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Ever since they began to rise in the late
1800s, people have been fascinated by skyscrapers. While the thrill of seeing our cities from
above has never faded, as tall buildings have proliferated and as competition for tourism
has increased, several skyscrapers have introduced attractions that take visitors to new heights. Here, we’ve travelled from East to West
and tracked down the most adrenaline-inducing experiences topping some of the world’s
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since 2016. We begin our journey in Melbourne at the observation
deck of the Eureka Tower, the highest viewing platform in the Southern Hemisphere. Located nearly 300 metres above the city,
the skydeck provides an unparalleled perspective of Melbourne and beyond, with views of up
to 75 kilometres in every direction. For those daring enough, the skydeck offers
the “Edge Experience”. Stepping into an opaque glass box, guests
are extended six metres beyond the building before the glass “shatters” and becomes
clear, revealing a 285 metre sheer drop below. Despite being deliberately vertigo-inducing,
the Edge has become a favourite spot for locals to propose – you can even reserve it for the
occasion. China’s 604 metre Canton Tower offers not
one but two heart-racing experiences. Laying claim to the world’s highest Ferris
wheel, passengers can take an inclined journey around the edge of the tower’s summit, some
451 metres above the ground. If that weren’t enough, the most daring of
us are able to ride the world’s highest amusement ride, aptly named the Sky Drop. Raising up the tower’s mast to a height of
485 metres above street level, the ride proceeds to drop visitors 31 metres back down to the roof
of the tower. Heading to the birthplace of the skyscraper,
Chicago’s iconic John Hancock Centre – now known as 875 North Michigan Drive – has been
retrofitted with the dramatic “TILT experience”. After seeing the popularity of the nearby
Willis Tower’s glass ledge, the building’s new owners first installed the TILT in 2014. The attraction consists of a series of floor-to-ceiling
windows that slowly pivot 30 degrees outside of the observation deck. The experience allows visitors to feel like
they’re precariously straddling the edge of the skyscraper, 310 metres above the city
below. Never one to be outdone for thrills, the Stratosphere
in Las Vegas offers multiple hair raising experiences. The Big Shot takes visitors to a height of
329 metres, before dropping them 49 metres to the observation deck below – it used to
be the highest amusement ride in the world until it was surpassed by those on China’s
Canton Tower. Insanity dangles visitors over the edge of
the structure before spinning them around at speeds that reach 64 kilometers an hour
while the “X-Scream” see-saws passengers back-and-forth over the edge of the tower. If that’s not enough, the Stratosphere also
features the highest sky jump in the world where visitors can leap from a 260 metre high
platform and fall to a landing pad below. Finally, at the far west of our journey, we
come to the iconic US Bank Tower in Los Angeles – completed in 1989 and built to withstand
earthquakes measuring up to 8.3 on the Richter Scale. In 2014, the tower was fitted with a completely
transparent glass slide that curls around the outside of the structure from its 70th
to 69th floors, some 300 metres above Downtown LA. The slide formed part of a USD $31 million
reconstruction of the tower’s top floors that also saw the addition of a publicly accessible
observation deck. If you enjoyed this video and would likely
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  1. The very first thing I do when I open a B1M video is to click on the "like" button. Why? Because I ALREADY know that I am in for a treat. 🙂

  2. How about the A'DAM Lookout in Amsterdam and the Sky Experience Adventure at Crown Regency Hotel & Towers in Cebu City.

  3. I would have loved to see a velodrome on the outside of Toronto’s CN Tower. The banking of the grating would be perfect!

  4. Lol haha I’ve been on the US Bank Observation Deck and I can’t deny the fact that’s a really breathtaking view from DTLA, but I wish the ride lasted a little longer cause it’s not cheap haha .. I’d like to ride on the Canton Tower!!

  5. I did the big shot in Vegas long ago, before that other stuff, when the rollercoaster was around it too. Man, pretty sure I wouldn't do any of thaat now.. I must be getting old.

  6. When people inevitably die pursuing one of these "experiences" they'll finally get their 15 Minutes of Fame on the national news!

  7. If the US bank tower slide would go all the way down 70 floors keep going in and out of the building that would be really amazing.

  8. LA one is lame I think. You get down in 2 seconds and dont have time to experience anything since it is too fast. I wish they just create a see thru glass connecting one end of the observation deck to the other end.

  9. Gotta say, usually I hate ads in videos (like all sane people do), but with Fred Mills I actually didn't mind and may actually download that app 😂

  10. 4:15 A couple days after I was there in 2005 a car accident on the street below cut power to the tower and somehow the generators didn’t work to allow the rides to retract. A group of Japanese tourists were stuck hanging over the edge for more than an hour as rescuers tried to manually crank the ride in 😂

  11. Eureka Tower: Our sky-deck puts you on a glass floor high above the ground, and if that wasn't scary enough, the glass looks like it's cracking!
    Las Vegas Stratosphere: Oh yeah? My amusement rides dangle you over 200 meters above the ground!
    ?: Amateurs.
    Eureka Tower and Stratosphere: What was that, punk?
    Minecraft Villages: Amateurs.

  12. The LA slide is pretty scary haha. I’ve slid on it before and don’t recommend it if you’re afraid of heights lol overall you get a good view of downtown and surrounding areas

  13. I'm an adrenalin junky and I can safely say no other ride like the X-scream 4:12 have ever made my heart skip a beat like that did!

  14. SKY Tower – Auckland – NZ… Has a glass bottom observation deck, edge walk, plus you can bungee jump right off the top of it 🙂

  15. The Richter Scale for earthquakes has not been used for many years now. In its place is the Magnitude Scale. Don't confuse the two.

  16. Whoa whoa whoa! Did you just inject an ad into one of your awesome videos, therefore making it less awesome?! No, nope, don’t do it. You guys are smart. Figure out a better budget and create your videos without random ads in it. Your videos are great…keep them that way.

  17. I can't wait to visit those towers, most especially Eureka and Canton towers! Thanks B1M for the opportunity to trade online. I will download my app right away.

  18. That last one isn't very scary,best left off the list,one floor down a slide,whoopdeedooo. . . . . . .

  19. Went on the skydeck at Eureka Tower during the Australian Open. Could see everything including cars moving under me and thousands of people at the stadiums. What a beautiful place 🙂

  20. There is a skyscraper in Cebu, Philippines with an edge coaster around the top of it and a zipline connecting to another tower.

  21. Intro picture was of "Steel workers have their lunch atop the 70-story RCA building in Rockefeller Center, in New York City, New York, U.S., on Sept. 20."

  22. Nice video. Should've included the "Over the edge" highest swing on the Amsterdam tower "A'dam lookout". Not even that high, but since Amsterdam is low a flat it gives a great view.

  23. How could you show the CN Tower in the intro, and not include the Edge Walk?! The John Hancock Center has glass that closes you in, which by comparison is pretty lame. With the CN Tower Edge Walk, you are dressed in an orange jump suit tethered to the OUTSIDE of the top of the tower's main pod while you literally lean over the edge. How the JHC made the cut and the CN Tower didn't is beyond me. I'm not gonna lie, it sometimes feels like you guys have a bit of a hate on for Toronto!

  24. One of China's highest buildings allows for people to climb its spire all the way to the very top. There's vids on YT of tourists climbing it.

  25. What about the Edge at 30 Hudson Yards? It's not open yet, but it's going to be the tallest outdoor observatory in the western hemisphere, and it has a glass floor, and tilted glass around the outside.

  26. Edgewalk, CN tower? Worlds highest bungee jump, Torre Macau? Glassfloor cantilever over Bangkok, King Power Mahanakhon? This list could be quite a lot longer.

  27. Whoever designed the Stratosphere is truly a creative genius. Where else can you get a full-on amusement park a few hundred meters in the air?

  28. What about the SPACE NEDDLE's glass floor and leaning observation deck with glass benches which honestly is more freaky than the glass floor. I think it could also be a cool video to talk about the 100 million dollar retrofit they did in 2018 and 2019 to install those features and update the structure for the 21st century. My living room window looks at the structure from a half kilometer away and it was amazing to see them assemble and jack into place a construction platform that was built on the ground them lifted up 600 free to cover bottom of the structure and provide a work area for the construction that happened during the slower winter months that are also cold and very windy.

  29. My luxury skyscraper will have a series of open toilets ringing the observation deck that owners can use to take a dump on all the peasants on the street.

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