Three Birds Renovations – Episode 1

well there the three women swapping stilettos four steals a great story the savvy business women now making their mark on the Ambani hindmarsh here in caelis and a lot of time three birds renovations mom's they like I'd spin bitch dick Hoffman freeze the design dream as it is nice we buy renovate and sell suburban homes turn them into beautiful family dream home we've been friends for a very very long time Bonnie really started it all year after year I'd say let's do this let's renovate homes and then three Birds was born and we just we just beat the bullet and did it from flipping houses to forever homes we're about to take on our biggest renovation challenge ever my family home we're going to create a three-story modern Mediterranean villa we're going to show you how and maybe you'll get some ideas for your house we're gonna flip the layout on its head and put an adult's world upstairs a kid's world in the middle a family world at the bottom all connected with a mega ten meter staircase this is my journey well I've been living in this house now for about 13 14 maybe 15 years pretty much since I met my now husband Jason he had this house before we met and he'd just moved into it and then we started dating so then I moved in and we've been here ever since it's been a beautiful house I love it to death you know we've always considered moving but I just love the house the street the block the suburb did everything and so this is our forever home the only catch is that the current floor plan just isn't built for a growing family you know there's been extensions done over the years that haven't really connected certain spaces together you know it's something quite unique about this house which people might not be able to believe is that we've been sharing it and I've been sharing it with my mother-in-law the best part of it eight years so yes I've been living with my mother-in-law for almost eight years and I survived and she survived she's been wonderful she lives underneath this floor here in the downstairs area which is a totally self-contained unit we're finding her a new place we're going to move out for a while while we renovate this because I cannot live renovation actually living in it mm anything worse I don't know how you know Bonnie grew up doing that but I couldn't so this is my inspiration for my house and it's all based around Santorini in Greece so there's going to be lots of white on white which is fabulous for your love light on white but with pops of color and that color is going to range from blues to green turquoise it's probably not going to be authentic Santorini so please don't hold me to that but it's my spin on it and Santorini was simply my inspiration but I won't be a slave to it you know I can't put a blue dome on the house in Northbridge so the house we've been living in for 15 years has been a little bit topsy-turvy we've had our kitchen right at the top of the house which makes it hard to get to the backyard we've had our bedrooms down the bottom we're going to turn this around upstairs will become the adults world with a master bedroom office its own Terrace walking robe and ensuite the ground floor which is where you enter the house through the front door will mainly revolve around the children there will be two kids bedrooms their own bathroom and living space and for a truly functional family experience we're going to have an urban mudroom at the front of the house for shoes on and off and for packing away school bags and scooters next to the kids media room is going to be a void a beautiful hole in the floor which you can see straight through to the family world beneath the lower ground floor is going to be transformed from what was a self-contained living space into the ultimate family area with dining living in kitchen or connected guest bathroom laundry and of course and alfresco deck I think the role that I'll play in Lana Renault is obviously a little bit different to what we usually do I mean I have you know I pretty much pick everything and no one questions what I do with all of our other nos but this is her house okay so girls in terms of the house my house I've been doing a lot of thinking and you know how to put that Bougainville her out the front she's got a distinct style that she wants to achieve which I really like which I'm fast path all these inspo shots I just found one that for me is what is everything and I feel like it's a slice of things around me yeah just like that the pink bougainvillea I'm thinking white painted all white and that green or blue dawn and I what color you call her and she obviously lives very different thing for me as well she's got like three studies in a house just I wouldn't I'm not really sure why Alana chose the Santorini style she's never been there she doesn't really holiday anyway I'd say a part of it is to do with the lightness of it and the feeling of it being like she's on holidays what worries me about this friend it's a lot bigger than the flips we normally do in in physical size of the house and also in length of time the only place that she can have the skylights is sitting in between them and she it's huge like a really huge renovation in it it's I think as well the location it said like it's tough it's a tight streak the size of it but the pressure to still deliver on time because that's what we do as a business I think I'm gonna handle it okay Anthony come here before you cut a hole make an announcement to the house air cut about to cut a hole why isn't your obituary mean framed up upstairs I need ask that question I just would love a better day goosal ever installed where you are now great

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