40 thoughts on “Understanding Ecommerce, Merchant Accounts and Shopping Carts

  1. Really I appreciate the effort you made to share the knowledge. Thanks for sharing amazing ideas. keep it up.

  2. hi sir can you tell me if I don't own a business or I am not any kind of merchant…still can I create a payment gateway…????
    I want to create a 2d payment gateway for foreign transactions….I am from India….please answer sir

  3. Hi – thanks for a great comparison! Please confirm – if I choose to take the Pro-cart & Beanstream combination I have to add Pro-cart fees ..? Thankx again!

  4. Hello loved your informative presentation.  I am starting a website where I sell only digital products. Paypal first to get my feet wet or go procart/ beanstream?

  5. I really liked the presentation but when I went to the beanstream site I saw they were acquired by a Swiss company and it doesn't show that they have integration with Procart anymore. Is that right?

  6. Hi +Nate Woodbury I just found your site and I really need your help. I am shocked to see that Shopify SEO friendly is terrible. I have a Shopify store now and I was always told that it was very SEO friendly. Can you please help me out a bit?

  7. What do u mean when u say that those shopping carts have custom website design? You can build an ecommerce website with Shopify. But those other shopping carts are just a software that integrates into an existing website.

  8. Thank you so much Nathan. Everything has changed so much and there are so many people in the gateway/merchant account processing arena now. This really simplified things. I offer hypnosis audio products and after seven years using 2checkout without one incident they allowed the bank to dictate who they can have as clients. Hypnosis products were considered a bad risk. Keep in mind even though I had an account with 2checkout for seven years, my account was eliminated because of the bank.

  9. Thank you so much! I have been searching the internet for exactly how this works and couldn't find anything. This was so clear and concise. I only have three things to sell one service and two e-books so I don't need a big online store deal so I think I will start simply with PayPal.

  10. thank you for your excellent tutorial! I am starting my first photography website and needed a cart, with no clue how to go about it. Now I am setting up my paypal shopping cart with great hopes….

  11. Your video was excellent and the information very informative and helpful. Thank you! Could you please suggest first party gateways that can be added to our website? We do not wish to deal with third parties like Paypal. Although we may also offer them, we want our primary source of payment to be a first party gateway. Thank you so much for your help! Would i ever be able to email you personally for your help? thanks 🙂

  12. I do banner ads for CJ junction and linkshare and some other com. I do not have any of the sites that your talking about people click on the adds and they go off my website is this a bad way to do it and is this a better way to make money

  13. I am half-way through the video and find it very informative. However, you don't mention Volusion which is an award winning shopping cart or 1shoppingcart which is also very popular and well-respected. In your opiinion, how do they compare to ProCart? I am bout to start a new ecommerce site so your answer to this question is really important. Thanks again for the well planned, helpful video!
    Take Care,
    Jupiter Jim

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