The Strategic Partnership That Can Increase Your Real Estate Business

hey welcome back to the podcast today I'm really excited to introduce you to Norma Morales and Marty Rodriguez legendary real estate agent today we're talking about how to do a successful partnership between a real estate professional and a loan officer if you asked me why it matters the answer is very simple the client experience I don't have to tell you that oftentimes to meet someone that absolutely wants to buy a house but there's something about their credit there's something about them getting a loan where it gets a little sideways and when you've got a great partner an excellent partner you and I both know magic can happen and when you don't have the right partner or the right expectations of your partner the only person that really loses is the client and that's bad so if you're looking to improve performance have a better client experience generate more referrals you're gonna love today's show hey so welcome back to the podcast if you're a business person who requires great partnerships create relationships in business to serve and support one another you're absolutely going to love today's podcast we've got no miralles fantastic loan officer 140 hundred and fifty loans a year and a coach for Tom ferry and works with legendary Marty Rodriguez Marty if you don't know the name owner of century and when Marty Rodriguez I mean you have been a legend in the real estate industry since I got started right so you know I'm just so honored to have you both on the podcast so Norma for for the people that are out there watching that maybe have not met you before give us a little background on you know who you are how long you've been in the mortgage space and then we'll get into all the partnering stuff in a minute but just get people contacts for whose door Morales I do did you start when you were like 10 yes okay yes okay so to be clear all right in about 20 years good for you so just for more context do you have a team are you a solo are you a solo loan officer like give us some context for that so I do have a team there's five of us on the team three of us originate and we have two assistants so it's exciting and average sales price average loan amount average loan amounts 450 ok average purchase price is about liability okay outstanding index I said that correctly 140 hundred 50 transactions it's a greatness forty fifty million dollars in volume so good for you all right legend is it weird for you when I when I call her a legend because you know we work together but we you know this respect her yeah appreciate all the hard work that she's put into this industry I agree she deserves that title so for the 11 people in real estate that don't know who Marty Rodriguez is give us just a look first of all how long you've been selling homes I've been selling homes for 41 years okay so 41 year so we're just talking about maxine gallons and other you know friends of ours that you've known forever that have just withstood the test of time and remained relevant and consistent for all this time so so tell them where is your business and and give us just the basic makeup of the business because you own the brokerage but that's their gonna assume what that means so who is Marta Rodriguez tell us about your business well I think they need to know too that when I started there were no computers there were no cell phones there was nothing so I you know we Maxine and I have evolved you know for all these years and so I think what's most important is that we did evolve and that at my age I think I'm pretty pretty darn techie which most people my age are you know out of business and now I have a team I opened my own office in 1996 I bought a building and so I own the building there and I have got 13 agents on my team and I have about 13 staff members and might my office is all about you know we are just a team we don't have the regular standard you know agents that work there yeah and that works for us because you know we have rules we have systems we have standards and everybody abides by those rules and standards are you a strict tough leader you know I don't know that I'm strict and my daughter Shelly runs a company Shelly Delly she graduated from USC Marshall School of Business she's our our broker she runs our business and our personal business and she said set up all the system so everything's organized systemized computerized color coded label every position has a manual and then we have a sales manager and a sales support manager so they are really the brains I don't want to do that I am a great salesperson on the weighted listing agent yeah great let's see agent and all I want to do is sell I've been a great salesperson silence since I was six years old I went to Catholic school as a best Christmas card seller the best candy store I cut out telling a kid in school and you know and thank God I married the right person who allows me to be me to do this I want to do to sell you know what I want to sell you know any time of the day and so you know I'm very fortunate yeah very blessed yeah because we are my husband I'm both we are really hard workers yeah yes you are yes you are and that is the byproduct of being number one yes but we do we do see him around town every now and then playing and having fun in Newport Beach but that's a whole that's a whole other podcast so so every every title every lender every escrow officer I mean you just go right down the line they all dream of working with someone like imarti right and every Marty dreams of working with someone that they trust that they know has their back and their clients best interest that's really kind of what I want to get into today so so why don't we start though with the origin so how did you how did you two first connect and how long did it take and what was sort of the moment when you finally started working together so normally put it on you okay so I was at home savings of America and I was being mentored at the time by a couple of folks and one particular mentor told me I think we've taught you everything we can for now you need to go to Glendora California and meet this county Marty Rodriguez and I was green and was following instructions and I had no idea who Marty was I just walked into her office beautiful building she had just opened it I couldn't get past the receptionists so really the receptionist was there like excuse me where are you going oh I just wanted to meet this lady here you know someone told me to stop by no you can't you know you need to make an appointment and I would call and no you can't get in there was just no way through yeah so I decided what time does a receptionist leave so she left at 8:00 p.m. so I started showing up at a 15 then I walked up to Marty's does she was tough as nails and I appreciate that because she's worked really hard so I started coming over every single night at 8:30 8:15 and I started noticing too that she would look at me and be like what are you wearing and how do you look and I was like okay she's competing close attention to this so what I started to do is at the time I didn't have much money I was making 20 something thousand dollars a year I would go home read iron my clothes put it back on and then show up to her office this thing when she looked at me it was a different look right I'd look fresh of the clean and and then little by little she started talking to me and I also another thing is I would have to wait till after 9:00 p.m. to get her attention because she could call folks until 9:00 she won't be on the phone so sometimes I'd be there standing by her desk and nothing is happening ya know because she's on the phone and yes I gotta wait so we would stay from 9:00 p.m. to midnight helping her with filing or calling a customer or whatever it may be I was there to assist she wasn't gonna give me a deal and I knew it cuz she didn't know me so at the six-month mark my manager was like okay she's not giving you any deals if you keep calling on that count we're gonna have to fire you but I knew we had connected I knew we had clicked so I said okay I gotta keep working this account month number seven I got 15 deals from her and she was like it was a lot of Reap eyes I think it was tests you know that see how she does so I need to make sure that it did not fail you because I was like huh I fail well you put seven months of how many days a week would she show up at the office um well pretty much like Monday through Friday yeah she's got banker hours okay all right so but like on the 57th day of being there at 8:15 or 8:30 did you not at a certain point say to yourself what am i doing never this isn't working I'm getting closer learning every single day I mean you sit with Marty just for an hour you're gonna learn so much just she's got tenacity she's got you know she's just amazing she's a powerhouse and so I was learning yes I wasn't just sitting there I was learning I was watching I wanted to be successful and I knew she was my next mentor you said she's done a great job and I you know done everything I could to take her advice and improve myself and my business so it's been a great ride for 22 years okay so hold on so don't I mean don't you think I mean Marty how many how many loan officers tatta raps esker officers have tried to get in try to get a meeting with you and you know do you put them through the same rigmarole I mean we have people I bet you know come in all the time and you know it's been a process through the years where we've only picked you know a certain amount of blenders that we actually work with that we feel like you know they prove themselves and we're comfortable you know giving them the loans you know they show up they follow up they know their guidelines and that I cannot tell you the big problem is that vendors that do not know their underwriting guidelines or have resources that they can go to somebody I mean that is huge a number will tell you how many times Norma have I said give me the package I'm pulling the loan because I'm taking it to my lender and they're like fighting me it's like are you kidding me I'm trying to give you a paycheck just give me the file yeah you know so I cannot disclose for you and so you know many times I've been able to you know pull it and taking it too you know like Norma's you can tell you many times she's done that many so at what point of this six month journey first of all you you were having her do filing you you basically made her free hell she was in my way so he said you're gonna be here see what's the one that would ask me how can I help you you know then you should learn is he and her spider in the evenings her assistants weren't there yeah so is my way to get to like know her yes I knew we needed to get to know each other um I do remember getting a hate call at her office someone contacted me and said I've been trying for years to get through to her how did you do it it's not fair and he went on and on and on and hung up the phone and I looked at Marty and she goes what was out I said it was like I hate caller so yeah and she says you know what it's okay just remember some people click and some people don't and it's okay yeah so you don't have to click with everyone so when you're a loan officer and you're looking for an agent to work with it's important you click if you don't click it's okay don't force it yeah you know and it either works or a dozen yeah but that's hard so so fundamentally that's hard for people that's hard for agents that's hard for listing agents hard for loan officers because we like either we don't hunt enough so everyone really matters or eco just takes over and we want to just I can do it I can handle anybody how did you get over that well I I first need you need to like each other right yeah and if you like each other and you can take it from there and then it was I willing to take her advice she's no she's already pound the pavement yeah you know I have to take her advice and am I willing to do that for example when I did meet her my teeth weren't in great shape so when I would talk I would cover my mouth and I would laugh so why are you doing that cuz she knew was ruining my confidence and she said she made it a point she's like Norma you need to take care of that because you have a beautiful smile it's a million-dollar smile and never forget that she told me that she says and you need to get it fixed so you can show it off so I took care of it you know and that's part of it it so taking advice learning and understanding they're doing this for what's best for you and so being a newer agent and knowing that I was okay taking her advice because some people take her advice as criticism and they get you know not confident about the situation in the run away so it's RT is a little direct review and we're just trying to help people but sometimes they don't take it that way yeah you know because we were raised you know then we didn't have a lot of money so you just got to be clean sharp breaths yeah yeah yeah so so Marty hearing this from Norma and now you two been friends for you know 20-plus years and you've done thousands of transactions together what was it in the beginning if if a loan officer was listening this right now or an agent was listening this right now trying to find that ideal partner right someone you know you can trust you were giving her all these little tasks or you weren't she was just saying hey how can I help what for you like what was it that finally pushed you over the edge to say here's 15 files go see if you can close them you know I think it's that you know she was wanting to learn because it's whether you're an agent or whether you're a mortgage broker you must immerse yourself in your business I know everything about real estate but I know everything about income taxes I know everything about property taxes I know everything about the assessor's office I know everything about building construction so I know everything about my business and everything that surrounds my business so a lender has to do the same thing they have to know everything about their clients they have to know everything about their underwriting guidelines about you know their underwriters who they can go to how they can make this deal happen and we know and when they can't they're going to say you know what Marty this is not for me this is gonna be for this other person because Norma's done that before it's like I can't do this one this is this is for somebody else you know and take it there so that's the kind of people I want to work with and that's how we built our team that's what we have about five different lenders that that we work with yeah you know so Tom even when you don't know lines it's important just to know where to go and get them a quick so some of the things that we've done is like she would ask me a question hey do you know about this you know I would say give me an hour and I'll get back to you and having the proper resources going back having an underwriter you can call having a manager that you can reach immediately and say hey can we do this type of exception that's the type of service that I needed to provide to make sure that she was happy because she has someone to answer to she has a seller she has a buyer so there's pressure on their sides these people are packed ready to move can we do the deal can we not so when she was talking about stealing the package from another lender that wasn't able to do it you know it's really you know not stealing the package it's it's helping this customer keep the transaction together yes they have kids that are packed ready to move their kitchen they can't use it anymore and are we going to be able to deliver yeah so I'm gonna go back and ask the question again what was it what was it about Norma in the beginning that caused you what was the tipping point of trust I think it was you know consistently coming back and coming back even though she wasn't getting anything and finally you know if somebody cuts you a break that's how it works for all of us yeah you know because they see that you know that you care that you want to work that you want to learn and so it's like okay here's your chance but sometimes you member you've only got one chance so you've got to make it you got to make it happen because you might not get a second one and and how many times in a year or in a few years would you give someone a chance like that uh not very often I will be honest with you because you know I can't take a chance of you know losing a transaction you know this has got a it's got to happen for the client so it's not very often so that person's got to really prove to me that you know they want it they want it more than me for them yeah yeah love it so yeah so let's talk about the evolution of this relationship and there's a lot I mean I'm gonna ask everything from money to partnering to dealing with ups and downs but let's just talk about like how is this partnership evolved over the last two decades we have a lot of up and ups and downs like any relationships sure you know I think what's most important is communication talking to each other being friends understanding that you know what's important to her what's important to me I think just like any relationship it's you guys yell at each other screaming fight she's hot knew that was gonna come right yeah one thing about me is Marty you don't yell at me right now don't stop calling me if you got a problem you better call me every day a couple times a day don't go silent I mean once you go silent I'm done with you yeah yeah yeah years are behind me but there was times where I was on the frying pan you know if she would be frustrated because maybe we're in gaining an answer fast enough but one of the things I never did was ignore her phone call you know if she would call and I'd be like darn I still don't have an answer I would be like Marty I still don't have an answer but I'm working on it and she of course would be frustrated yeah I have to listen to it I've been okay and listened to it and understand that you know she's got people to answer to yeah and most importantly it's just don't ignore the phone call yeah stay young communication even if it's I don't know I'm sure I'm gonna get you an answer soon don't ignore your agents calls so so all relationships business and personal go through ups and downs how you been able to make this stick is it just communication is there life outside of work how close do you guys get like tell us about that stuff I think you know it's you know a communication the company she's she's worked for because she's made sure that you know they're able to also perform for her because you know Norma's actually you've been through what maybe five different companies now but you know it's really for me it's staying with the person who understands and is going to you know learn whatever that company has to offer us to you know close our transactions because remember I'm dealing with people's life their money their family and their biggest investment this is not a part-time job and that's why you know we get so passionate not only for my stellar I don't even know half those buyers and I'm closing you know deals with them I'm making their dreams come true as well yeah so you know cuz we don't just provide service we bring value yes and that's what you've done understand their site all they talk about is service it's like know what value are you bringing to the table yeah exactly exactly so so again it's kind of same thing does it get personal are you guys really like are you guys not having drinks together are you having are you going on vacations together or is there a separation between sort of church and state know that we do we do have yours spend some time together and I think it just comes naturally you know you're working on transaction opens hey let's go to dinner yeah yeah we do meet each other after work after work okay okay that's good we do call nights with the agents and that's kind of fun tell us about that um Rob what do is well do : nights twice a week so they come in and they we have a lender there and they start cold calling and if we can get the you know the leads right to the lender right then and there so we get them pre-qualified so that's been working actually pretty good as well is that your team also there's as I side making phone calls together side by side in the office we go upstairs to our training room and everybody's in there you know no distractions just focusing on making calls and trying to prequalify you know buyers our love it's like true coach so that it works out really good so Marty for for the lenders or Tata reps rescue officers wherever it may be right other other value-added service providers are lessness right now tell tell the listeners what is most important like you said know your business right I understand all that like know it inside now cold if they know the business but they never engage with you then it doesn't matter right so so from an engagement standpoint if they wanted to try and connect with someone of your stature how would they go about doing that you know what they they need to build a really good team like you know I've worked with my Escalus or Diana for 30 years now and her other officer and their jennifer has been there 17 years so you know they are they are amazing I mean what they do they do miracles and they'll go out of their way what even if it's after work and they again they have so much value Diana said one day she goes you know we know so much about this business and we do and Brian Davis with lawyers title Motel rep I've worked with him for 24 years now so all these ancillary service are key to and hundred percent to making all these transactions because it's not just me that makes it happen it all these people from the lender from the title – no – the ESCO person so if you can build a great team who you know does business the way you do business and performs the way you do and has the knowledge because they have immersed themselves in the business they know everything about escrow you know everything about title and they're willing to go out of the way even if it's on you know Saturday and Sunday sometimes for us and it can happen because remember our buyers are average 600,000 so you know they can't just take you know days off every day is critical that it closes on time you know okay I've got three ESCOs okay you're gonna close on this day you're gonna close on this day you're gonna close on this day you're gonna move this day this day this day everybody plans so you know there's so many facets that go into closing that transaction and for me that's really important yeah you know and I think as a lender you have to work with the team that understands a piece like she said everybody has to move at a certain time yes and sometimes you're working with a management team that you go to said this deal has to close and they look at you and like get in line and if you have that kind of team you're working for it's not the right team you have to that's right support yeah so that you can deliver because just like she said there's people that there's people's lives at stake you know they're moving they have to find a new job maybe or you know kids at school yes there's time in my life that's all there yeah likes to deliver and on time you know and so I think most people like to deliver on time right so we all want to yes yeah so tell us from your the two of your standpoint what what causes a partnership to fall apart I think when people stopped believing in you know in the system and they don't do the follow-up and they don't continue to learn I mean I feel like I'm learning every single day I've learned so much right now as a matter of fact my manager and I were saying oh my god you know we're learning new things about the contract new things coming into the contracts you know closing transactions you know working with our lenders you know who's following up who's not because that's the downfall of lenders that Norma will tell you is you know you give them a lead and you know I know we're supposed to follow up but then so are they yeah so if you have a great team following up together you're gonna close these transactions but where the big foot down fall of law Sanders is they don't follow up wouldn't you agree though it's not just lenders its lenders its agents and this is why it's everybody they want instant gratification so it's not gonna happen right now there's no follow-up yeah and if there's more leads coming down the pipeline yeah so what are your thoughts on that if you were just talking to a bunch of our lender clients right now what what do you find are the most effective things in terms of lead fault but I'm gonna ask you the same thing on the agent side so what's the most effective strategies for following up on leads today agents I'd call immediately like Marty will text me the name and numbers you'd be like this guy's looking to buy I call right there and then if I don't reach him I will try again within an hour I will text a customer as well so I had to make like five attempts of calling within the same day and if it doesn't work I will reach out to her and be like oh yeah I've been being able to eat your client issue me hang on and she'll get him on the other line conference call it all the time yeah I can't get home wait a minute let me get it every I get everybody on the line right now yeah I'm gonna save all those phone calls that are you know do take place so you're a five attempt in the first day rule which I think a lot of agents are listening to thinking oh my goodness I don't even do five like right yeah it's maybe I send attacks maybe I sent an email maybe I shoot a bonbon video maybe I make a phone call so so Marty what about you I mean you are I gotta tell you this is super fun like you know we work together privately for many years I have you know we've known each other for ever and ever and ever it's the first time we've ever done an interview like this and like there's eight million questions I want to ask you but it's going to be the obvious follow-up if I'm an agent on your team what are the standards and guidelines for following up on leads well you guys with our team if you don't follow up on them and it's an open game so somebody else can you know jump in and take your lead away from you so I think you know that's kind of motivation as well and we have one of the girls that kind of checks on that to see if there's notes in the computer you know are they following up so those notes are really important because they could lose your client yeah so so remind me of this what platform you're using get boomtown Commission saying we kV core or planet re right planet Ari right so okay and how many leads you have coming in on a normal plea basis oh gosh you know me I'm not good with all the numbers that's Jessie's job what would you guess I have four hundred at least yeah minimum okay in a mum maybe more yeah I'd probably guess Mort do you do SIL oh do you do Google are you doing Facebook like where I leads coming in from do you know all the answers these questions as well I'm going to you know we do Zelo I would say trulia zillow probably or where most of our leads coming from yep yeah and then you know referral paths that's clients yeah yeah all right here's remember how you do your business is the best form of advertising 100 percent yeah and I have over 540 reviews on Zillow so it's pretty awesome been amazing to think about how long we even do this now you see agents like yourself I'm 540 reviews on so I remember seven eight years ago so get your reviews there yeah I'm a lot older these people but I started I think before they day exactly because I get it yeah hundred percent how do percent all right so so we're talking about partnership right I asked you you know like when it goes when it goes south what do you do hi kind of highs and lows but what about this what do you do when you select the wrong partner you're a fired an agent from your relationship base so so what do you do when you selected the wrong partner you just stop working together what do you go Stumm and and just not return their phone calls or no just nicely you know it don't happen you know I told norm a long time ago I says you know it's the people that don't do a lot of business that want you to give them stuff I don't want your stuff I don't want your doughnuts I want service mm-hmm you know yes yes tell me what else uh don't talk about the labor pains to show me the baby you're like metaphorically or you want my first child yeah absolutely we have to understand that that means you know don't talk about all the drama in the business y'all get the deal done yeah yeah on time so you brought up money and I wanted to bring that up even though it's kind of a my I got like five sort of just you know crazy questions I want to ask you the end one is the obvious which is so much of the the mortgage agent relationship over the last really six years I want to say because of boomtown today being the first and then Zillow and others following that same path money exchanged for the two of you are you buying Haffer leads are you not doing that uh-huh no no today you could be the first no I've ever heard so please this plane no they I know when they first started they wanted to do that but now it is something that we don't do chef my daughter Shelly is pretty straight yeah yeah so and working in the banking world we get a well-connected cuz she runs her business very corporate like yeah and uh obviously I work for corporate so yeah I think that's probably one of the does is why we clicked yeah d when Zilla first came out you know that's kind of what people were you know doing better now with arrests spend everything else it's not something that you know yeah so to be clear you still have I don't misquote the number sixteen seventy thousand agents or ninety thousand agents on Zillow and and I'm guessing half of them I'm guessing just a guess half them have a lender paying some portion of it probably yeah yeah I said I would say they do yeah so but you just seem they're your your anti and then you pick the right partner clearly who's coming from a young side um I don't know if Shelly's pretty if people want us to do they you know marketing agreement MSA is that have been around forever yeah yeah so we haven't done that you know I got to tell you that's a breath of fresh air for especially for someone you know who's been doing this as long as you have because you know so much of the industry has gone towards you know you can buy agents Tom you remember way back when when you know all this time companies and we had people send us checks and oh my goodness and Shelley sent them back yeah yeah yeah Laker floor seeds pay for your Christmas parties do whatever it takes I think the title industry actually like called like themselves out and saved probably thirty forty million dollars a year doing that so okay we didn't have the best parties with them parties there was that all right so that's interesting to hear and I mean obviously I knew that but I wanted to I wanted the listeners to hear that there are actually great partnerships that isn't just a financial exchange that instead it really is value it is service it is professionalism responsive when they're paying for you and then feel like you owe us the business and then they're not really good lender yeah I'm gonna stuck with them because yeah you gotta get you know yeah cuz they're paying half the bill yeah it's it's I mean I I love it as a business strategy so okay so Norma how do you feel about you know Marty has other mortgage partners that she's sending business to how do you know they're agents you know like somebody like some people would this is this is like catching the big whale right and then you you know hundreds of transactions a year right it becomes the expectation you said to me like she represents 30 percent 30 40 percent and my business is right so that means there's a whole bunch of other people that are doing business with you so you don't have any problem with that no and and you and you can't because you know we work with other lenders you with other agents yep and you know we have certain lenders that that you know also remember we got it you have to click so sir please click with Norma and other personalities that are not so we have to pick and choose who's gonna who's gonna work with who so time I makes it a lot of fun because when I get it lead from them I know they want it to go to me yeah right so it's like oh wow they chose me it makes me feel even better yeah you know so it's my goal to get more leads from them and make sure I'm responsive of course professional and get the job done clearly yeah so she's one of our preferred lenders yeah but do you have some sort of so what's your strategy leads come in how do you decide Norma against this one you know Tom gets that one rich gets this one how do you know side you know what a lot of them like you know their from their call nights they you know we have the different lenders that come in so it's gonna be their calls and some of the agents have just built a relationship with you so they're gonna give it to Norma no matter what yeah okay and we we know we like that because we want them to click then they click yep I think of the other day the word is trust yes yes that's like so it's like I was good like how do we establish trust because once we trust each other we can still make mistakes right where you know things are gonna happen we're human so what is your advice for all the listeners best advice for creating and keeping trust best advice for kids is really just doing your job knowing you're you know knowing your stuff mm-hm following up knowing your guidelines you know just tell me that's gonna close and I don't want I don't want the drama just please close it yes my first start in the business I worked in an office I only had one lender because I was brand new I didn't know any different yeah and every transaction was a rollercoaster ride yeah and then when I left that office and I met another lender in 1990 I was like oh my god he taught me that that's not how mortgage worked yeah he just took the loan and he closed the deal and there was like no drama so when you know as time went on those are the kind of people I was I was you know looking for and I think that's so critically important nowadays is real estate agents need to let loan officers do their job but the loan officer needs to do their job yes so I think that's what creates the trust do you think that some of that is setting expectations right I mean I know Marty Marty wants it you know like right now instantaneously hurry yes yes I'm still waiting come on let's go so so how do you create the right expectation with a high producing Heidi you know crazy driver so you hire coach hire company become a coach so you can build systems you have a schedule yeah you have a process right and that's how you deliver you know you help deliver on those expectations and she's taught me how to build team you know she has a team so I learned from her and and that's what you do do you ever have to just like want to punch her in the throat like metaphor and we never tell the truth to care frontier to say your expectation is unrealistic for this client with this situation I need a week versus an hour like is that like do you guys have that kind of relationship why you know before um nor Mike before I met Norma I you know I had a net branch you know a long long time ago and I remember the gentleman that ran that branch he left to open his own branch yeah and he said he goes if I can work for Marty Rodriguez I can work for anybody I know what and he's right and he goes you know money what I miss the most is the way you do your business because your organization how organized you are your files everything it made it made their job as a lender so much easier exactly you know so it's you know we're helping each other of course and I don't mean I'm not isolating you just you know like but you know oh no no no I all know I'm at this level if you can work for me exactly you can work for anybody I'm I'll agree with you yeah yeah because I am demanding here this is all about my customer yeah without my customer I'm nobody I will fight for them absolutely I love it all right so let's I went biggest mistakes to avoid and in partnering what's been the big what's been the biggest mistake either you've witnessed with another another partner or you've done with each other and got over biggest mistakes I think I've already I think I prefer aim them it's like you know not to hide from me and yeah you know keep talking keep communicating me whenever problem on the deal guess what I'm gonna call that client every single day maybe a couple times a day yeah because if I can't fix it communication is key keep that thing from you know blowing up in my face I love it you're driving home the central theme is just you know thank you you're driving at home Dharma thoughts so mistakes to avoid mistakes to avoid is hiding from the agent like you mentioned you know um and also if you can't do the deal and you know someone can help them out you know let him know I can't do this deal however I feel that so-and-so can so give them a shot you know yeah okay how do you keep it fresh you've been news for 23 you're circling we're always doing seminars we're all those times your podcasts or we're always talking about what's the latest and greatest so we don't stop learning so you know I'm still being coached you know I believe in coaching because you got to stay sharp you got to stay fresh you got to stay up-to-date and everything and Marty says I'm always reinventing myself I say I got a new same yeah right yeah I am I mean then and just listening to people you know and listen to your dad I've listened to you you know I think that you know 20 Robins I am it's like okay somebody's to freshen me up because I can tell that you know what there's too much negative coming in I got it I got it get some positive because yes it's it's it's a work in progress every day well we live in we saw problems for a profit that's what we do all day long right but but that means that we're in the problem all the time yes I are okay so last question what if anything right what if anything do you to do around schedule and holding each other accountable like frequency of meetings and accountability so we don't have like a formal meeting time our meeting time is when the lead comes in yeah so I have to answer typically by the end of the night we will get on the phone or should each other attacks here's what happen with this customer so it's on a daily basis it's not on a monthly or weekly or every Friday it's never been that way because she needs to know now yeah and I'm coming up for me you know I remember I didn't start with all of you guys and scheduling and so I'm sometimes all over the place and not that that's the right way to be I know it's what works for me yes but you know I guess I you still have I have a Marty schedule you know I try to work out on Tuesdays and Thursdays and then we have you know meetings on Wednesday and then my day you know it people that's what you can do today yeah I know this is what I plan on doing but I really don't know what I'm gonna do because some thumbs up I'm probably gonna you know deal with and handle it yeah you know if it's a listing appointment I'm gonna be there as fast as I can yeah so so so no fee no frequency of regular meetings but it's just every day if there's a little eNOS and then what about like you've got twenty leads in your pipeline that you're working are you communicating all that back to Marty on a daily basis grow a real deal I'm dealing with her TCS or my assistants are dealing with her TCS and then that's basically the process good yeah so it's always just a new start a new leader every time yeah because the office has you know we have meeting every Wednesday office a complete office meeting ya know once a month and then call nights they have to you know twice twice a week so other than that then they should be doing their own prospect is I need to do my own prospect my own follow-up as well yeah how much prospecting are you doing these days you know what for me it's all day long if I'm like I got a couple of minutes okay I gotta call this person I got a couple of minutes okay I'm gonna call that person so all day long I'm picking up or my assistants hey Marty you need to call this person it's time to call this person so she reminds me you know who I need to follow up with yeah so I don't really have a set time it's kind of all day when I have the time to fill in for me yeah I know there's some people it's like okay this is my time don't bother me and that you know that is perfect and it works for them yeah that's what you know the agents do but for me I'm usually dealing with so many different things you know right now I've got a client that was denied her proposition 60 so I'm fighting that with her it's complicated but you know I'm able to do that yeah I've got another one I've got a deposit in dispute so I'm dealing with that but meanwhile I'm also you know like a client wants to see a house today and I don't usually show houses but this is a you know special client I'm dealing with it's already got it before I came you know set up and Lori's gonna meet her there so every day you know it's like something else is you know let's go go go but I'm ready yeah because I don't do anything else I don't cook I don't clean I don't wash I don't shop I don't do it I'm just like I'm ready to take my you shop I've seen you at Fashion Island [Applause] because I don't believe like it yeah yeah so you're doing what you love I did I love my job yeah I think it's important just to find your groove was your partner yes so in her particular case she likes updates you know persistent other agents may like it you know every Friday you don't give them an update and what's going on with the deals or the leads just finding your groove yeah and I think her and I have found our groove pretty early on and we just continued going yeah yeah it's a special thing yes it is and you got to find your groove with your team too yes yeah okay so I'm gonna ask it I can't help I've got to ask her a couple questions just on the just straight up listing side of the business so you're listing 12 houses a month how many appointments might close too close yeah like no listings taken yeah how many come it like what's your goal for new listings taken I've got to probably take you know probably because some of these are just coming – I'm not even going on appointments I'm getting young people just calling me from my you know from my reviews as well so probably I've got to go on 20 appointments okay a month right so so 20 listing appointments of my at least how was your how was your listing presentation evolved over the last few years like what are some of the changes you've made along the way that wins the business gets the listing at the right price gets it listed at the right Commission rate you know I guess you know because pretty much that six percent is come into five percent because you're competing about you know against so many discount brokers at this time yeah but you know I'm sticking with my with my five and sometimes I get six at this time especially when the houses aren't selling and they're going to sit there yeah so and it's involved I mean you know everything was manual now everything is you know technology and you know I've evolved to that and I have a great team and like Henry Ford says I don't need to know that I just need to make sure I've got the people that know how to do it for me and yeah and that I do have you know I have an awesome team so I had I bet she said that a thousand times yeah I don't actually need to know that like Henry Ford once said so would you say that your presentation is is very much the same way every time very much no it is the same way every time okay from you know telling them what I do what to expect and then to go on over the comparables and coming up with you know value and going from there and you know telling them what it's going to cost him and giving them that information I'm actually surprised how many agents don't do that because they'll tell me you know the last agent didn't tell me all this it's like how could they not it's like part of the presentation yeah and I want the last for real yeah please three things every loan officer needs to do with the Khalid right that's pre-approved yeah their max purchase price yep their monthly payment and their total cash to close those are three things buyers need to know yes you have no clue how many buyers have gotten to the closing table and had no clue how much their closing costs were I had no clue what their total payment with tax and insurance and that's when Marty's been like okay these customers aren't happy I'm pulling the deal and I'm taking it somewhere else and go and those are three things and so Marty it's it's exactly right knowing their net yeah exactly and you know that my listing appointment and I don't know you know a team will always outperform an individual you know and I'll just go through my hole where everybody on the team is you know gonna be doing for them and there's always somebody available because you know maybe people are there from 8:00 in the morning to 8:00 at night and that 8:01 8:02 that is eight o'clock sharp okay shadow rewards are people for being on time so attendance is ever an issue that the standard yeah so and then you know on Saturdays and Sundays they're there from 9:00 to 3:00 answering calls distributing emails making sure any problems are you know handled yeah so it's it for us it's you know seven days a week yeah I want it it's a system and it's a problem like everyone says real estate all the buddies made before eight o'clock in the morning after five o'clock and all weekend long like that's so so how is the mortgage presentation changed over the last couple years oh it's now become a lot more email applications done on an app over the phone and scanning document that type of stuff that's how we've evolved but how about the degree of separation like okay so so you know normal why you versus going to somebody else Marty referred me to you I love Marty but you know like presentation right yeah making sure I let the customer know those three things we talked about I will let you know your max purchase price or monthly payment and your cash to close by the time we're done with our consultation and answering their questions and being patient knowing their personality type right are you connecting are you not connecting you're rappelling or you rapport and rapport with them so those are the things as a good lawn officer you need to make sure you're connecting with your client yeah soft skills with a whole lot of understanding the money yes yeah yes what they're Hotpoint is the cash to close yeah so what's your number make sure that we're within that range or is it to payment what's most important to you well how long will you be in your loan before you refinance or remove mm-hmm and showing the difference that maybe they don't need a 30-year fixed maybe they can take a five-year fix if they're planning to move in a few years so that's what a great loan officer needs to do and make sure you're having a great presentation so that when they go back to Marty they're ready to buy a house Yeah right yeah pre-approve ready to go right and I'll be able to list our house and my buyer's agent will be able to take them and you know sell in the house so it's a whole it's a whole process and it works okay I kind of feel like we could do this for about seven more hours just digging in but so being being mindful of our listeners out there if we were to wrap this up what's what's just one last piece of advice for every lender listening you just gave a bunch of really good nuggets by the way so I know I'm putting you you know on the pressures on and then same thing Marty like 41 years in the business you just you continue to evolve and get better and improve you know just from either one of you whoever wants go first most important advice for agents and lenders going forward I think the most important advice for agents because it's the thing that we struggle with is working with other agents who really don't know the business don't know the contracts who complicate situations that are actually simple so all I can say is if you know you want to be in real estate and you want to be successful then you have to immerse yourself in the business and learn everything about it starting with you know the contract understanding people understanding your lender your escrow everybody around you and pick the right team because they can make you or break you yeah for me I would say if you're not into doing the hard work then you're in the wrong business because I think often times folks join the business because they're like oh you can make a quick dollar here right whether it's a real estate or mortgage however they forget that you have to call you have to show up at 8:30 p.m. and stand by her deaths until she's ready to talk to me so I can connect with her and get to know her that's hard work you know of course there was days I would be like okay well is this right or is this not right not just with Marty maybe with another agent that I was going after we have to make sure that you are in or it and you're gonna put in the hard work and dedication if you can't put the hard work and dedication this is not the business yeah so because any Naoko team Tom you know it's the same thing you know you get into a business you got a have a system and hire a coach and if you're serious you hire a coach and you take your business to the next level as long as you do the work good start writing I have the power number one is the byproduct of you know you know skill hard work you know dedication persistence and a lot of satisfied clients yeah okay that's a whole gate yeah and I'm a hard worker and I'm looking at you know what I can say this now I am awesome at what I do yes yeah you are both of you both of you all right well listen thank you so much for joining us I'm best way for people to reach out if they want to connect with you I'm sure we'll put at least on the video email and cell phone but what's your email address if people wanted to reach out and shoot send you an email and just check in and say hi ask a question my email is em are at c21 marty Rodriguez comm and that's ma RT y ro DRI GU easy love it dot-com and I'm Norma dot Morales at home bridge com perfect all right well listen ladies thank you so much for contributing for everybody out there listening we got a ton of value of this if you're an agent you're listening this you probably need to send this to your lender or two or three of your lender buddies and say this is what I want this is how we need to be working together and if you're a lender same exact thing with your agent partners thank you guys so much ladies thank you so much a secret powerful appreciate you both hey thank you so much for listening you know what I would love a comment give me some feedback what do you like what would you like more of what do you want less of I'm doing these podcasts for you so whatever channel or app you use write a comment or to my team and I'll take a look at it and we'll keep getting better and better just for you thanks so much for listening and we'll talk to you on the next podcast

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    40:00 – Marty shares her listing goal per month and how her listing presentation has evolved

    41:50 – Calling all loan officers! Do you do these 3 vital things when working with buyers?

    43:05 – Norma discusses how the mortgage presentation has changed over the years

    45:00 – Marty shares advice on how to be successful in the real estate business

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  2. Great info if you are getting into real estate. "Learn everything about the contract" and find a lender who knows guidelines and what the hell they are doing because your pay check depends on it. I love hearing Norma say "pretty straight" staying RESPA compliant and not taking money from service providers which is very admirable.

  3. Thanks for the video. Agree that the client experience should be #1 priority. Never think about "how can this be easier for me"? If should be "how can I make this easier for the client"

  4. It's true building network is like building bridges. The more bridges you built, the more opportunities to grow your business.

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