Tooltip (Flutter Widget of the Week)

♪ (intro music) ♪ Mobile screens are small, so apps often use iconography
to convey meaning. They’re also full of images
and other visual content that might not be obvious and that is inaccessible to people
with impaired vision. To keep users informed, used Tooltips. Just wrap your content
with a Tooltip widget and provide a message. Now, your icons and images
show Tooltips when appropriate. For example, when the user
taps through the UI, or when they [long] press on it, Tooltip exports the message
into semantics, so screen readers
will be able to vocalize them. You can customize your Tooltips
with vertical offset, height, and more. Some Material widgets, likeIconButton,
already include Tooltips, so you can just provide the message text. For more info on those
and all the other widgets, head♪ (music) ♪

15 thoughts on “Tooltip (Flutter Widget of the Week)

  1. Please add examples to each widget in flutter io documentation. You guys have just written class and method signatures without any examples.

  2. Can anybody tell me how to customize the style of the tooltip managed inside an IconButton? The dark grey background with black text is completely different from the palette of my app…

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