The New DTG3 ROV Powered by BRIDGE

The Deep Trekker journey has been a voyage
of discovery. We’ve found that the underwater world can
be quite harsh. We made robust and simple to use ROVs for
a world of underwater jobs, and we found that our customers soon wanted to do very complicated
missions using them. We endeavored to make a brand-new platform
of technology and communication that allows for the most complicated missions in the easiest
way for our users. We’re excited to be launching BRIDGE on
our flagship product, now named the DTG3. Deep Trekker’s BRIDGE technology base comprises
of custom hardware, software, and integration. Utilizing the latest in market technology,
this platform will become the basis for future products, new advanced features and third-party
integration. BRIDGE technology leverages the processing
power of a multi-core processor to provide intuitive graphical interface along with impressive
integration of Tri-tech sonars, water-linked underwater GPS and other
advanced sensors. Experience wireless control and viewing, multi-vehicle
operation over the internet and software upgrades available from anywhere in the world. The new DTG3 ROV powered by BRIDGE technology
uses sophisticated control algorithms to provide unparalleled vehicle stability, auto-heading
and depth control. Operators are now able to get the job done,
regardless of the conditions: stronger currents, harsher environments. Experience the 4K ultra-high definition video
recorded directly to the improved handheld controller; and coupled with the intelligence
of BRIDGE technology, G3 operators can now operate up to 12 hours on a single charge,
and they can operate even longer with our integrated hybrid power. The DTG3 can dive to a depth of 305 metres,
that 1000 feet underwater. We are so excited to be launching BRIDGE and
the brand new DTG3. We can’t wait for you to get your hands
on it at one of our demonstrations, trade shows, or get more information at

4 thoughts on “The New DTG3 ROV Powered by BRIDGE

  1. actual mente trabajo con un dtg2 y me encanta el equipo. ahora se venen los dtg3!!!

  2. DTG3 came with only 1 thruster operating even though they mention pre tests before shipping. Poor device.
    1 star

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