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ever since President Trump started running four years ago people have been trying to see his tax returns and we found out so many other things about him in that time from what he does with porn stars to what he does with flags and they're not that different but we still haven't seen Trump's tax returns no one knows why but everyone has a theory some people think it's because he cheated on his taxes or because he took money from unsavory people my conspiracy theory is that he's hiding the extra income he makes by working part-time at TGI Fridays like folks today's special is something I invented myself it's called nachos now no one knows no one else for sure what's hiding in Trump's taxes but last night's the New York Times found out what he used to be hiding this morning a bombshell report in The New York Times is casting doubt on president Trump's self-proclaimed wealth The Times reporting it has obtained years worth of previously unreleased eight mogul spent at least 10 years in the read reporting business losses totaling over 1 billion dollars from 1985 to 1994 according to The Times year after year mr. Trump appears to have lost more money than nearly any other individual American taxpayer holy-shit for 10 years Donald Trump might have lost more money than any person in America that is crazy a guy who lost the most money is the same guy who claims to be the best businessman it's like finding out that Hugh Hefner died a virgin I did not see that coming [Applause] but this just shows how good Trump is at inflating his success right because during some of those years when Trump was hemorrhaging money on the verge of bankruptcy he managed to get himself on the Forbes richest people list when in reality he should have been on the Forbes broke-ass bitch list right which isn't a real list but I think it should be yeah because it'd be pretty great if there was just once a year they were like it number six Craig his broke ass still using an iPhone three and you might think it's bad news for Trump to be exposed like this but that's because you're looking at all of this the wrong way he lost a lot of money over the course of ten years if you consider a billion dollars a lot of money anything you read this and you're like wow it's pretty impressive all the things that he's done in his life and what most of us could ever I don't know that there's any suggestion that he broke the law you know say what you will about Fox and Friends but when they are with you they are with me right or die that's the squad I want in my life they'll spin any negative into a positive like every leader would be lucky to have that kind of support if Kim jong-un had a fox and friends they'd be like this haircut is the best one yet every leader Hitler's Fox and Friends would have been like you know the haters are saying that he's a mass murderer on t last of all but people don't focus on how well-traveled he was yeah all the way from Paris to Russia just a yeah yeah on Charlie Chaplin even made a movie about him how many people can say that yeah and here's the thing Fox and friends aren't outliers many Trump supporters feel that Trump losing a billion dollars just shows how successful he was you have to have a billion to lose a billion and if you go to mega country you'll see that some of them they think this whole story should be thrown out do you care about Trump's tax returns not at all not I don't care about anybody's tax returns it's their business do you care about Trump's tax returns no I don't really give it all right there and about I'd that's what I'm trying to do I don't care if anybody shows that or not it's their personal life their personal business leave it alone okay idea what this guy's saying his personal business just leave it alone I do have one question though how many eggs is this guy eating like who needs to eat that many eggs is he fighting Apollo Creed hey you know what's most impressive is that's what he ordered when he knew there was gonna be a TV crew right he was like oh the camera crews here better go easy and just order one carton of eggs today Billy but seriously though seriously though the story just shows you how we're all totally living in different bubbles right one side hears about the story of trumps taxes and they think it proves that he's a shady loser the other side hears the story and they go wow he's so rich he had a billion dollars to lose one side says the president should be transparent about his finances the other side says that's his private business one side says I'll have the egg white omelet for breakfast and the other side says and I'll take all of his yolks you

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  1. $1,170,000,000 loss reported from taxes between 1985-1994:
    = $117,000,000 / year
    = $9,750,000 / month
    = $2,437,500 / week
    = $348,214.28 / day
    = $14,508.92 / hour
    = $241.81 / minute


  2. Your rediculas. It's not a boom shell when he talked about it 13 years ago in public. Your a dip shit. At least he made a billion. Your suppose to be funny. When is that going to happen

  3. I think he's a shady loser who padded his losses to avoid paying taxes. Especially after seeing all these TV ads for the book "The Trump Tax Cut: Your Personal Guide to the New Tax Law"

  4. Can't make an omelet without breaking a few eggs… win some, loose some… if at first you don't succeed try try again. Remember never give up the ship — Trump 2020

  5. Better explain in Dirty Money, a show in Netflix. In a episode dedicated to our President, people who worked with him, specially in the casinos, tell of the way Trump got so much money from banks for the "casinos" and he would go and spend it in whatever it pleases him. That's why he "lost" One Billion, but he actually spent it😒

  6. Bill Clinton's BJ was impeachable and yet a billion dollar fraud is his personal business. Yup, I'm going to bet on China on this one.

  7. Trevor Noah became rich and famous because he was willing to spread and be sodomized by old white men I'm small hats , he hates himself because he enjoyed it. He hates his black skin he thinks to himself no matter how much money I get I'll never see a white man in the mirror , for decades he practiced white language and mannerisms but all he sees is a black man. Trevor no matter love yourself if you come from royalty or a mud hut stop your white hate

  8. Trump doesn't want anyone to find his taxes because it's right next to the dead bodies in the shallow mass grave… And the Egg-Man is trying to remind us that the dead bodies are just Trump's personal business.
    It's just intrusive to go digging around Trump's personal shallow mass grave for his tax returns, just to see how much he is claiming as deductions on filling that mass grave!!

  9. Hmm, mocking the elderly gentleman (who was willing to give an interview to whatever news crew it was), even in jest, seems counterproductive, and a little mean

  10. See how the Fox woman touched her nose and covered her mouth after lying about Trump? Classic "I told a lie" body-language

  11. Tells you everything about white people in America. They'll stand by each other no matter what. The made a big deal about Obama's birth certificate but not someone who cheated the tax laws and the foundation of this country?

  12. Donald Trump, the Disgraceful Moron™ has always been a pathetic loser and remains so now but the problem is that he is turning America into a loser too. This has to be reversed as soon as possible.

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