Training for Thanksgiving at Home

– Hello and welcome back
to The Thanksgiving Games. – The competition with events designed around going home for Thanksgiving. – I’m Left Anthony. – And I’m Just Val. Today we’re following Raphael Chestang. – [Anthony] This is a
competitor out of Chicago who I had a lot of hope for
at the start of the season, but things really fell apart
about half way through. – Absolutely, at his
sister’s birthday party where he got her cash. Ooh, let’s get this underway. – [Anthony] Raphael’s gonna
wanna take control early here in this next round.
– Hello? – [Val] Yeah, absolutely. – Raphy! – Hug comin’ up. (laughs) – Good form, good form. That was great. – It’s good to see you! – You too. You look good! – You lookin’ good, lookin’ sharp. – That’s a good hug for dad,
but what about brother-in-law? – Ooh.
– Oh, there he is! – Yes, you wanna show him, that you can put him in his place. – Absolutely. Raphael’s not
a big guy, but he’s so fast. – He’s so small, but yes, so fast. – Yeah and hugging’s all in the feet. – It’s a bit like a mouse
that can run on water. – Right. – What’s up, cuz? – Hey, how ya doin’? – Good, this my new girlfriend. – Ooh, cousin’s new girlfriend? – What?
– Hi. – No way. Hey, oh! – [Anthony] See, I like that move. – [Val] I like that too. – You don’t know each other yet, so you don’t wanna be too familiar.
– No, Exactly! – You’ll freak her out. – Not too creepy. – Hey, get back on over here. – Oh, back to brother-in-law. – Come on, yeah. – Cousin’s new girlfriend. Brother-in-law. Cousin’s new girlfriend! Brother-in-law! Cousin’s new girlfriend! – That’s great, that’s great! That’s terrific.
– That was a round! – That’s terrific.
– That was a round. – Alright, come on in here. – Alright. – That was a very strong first round. Let’s see how he does at dinner. (bass music) – So when was the last
time you went to church? – Ooh, now it’s time for the
religious guilt trip event. – Oh man, I haven’t been in years. – Excuse me?
– Oh! What is he thinking? – [Anthony] Raphael’s gotta focus if he wants to get through this round. – Yeah, he’s talking to his grandma. – She’s one of the church mothers. – He’s gotta remember that. – Because, church, isn’t a building, it’s with me all the time. (crowd cheers) – Great job taking out grandma. – [Anthony] I liked that recovery, but that was definitely an error. – [Val] Yeah. – So when you movin’ back home? – Well I have a job, I can’t just move back home for what I do. – [Val] Oh, it’s getting dicey. – It’s a mediocre career at best. – Yeah, honestly. – Oprah got famous in Chicago. You can do what she did. – So I should just be Oprah. Huh, why didn’t I thinka dat shit? Oh, ’cause it’s dumb as hell! – [Val] Wow!
– [Anthony] Unbelievable. – Unbelieve… You know what? He’s gonna spend time in
the penalty box for that. – [Anthony] Raphael
falling way behind now. – Yeah and the crew event
is so crucial, Left, I mean if he has a
prayer of bouncing back, it’s gonna be in this next event. – [Raphael’s Mom] Hey Raphy! Raphy, come and talk to your mom. (crowd chants) – This is exciting. – Here we go. This is it, final stretch. – Boy, you still making
those YouTube videos? – She should know the
answer to this question, but he should have somethin’ for her. – Yeah, yeah I am. – Well where can I find them at? – [Anthony] It’s a
classic offense from mom. – Yeah, you should have,
this is what you trained for. A mom asking about how to work YouTube. – YouTube? You just said it. – So, if I were to take my
phone and type in YouTube, you’ll come up? – Oh, quick recovery?
– That’s not how this works! How do you not know how anything works? – Wait wait wait wait wait, babe, come back here.
– [Raphael] My God! I came back for this. – Oh!
– Oh my goodness. That is brutal, that’s gonna be a forfeit for Raphael right there.
– Yeah. You know, you gotta see when it’s your mom and anything on the internet… – Anticipate, anticipate,
– It’s not gonna work. – anticipate.
– Yeah. – We wanna thank all of you for watching. For Just Val, I’m Left Anthony. – Yeah, we’ll see you, at Christmas. Does anyone ever win this? – No no no.

100 thoughts on “Training for Thanksgiving at Home

  1. Man I'm glad we don't have Thanksgiving. I already have enough Christmas with my Christmas cause my parents split up when I was little. If we were american I'd have the awkward part of Christmas twice over and the actually worthwhile part of it only once, and there'd be a much higher chance of religion being talked about. I'm happy not knowing who's religious and who isn't, thank you very much.

  2. Is it actually true that Thanksgiving with the family turns out bad? We dont have Thanksgiving like that where I live, but I guess Christmas is similar, but at least for me that's always great.

  3. I really need to work on my hugging… Somehow, I've never been a very huggable person. I don't mind with people I actually like, but when it comes to hugging pretty much complete strangers, or distant relatives I don't really care about, just UGH…. and somehow, they can always tell that I'm not a fan of it, and it gets even more awkward!

  4. If you rearrange the words in the two names “Just Val” and “Left Anthony” you get Val just left Anthony

  5. "So small, yet so fast.
    It's a bit like a mouse, that can run on water."
    How do people come up with this shit? 😂

  6. I love all the references of other videos in the beginning 😂
    “Kink: smashing his d**k with a laptop” 😂🤣

  7. Me at Thanksgiving: "Can we just not argue about politics for once?"
    Commentators: "Oh! And now both sides think you're the asshole! Terrible play!"

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