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back at it again another beautiful morning nice peaceful morning I'm up here doing these renovations on a tiny house today this morning since it's nice and cool out I'm gonna do finish up the deck put the top portion of the deck up and then I'm going to go inside the house working on the flooring have a bunch of other things to do but I just can't think of them right now but right now it's all about this deck alright I'm actually excited about it imma get done it actually wasn't as hard as I thought it was going to be but a little bit of a process alright let's get to it so the deck is done not a bad job very sturdy very strong not a bad job at all it's kind of short I know I know but it is a tiny house the deck I had originally was just over the top it was just too much it was like more square footage in the deck than it was in the actual house so I was like well let me just downsize it and eventually what I think I might do over time is kind of build out a platform on this and here because people aren't allowed to drive on this part because a lot of people get stuck so they're gonna be parking maybe widow's a fire plants are so I might build a deck kind of leading them so that as they walk I mean it may look just look more appealing but again not very necessary just something that I think I might consider doing but for now everything was great that looks good the paint job looks great I was worried yesterday that I was gonna rain on my paint but it didn't so all right now let's move into the inside and start working on the floor I'm going to show you a very cool trick when it comes to the tiny house so you know how we put trim on the bottom of the walls well instead of actually buying the trim which can be kind of expensive kind of pricey I use again pallet board it's a pallet wood so I'm going to show you exactly how I did it here's their original pallet board that I used damn I held on to this one because I like the way it was cut most pallet board or pallet would just cut like this right typical rectangular shape now you can still use this it's not bad but when I saw this particular pallet wood and saw that it was shaped like this so much shape like they trim right so what I did was this is a very long board as you can see I'm here all the way over here I just cut it right down the middle along the length of it and now I'm just measuring out the spaces in the tiny house where I need to put the trim and then I'm cutting these pieces accordingly to fit and I have it of course so the trim the tape the tapered part is at the top all right so that's a real easy way of making turn for your tiny house without having to buy it because I mean I'm just amazed at how expensive this trim is it's more expensive than actual wood from from what I remember I don't know it's been a while since I even considered it so now yeah this is went into final touches I'm putting on tiny house after clearing out the tiny house the inside I'm now looking dis evaluating the floor and seeing what spots I need to redo now again this is called paper bag flooring you can look it up but it's a pretty simple concept it's very inexpensive way of mimicking either tile floors or even wood floors so I didn't do the best job obviously the first time and you know just a lot of wear and tear if you don't you're not patient with the process this happens okay so eventually the polyurethane wore out this section here I had some leakage from the AC right above and it just caused the paper to come up so what I did was I went through and looked at all the places where you have things like this right and you just kind of peel off the excess at least that's what I'm doing peeling off the excess stuff that's coming up yeah maybe here and what I'm just gonna do is just replace it with more paper so peeling this off and yeah I will definitely show you the process by which you do this like I said it's really simple all you need is paper which I've got I got what is it called paper that you put down when you're gonna paint you know just like sandbag that sandbag paper bag color and you simply just cut it out in the shapes that you want so I decided to cut it out in long strips like wood pallets and dip them in a combination of glue wood glue and water let it get wet and then you lay it out on the ground lay it out let it dry and then you just put the polyurethane on top the polyurethane on top is the most expensive part as a whole can of polyurethane is about 50 I believe is about $50 maybe maybe less maybe less than that maybe 30 $40 so you know for a space like this it took me a whole can to get through it so today I have a I have a really small can I don't even know where it is I'll show it to you later and I'm just going to kind of make sure these areas are covered and coated and then I'm going to go through with the rest of the can and just make sure everything else is just solidified and and set and be that I'll cut out these strips as you can see they're kind of long all right I'm not worried about them being perfect as far as the shape goes I don't think people care too much you know they get the idea so now I have a tray of water here I'm going to put in some wood glue and I'm gonna mix this so we're gonna do about half and half talk about right and you just start mixing yourself then once it's evenly mixed you're gonna start putting these paper strips that I cut out and this mixture of water and glue and then he's gonna lay him right on the spots where you want to put alright so the mixtures ready just take the paper soak it in there and now I'm going to take this out and I'm relating on the spot I don't get it nice and way make sure is soft but not too soft is it a fall apart this is what it looked like after you put it lay them down doesn't look that great now I know but once it dries up it lay flat a little smoother and then put the polyurethane on that and then everything looks accordingly the only issue this time is the previous job done was stained so after I did this process ahead saner and then I put the stain on top of it to make it dark like this I don't have stain at this time so it's gonna be a few you know patches here and there but honestly this whole entire area right here that I'm doing is covered up with rug sulfur that really won't be that much of a issue so I'm going to keep going finishes up for the day for the morning and let this dry up for the rest of the day so finish putting up putting down rather the additional strips now I just need to let this dry up again I know it doesn't look that great right now but come together later trust me so I'm gonna let these strips dry up and I don't know if they'll take it might take the whole day to be honest and come back tomorrow put the polyurethane on it maybe I give maybe I get a small container of stainer just to stay in it just to keep it consistent maybe not so everything else is looking good that that came out really well really really well I'm really happy with it so we'll come back later on this afternoon and continue this renovation so I happen to go to the Home Depot pick up a few things and I actually got some stainer so these are pretty much overdrive and I'm going to Stamey's and let it dry again and then once that's dry I'm going to put polyurethane so let's get in sustaining his bad boy every simple process simply dip even though this brush she's obviously too big and that's a very simple so now you can see it kind of coming together here it's like a lot of things especially we do for the first time well if it seems weird or odd that's cuz you just got to test it out try go through the process trust the process and it'd work itself out alright so I'm going to finish this and then show you the end result of this process this is the final will not find a result but result of putting on the staining now I'm saying let this dry while she dries out then I'm gonna tell you again I am concluding today's video put up some new curtains have a nice modern look like a fake leather blue flex Thanks hey what do they call the fake leather faux faux leather yeah so this is the faux leather my mom's just happened to have a bunch of this faux leather like it's like a metallic silver it's kind of dope I like it imagine this it's nice almost like a blackout curtain so I put that on all the windows now I have to wait for this to dry okay so that should be dry by tomorrow and right now though I'm going to make towel holders for the shower do that include the day tomorrow should be a really simple day but the curtains oh look back up and polyurethane the floor get it nice and ready so thanks for joining me again today I actually expected thought I was going to finish this all in two days it's pretty much done but I'm going to just kind of be patient with this process with the floor and it'll be done by tomorrow morning polyurethane first thing in the morning that way by evening everything else so the Wilsons will see other day goes just because you have plans does it mean it they always going to work out right so but anyway guys thanks for joining me let me know what you think about this flooring because I mentioned it quite a few times you know it's really interesting that people don't realize what it is until I explain it to them and they're like really that's so simple so easy so the flooring is really easy really inexpensive really cheap really quick when I'm complicated pedal and that came out great rained earlier today that that came out great I'm happy with it also when I'm put up a fence tomorrow yeah maybe tomorrow morning early I'm gonna put the fence up since it'll be so cool out yeah like I said I'm looking to finish everything tomorrow so for now thanks for joining me again peace and abundant always

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  1. The flooring looks so sharp! I was wondering what renovations your recently built house would need so soon, but this is like tiny rental house deluxe : ) Thanks For Posting!

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