good morning friends let me tell you can you see a difference word let’s say new camera what’s going on well now my my super cool look it’s Jesus new glasses what do you think about them but we are going to Lowe’s today it’s working on the buzz day we’re getting some paint JC’s doing some other cool things and I’m not sure what he’s doing and we’re gonna make some changes around here are you coming along with us okay come on let’s go so by cool things I am going to be potentially purchasing some lumber to update some areas on the inside of the bus I’m also contemplating picking up some lumber to build an outdoor table on the side of the bus I don’t know any of these things you might have no notice but guess what I’m so excited can you tell we are talking about a little different things here and there but I’m super happy to have my car back it’s pretty cool I wish I hope I was driving it but she’s scary as a hack behind baby ever been in I like in our car accident or something yeah yes you have you hit a microwave my car with my Honda take it back you almost ran into the hitch receiver though I was but that was your fault the buses been parked for a week chase his favorite place I told him that we should get a car before getting into loss and he said now we’ll get one there was no cars so now he’s going back to get a car well I’m just here browsing trying to find some fake plans because I can no fine like I could I cannot keep alive sometimes and I wonder most like kind of like falling sure so these are the best kids that I was thinking what do you think I think they’re cute until you pick them up and they’re as light as a feather show me listen you are we can drive whether $13 let’s keep walking we can say that it would be one of these two right yeah probably we pick the colors well we’re back in the bus and we have very exciting news we pick the colors finally it was so hard to decide but then we were like oh this is gonna be perfect done done and done done and done let me show you how the kitchen is looking right now that’s how the kitchen is looking it’s pretty dirty if you can tell we pick semi-gloss interior paint because it’s gonna be easier to clean don’t keep it looking nice and fresh I hope at least so that’s the area that we’re thinking of putting some baskets or shelves or something so we can use that dead space here we go [Music] [Music] man sees all this is not to open that lunch oh here to go are you excited [Applause] [Music] this is gonna be the color for the top I’m so let’s see I think they do oh my god hopefully hopefully we’re no making a mistake changes are good changes are good [Music] what do we think so far can you see it alright you can see it probably suck so dun dun judge my painting skills but you know we try not work Bessie good I think it’d be good yeah I hate that color there you doll yeah hi Frank are you recording me a little bit [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] what are you doing me Nino [Music] [Music] [Music] oh yeah excited we have an armrest that I’ll still be able to lean the seat back any model that a armrest for you for me [Music] there’s gonna be like a top there right yeah I’ve topped no I like on the sides yeah we’re gonna close this in we’re gonna close this in I put fascia on the front [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] are you so excited for the next color berrak said let’s see my color it’s gonna be we I’m so excited I hope it looks good thank you well hope and the color is bah bah bah bah bah bah bah bah bah Papa I can’t believe it what if he looks terrible oh well no I think it’s gonna look great oh I’m so nervous cool let’s see let’s see oh I love the color makeovers I’m so happy what do you think do you like it let me know in the comments what do you think about the new kitchen color I’m so excited it looks so good I hope she likes it [Music] cabinets are coming along pretty nicely what do you think guys look at that would you look at that just look at it and then we’ve also got a new paint color here some kind of see the difference there it’s just a little off-white before/after oh yeah oh it looks so good I fall in love with this color and I literally want to paint everything we’re gonna paint this wall I want to paint this thing over here I want I just I want to paint myself with it I love the color it’s the perfect off-white creaminess and I think it’s I love it I feel like I’m on HGTV flipping houses and stuff with this paint color I picked that color you’re welcome so friends this is the final result I’m not sure if it needs another hand I’m pretty sure it could use another one but let’s let it dry overnight she did an amazing job in the front let me show you that he painted that off white they like the same color of the upper cabinets and then look what I made the armrests he’s super excited about it because now he can like move the seat all the way to the back so he’s not gonna be driving like an omen anymore no offense elements and then for Jamar’s project I think we’re gonna paint the other side of the sofa we have to keep painting probably always something to do in the bus also look how much storage space we have down here that we don’t even use we have nothing in there at all nothing it’s crazy in a small space like this we thought we weren’t gonna have nearly enough storage but here we are more storage than what we actually use so I think we’re pretty well finished with paint right now but I’m working on a couple of other little things that I know more as a hasn’t really been the biggest fan up just for a quick check-in I’ve installed a seat belt I have installed two new cup holders as well as finished one of our arm rests and finished the tops on one of the armrests as well so we’ll see you tomorrow for the next video bye while you’re here watching us don’t forget to subscribe give us a thumbs up comment we love to read your comments and get back and fart with you guys so we appreciate you thank you for being here in another video we’ll see you in the next one [Music] [Music] you


  1. Good Afternoon Amigees! We're getting really close to finishing the renovations. So the real question is… Would you like another Skoolie tour video showing the bus after the interior updates?

    Also, We're heading to Puerto Rico for a week really soon. Do you have any recommendations for us while we are there and would you like to see some travel videos from PR?

  2. Looking good! On the video I can't see the difference between off white and white! But I'm confident the end result will look great.

  3. You guys are so cute! Definitely need more dancing time on the videos lol absolutely love that color! I used it on my mobile home when I was remodeling it. Will be using it on our class C

  4. When I watch these videos I feel like I'm watching friends! I love following long with yalls adventure and cant wait to see the renovations! Yall are huge inspiration to my husband and I that just bought our own bus! 😳 we keep your advice to heart and just enjoy watching you guys!

  5. Love love love the new colors! That green is my favorite! ❤️ love the armrests and especially the cup holders. You guys are so fun… you’re one of my favorite you tube channels. I always feel life is good after watching your videos. Thank you for sharing. 😊

  6. Very entertaining…your videos are getting better every time. And…you’re adorable MJ. Love your humor and chemistry together. Looking forward to the next one!

  7. Lol to funny look awesome what a difference you guys are hilarious lol to funny it is amazing how little paint makes so much difference. Awesome video wow thanks 🙏🛠🛠🇨🇦🇨🇦

  8. Maria Jose trying to convince herself that she likes the color and change is good: me AF hahah

  9. Maria you are so sweet, I love your energy. It’s refreshing to see a young couple living like this. I hope I find a man that wants this kind of life 👌

  10. I thought I seen a video where he removed the arm rest? And he was happy because he could recline his driver's seat? He could make a arm rest that can fold up when he's driving and also make it so it can accept a cup holder still but fold it up when he's driving so he can still recline his driver's seat when he wants. Love your videos and great color.

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