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hey everyone this is Eddie ruckus ah just going to do a quick hopefully a short and quick tutorial on tickers construct basically what I've had is people ask me in during my livestream how do I do some of the things with smelting and everything especially since it was updated I know there's a couple of older tutorial videos but I'm not sure if some of the older ones cover the new aspects of smelting so that's mace basically what this tutorial video will be for in case you guys don't know when you start out with tinker's contract you start out with this materials a new book kind of shows you goes into or bushes and everything a little background about everything and shows you how to bang blank patterns stencil tables park rafters pattern chests everything you'll you're going to need the main thing you're going to need for the larger and Tier two materials and weapons and everything is tool forge and it also shows you how to build these make these books in case you don't have them but of course once you actually build one of these the materials in you book should show up and it will kind of show you what you need to do for each material such as pickaxes shovels and hatchets all the tier one stuff going right into the tier step two and they'll tell you what the hammer does what lumber axe does excavator scythe cleaver battle axe all that kind of fun stuff it also kind of go over material traits you know durability how much durability and uses it has how many modifiers you can put onto the handle what the full tube durability is so I believe that's an entire – made out of iron so it'll tell you the mining speed the mining level so it can only were mine up to redstone what it's a base attack is material ability you know it's reinforced it's stone bound you know 2j kid if he is cactus you know there's just so many different types of things if you use them there's a lot of different materials here and it also kind of shows you how to make some of the modifiers for them some of the other materials you get later in the game tells all of their abilities and goes through the stats and everything of course it shows you when you do things with the tool station how you can enchant things if you want more speed obviously redstone and redstone blocks out of repairs moss and then it kind of shows you how to make those balls of moss and lava crystals if you want some of those materials you know tell you how to make a silky jewel and the silk cloth if you want silk attach the center Center the main thing we're going to be focusing on today though is smelting and this kind of just kind of goes over what you need at least for one tank and it kind of shows you an example right here of how to build that tank then of course it goes over how to make some of the materials you know if you want to make bronze you just melt three copper and one tin and this can be either with ingots or ores but you would have to use three copper ores and one tin ore to get you know a certain amount of bronze for that material same thing with aluminium brass and Mennella m– and overnight it shows you how to form a cast right there that's the main thing we're going to be working on is showing how to form a cast so it shows you how to make grout seared brick and all of the things you need to build for these and plus some pretty fun neat stuff like clear glass and see it's done and everything so in case you guys don't know how this works you build a one of these smelter ease I just kind of built the basic one right here you know how's the smeltery controller has lava the sear tank and then just the rest of these are just seared bricks of course you can just fill it up with lava you start it up and then if you wanted to make a bunch of iron and smelt it you just put it all into there then the smelter would start smelting it it would take a while to smelt what I want to focus on though is forming some of the later stage things and Casper things before what you used to be able to do on this and let me just grab some iron really quick what you used to be able to do is you were able to just take iron and like let's say you wanted an iron pickaxe I'd before you would just used to be able to put the iron pickaxe head Pat it in there put the iron and get in there and it would give you an iron pickaxe however that doesn't work anymore what we need to do now is we need to take the pickaxe head and put either cobblestone or anything else that will go in there you know cactuses paper whatever material you have most abundance of i/os use cobblestone because there's so much cobblestone minecraft and all you need to do is just make that cast and then you place it here and in order to get that cast you either need to use two pieces of gold so we're just going to take some golden ingots or aluminum brass in case you guys don't know remember how to make aluminum brass it is in the mighty smelting book so if you look at it it just says it's three aluminum and one copper and you get one Lumina brass I would go for gold at first just because you may find gold first before you find aluminum and everything but if you have an abundance of aluminum and you can make aluminum brass I would suggest using that so we do we just throw those two in the smeltery it's going to take a while so we'll just kind of wait on that as you can see here we have that molten iron now so in case you guys don't know we put nine ores of iron in this smeltery and it gave us 18 ingots so basically acts as a doubler this is kind of why I always go with this tinker's contract smeltery right away because grout really isn't that hard to make you just need to get quite a bit of sand quite a bit of gravel and quite a bit of clay and then you'll be fine so as you can see now we have this molten aluminum brass so to create a Minecraft or a pickaxe head we just do this bada-bing bada-boom we have a pickaxe head cast so that is kind of how you do those in this version of tinker's contract I don't know if it's going to change I doubt it will it seems to be a fantastic mechanic I know a lot of people were upset when that happened but all you really got to use it just use whatever your buildings like a stone pickaxe or shovel head make it out of cobblestone and just place that pickaxe head or whatever it is that you decide to craft with you just place it into the casting table and then you just pour some of this glue might on it well actually that only took one maybe it's the larger ones that take two so we'll just go ahead and throw another stone pickaxe head so maybe only the tier ones work I'm not entirely sure but that would be my guess and see now we have no more lue might so what I want to do is I'm actually going to fill this up the bulu might let that smelt and what we're going to do is we're going to go over here and make one of the tier two items that I absolutely love and that is the hammer it is from mining it is fantastic is very very Opie so what we're going to need is and of course you can always look in your materials and you in case you forget I know by heart but I'm just kind of doing this for the tutorial you need one the hammer head two large plates and one tough rod so for the hammer head we're just going to choose this and for the plates the tough tool rod let's do that so what we want to do then is get one of these hammerheads and that's eight so as you can see that material cost is 8 so it's going to take 8 of the cobblestone that we have in here to make this the Hammerhead she can tell goes down to 55 so now we have our Hammerhead we need a tough tool rod and even though we need two of these large plates for the hammer we only really need just one large plate cast because that is how we kind of do this so we have a stone large plate so now what we do is we go over here we place the stone plate down and now we have I believe nine aluminum brass I'm just going to throw more in there I believe it takes two I will just check on this not only went down to once so it seems that that cost has gone down to one only now it may be 2 you may need to check your configs and everything but it seems to be only one for now so now we have a large plate cast we have a stone tool tough rod and now we have the hammer head cast pretty easy all you got to do is just put those things there and I believe it's the same for ingots so if you're wondering how you get an ingot cast or anything you just I think you can take any old and get like a seal and get and then you just pour it maybe maybe not if it needs to be vanilla let's try it out no it does not seem to work not for aluminum brass maybe for gold that is how you make ingot cats regardless that is how you do this so now we got a bunch of aluminum brass I'm just going to bring this up really quick and set it to Don so we don't get Dom bees and everything spawning so now we have a bunch of molten aluminum brass but now we have all of these plates and everything so I wanted to make my hammer with molten aluminum brass I could go like this or maybe not maybe since it's only a casting material oh we can just pour out the excess let's actually set this up over here so that we can use the iron to make some iron tools so there we go obviously that's a seared faucet and the casting table and the smeltery drain cool so now that we have these we have a hammer head so we want our hammer head to be out of iron we just click on that it's going to take up a to the iron of the 18 that we have see it's slowly going down and now we have a hammer head and just to do this really quickly we're just actually not going to worry about these ones we'll just you know use two stone plates and a stone tough tool rod but you know that's just kind of to show you how quickly that kind of works and then of course if we just go to the tool station we click on the hammer art the tool Forge by the way you need the tool Forge to make the tear to stuff like the hammers and the cleavers and the tree capitate or axes and everything so then we just put our large plates in there still large plates we put our iron hammer then to lure out and now we'll have a hammer with stone bound in case you guys haven't seen this basically all this does it's a 3×3 when you use it of course it's going fast because I've been creative we just go to game mode 1 or 0 rather into survival you can see that'll clear 3×3 of similar items in the same place and I believe these enemies are going to try to get me because I'm not in creative awesome so yeah that's basically how casting and everything kind of works with that tinker's contract obviously there's a lot of the beginning stuff that I kind of just glossed over you can always look at the books of that or look at other tutorials hopefully this helped you well if not just leave comments down below in the comment section if you have any Corrections if you have any questions and of course I will see you guys later have a good one

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  1. Thanks this really helped I had no friggen clue what to do at first with this mod, I like using gold, or gold alloys vs clay cast cause you get to keep the gold cast after use vs the clay cast cause it gets destroyed once you cast an single item, once you get the hang of the mod itโ€™s super fun ! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘Œโค๏ธ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. for all you saying that it does not work, you might have build the machine wrong. you need to make a wooden or stone piece with the wood patterns, then you use the wood or stone piece with the casting table, not the casting basin.

  3. if someone tries to put cobblestone and the stencil ir the part builder… it's a fail guyz. You must put stone (smelted cobblestone from the furnace) instead of cobblestone to get a head, guard or something else

  4. Thanks a lot! I've been stuck on this quest in the Project Ozone 2 pack for a while… Couldn't for the life of me figure out what to do until I found your video!

  5. Was searching quite a long time for a decent tutorial, thanks! Even if it's 3 years old it still works and helps. Cheers

  6. The problem im having is that when you click a liquid in the smeltry it doesnt switch. so if i have more than one liquid in it then i cant make a cast or a tool out of what i want. i have to make it out of whats at the bottom of the smeltry.
    can anyone help?

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