Tommy & Grace | To build a home

Thomas Shelby is now the beginning the middle and the end of your mission You must do everything you can to get close to him Do you have something to say to me? I came here for company Happy or sad? Sad But I warn you I’ll break your heart Already broken She talked about you Men should talk too To you? There’s something else you should know A very mportant detail about my reasons for employing you I think it’s that lovely barmaid, that pretty barmaid that just walked in, that’s made our brother go all soft You change your mind Why did you change your mind, Thomas? Thank you I’m sorry And you see me The hatred that I brought here with me is gone Grace, I know you weren’t born to be with a man like me Before the day is over… your heart will be broken Grace, can I have this dance? I have done something terrible to you There’s only one thing that can blind a man as smart as you Tommy Love that barmaid? You’ve broken two hearts, Grace. What exactly can I say? I don’t know Grace As well as my own I could tell you who I really am Like I know who you are But here it is, Grace Here it comes, Tommy But there it goes, Grace Away it goes She was one woman, Thomas Maybe it’s time you forget about her Tommy? I was gonna tell you I hadn’t spent a day without thinking about you There’s someone For a long time You once said to me That men like us can never be loved She loves me She told me I love you not him And I’m scared, Grace And you found me Oh and there’s a woman A woman Who I love I got close I nearly got fucking everything She’s not gonna be coming back so it’s just you and me But she’ll be with us in our hearts, cause we love her I love you I promise I’ll make us safe

100 thoughts on “Tommy & Grace | To build a home

  1. By far my favourite actor of all time, Cillian has the most powerful way of making the scene feel so alive and just drives your emotion. Give this man an oscar! ❤👏🏼

  2. I haven't even watched the show but I'm crying. 😭 How could they just kill off Grace? 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  3. Come back Grace..I hate Lizz :/ I hope shes come back. Becasue Tommy I need you..Grace best.And Tommy & Grace True love..COME BACK GRACE..!

  4. I've just watch the episode when she dies for the first time. I'm in shock. This broke my heart 💔

  5. wonderful editing u made there
    what the whole video since it delivers a quick but emotional view about this couple's love story
    really appreciate ur work
    keep doing what you are now

  6. Idk why the writers ended up Tommy and Lizzie together. That was so stupid I mean I agree she knows him well but they don't LOVE eachother. not like Grace and Tommy. Their chemistry was magical, u could see it in their eyes.

  7. I've just saw around the comments a couple of spoilers about this couple. So I will come back when I get to the middle of season 4 or so and watch it fully. Somehow, it feels good not to be the only one who is absolutely emotional with this couple.
    Thank for making this marvelous montage. In fact, it is what I was expecting without even knowing its existance.

  8. I don't know why I still keep watching this video. It gives me chills. Great work. I hope you'll never stop making this kind of videos.


  10. 2:35 I watched the whole series and I'm waiting for the fifth season but I can not remember what the scene is, but my heart breaks in seeing Tommy like that 😭


    If I cried, could you hear

    My voice in my poems,

    Could you touch my tears

    With your hands?

    Before I fell prey to this grief,

    I never knew songs were so enchanting

    And words so mild.

    I know there's a place

    Where you can talk about everything;

    I feel I'm close to that place,

    Yet I can't explain

    -Orhan Veli Kanık

  12. Why this season is stuck in my head. Seriously I can't get rid of . I walked like tommy smoke like tommy and try to be smart

  13. ‘You once said to me that men like us can never be loved, but she loves me, she told me’ ughhh this part with all the weddingscenes makes me cry so much

  14. So many years, still not over it, tears shedding in the same way like its still the first time.Heartbreaking. Tommy and Grace💜

  15. I didn’t like Grace till I realised that Thomas was only happy with her by his side, that’s why my heart broke when she died, not for her but for him :(((

  16. dude thaat's not the first video from your work i watch and i can tell you have a talent and keep doing that .. thank yu <3

  17. "Thomas Shelby is now the beginning the middle and the end of your mission" Too true unfortunately

    But still the show is fantastic up until this point Season 4 was the best yet Even Cillian said so btw

    I'm glad that i discovered Peaky Blinders Its one of the best shows ever!

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