23 thoughts on “The many times Trump has derailed White House ‘infrastructure week’

  1. Pelosi and her do-nothing congressional colleagues could use a legislative win on infrastructure. Perhaps Trump wants them to first pass his immigration bill before helping them to get that win. Smart move.

  2. TLDW: everytime Trump focuses on infrastructure, the mainstream media comes up with 'breaking news' to distract the public. I'm surprised WaPo posted this.

  3. Trump heard "Infant truck tour" and yelled that he wanted to be first to ride the engine… HAHAHAHAHA the feckless moron at his best!

  4. So what? The Chamber of commerce just wants the status quo of cronyism, President Trump doesn't. Lobbyist don't walk this President like they have his predecessors.

  5. Big word… Infrastructure, sorry may I have the Donald please define such a big word? I thought the infrastructure was the roads, tracks, ports, air travel, power lines, water, gas, sewage, food production, education, and healthcare. I must have the wrong definition, because none of this is better; it 2 years worse! What are we getting out of him, crinimal behavior and trying to start a war to get enough votes to get re-elected. Start a never ending war to gain 4 more years? Yep, Trump's knee pads read, "Busch." Wow I am pissed. I got a slurping cow sitting next to me, and I am about to yell at him for not knowing how to eat! Damn… I got to chill, not his fault that his mom didn't teach him how to eat…

  6. What happened to obama's trillion dollar infrastructure stimulus? It didn't turn out to be very stimulating, he just sqaunderd it on his campaign contributers like Solyndra.

  7. It's so brave of them to carry on with Infrastructure Week during this national emergency.

    So, so brave.

  8. America has been taking two steps backward since the turn of the century

    we traded in a cold war for a forever war.

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