The Sphere at QUT: Brain development in the early childhood years

Hello, I am Dr. Kate Williams and I led the
first program for the sphere. Which is all about brain development in early
childhood. For this program we wanted to show in a visual
way how every day activities like singing, playing games or outdoor play can fire activity in a child’s brain. The data wall shows information and research
about why these everyday activities are so important for children’s brain development especially in the first five years of life. So as students and other people interact with
the data wall the sphere becomes more alive and animated and connected just like young
children’s brains. Our education students can learn how every
day activities like singing songs and playing games connects with children’s brain development. They can also learn about some of the practical
tools and ideas to use with young children in early school
setting or prior to school childcare settings. But this knowledge isn’t just useful for
our students it’s really great for parents to know so they can help support their child’s brain
development at home. The sphere is the first learning and teaching
tool in the world of its kind. So, I am really excited to be able to showcase
my research on such a magnificent platform.

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