy to build UI with xml (for me)

  2. Hmm. Seeing myself is making me wonder whether my shirt wasn't printed straight or my shoulders are somehow uneven.

  3. Unfortunately the dart bridge to native code is too big compared to the JavaScript one used by react native. I was super excited by flutter but it has nothing more than react native.

  4. Hello ^^ thank you so much 🙂
    I am a noob and i would love to know how to make it work getting data from a Node Api :}

  5. Welp… dart again, it gets more and more frustrating supporting Angular. I really just want to know if I can expect something on angular + flutter or even if angular is considered to be mobile at all.

  6. Stop talking about this none important stuff. When is Google going to introduce something better than Photoshop and Corel draw?

  7. really fast and easy, great!
    One question: in the last step we changed the color of the button in some way that Flatt button has purple text on white background and raised button is vice versa.
    was it made automatically?

  8. I started learning android studio yesterday, and all is so damn difficult to understand / doesnt make sense. Like you have to write so many lines to archieve simple things. Like the onClickListener stuff. In js you just write $("id").onClick(function(){dothat}). Why is that? Does it make the app run faster?

  9. I am new to Flutter and am reading and watching many tutorials, yours in 10 minutes taught a lot, I won the day, congratulations for your teaching and your knowledge

  10. Hi, I need to point out some things for you people in Google.
    When you develop a new platform, make sure you include all the documentation.
    If flutter is to ease developing, then why make it so complicated just to install it??
    Where is the emulator?.
    I have an AMD system, and I don't intend to use intel in the future just to develop android apps.
    I have been struggling to make emulator work.
    The basic flutter app crashes on visual studio emulator.(only way I can run AVD).

  11. There seems to be issues.

    when placing:

    class Kitten {
    const Kitten({this.name, this.description, this.age, this.imageUrl});


    Android Studio is yelling saying:

    const Kitten => Kitten is an invalid constructor name.

    The Kitten after all read:

    The name 'Magician' isn't a type so it can't be used as a type argument.

    Some Stack Overflow posts suggested to initiate the list inside constructor. I haven't gotten it working yet.

    Putting this comment here for anyone else who may be banning their head also.

  12. Is there any reason of why Flutter introduces Bracket hell? or all methods starting with a return statement?

  13. btw the theme property on MaterialApp changes need full reloading, the modification does not show on hot reload only. love working on flutter, 1 month into learning this now

  14. People always say, oh its quick to do this interface using flutter, then they paste 63 lines of code in about 10 seconds and say, "see how easy that was"

  15. hi, please help me for chice flutter or swift native im an iosdeveloper for 8 month bu t see flutter , i dont . now got to flutter or stay swift …. thanks for you important for me

  16. Is there any way to implement an adobe XD design in flutter just like you can in Andriod development with XML?

  17. I'm using Listview.builder with Expanded widget. But how do I make content generated with Listview.builder follow Wrap Axis.horizontal layout

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