University Housing For Dummies™

So what do you guys look for in a roommate? They don’t steal my stuff, my man, my everything, my food It’s January, which means a new year and
a new house, and we’re looking for the best qualities
you can find in a house and a roommate. Let’s do it! So what is your current housing situation? Bad, but I live with my brother so I don’t
really have an option, you know? Is he a good roommate? Decent. Doesn’t cook too much, doesn’t
clean too much. So no? No I’m living on Oxford, by Wharncliff, and
we actually had heroin addicts break into our house over the summer and they were using
it as a heroin den and we found needles in our kitchen. Me and my roommate, we came from Montreal
together. So we’ve been together, but we added a third guy and yeah we’re living
in an apartment us three. I’m living with a friend from high school
in Luxe. Luxe is not that luxe. Their dryers don’t work and the security
guards are hot, but that’s about it. Currently it’s seven girls in a house right
now, and we’re going to be downsizing to a group of four next year. Alright, so if you could kick one of your
roommates off of the island of seven, which one would it be? If he sees this, he’ll know it’s him but
it’s obviously the third one. Just because right now he’s in the bad books for the
both of us. Care to tell us what he did? Nothing! It’s just he’s so lazy all the
time, you know what I mean? Can’t get this, can’t get that. Doesn’t do this. C’mon,
you know? So a lazy roommate is a no-go? It’s a no-go Sorry John roo, like you guys don’t know him
but I’m sorry buddy. It’s nothing personal, we love you. So why would you vote your friend off the
island? He doesn’t do his dishes Oh no, do your dishes! Okay, so what’s the weirdest thing that
you’ve ever seen your roommates do? Pee on the floor When did that happen? She was drunk and she came home drunk and
just peed on the floor. Beautiful, did she pull down her pants or
just went for it? Just peed through her pants and it showed
up on the floor Did she clean it? She did Good roommate He basically conquers the washroom, so the
whole place has all of his stuff. My stuff is in the corner and 3 o’clock in the morning,
he takes a shower and then he starts gagging or something He brought a toothbrush and he didn’t open
it from the package for the whole two weeks After a wild night with her bae, she did not
close the door. So the next morning I woke up and tried to make myself breakfast and
get ready for class. I woke up to a naked butt. He threw out all my cashew butter Oh, not cool So what would be the worst quality you could
find in a roommate then? I want to say messiness, but I’m pretty
messy so I don’t know Doesn’t listen to country music No country in our house Exclusive rentals: yay or nay? Nay Nay! What is that? Lot’s of things break and none of them get
fixed That’s my house right now with exclusive
rentals. The heroin house! That’s it Western! If you’re looking for
housing, make sure utilities are included And don’t be a shit roommate! Thanks for watching, make sure to like, share
and subscribe. We’ll catch you later!

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