21 thoughts on “The Latest Scams from the Diabetic Industry

  1. GP Doctors
    GP = General Purpose
    Jews own all major Pharmaceutical drugs sold to GP's & Major Hospitals.
    Chemo equipment is owned by jews. 5g Internet signal towers has given you either leukaemias of certain kind or cancers caused by electronic frequencies that can penetrate into your bedrooms at 4am in the morning when jews increase wave length to cause cancers beyond your imagination because that is best time to become unnoticed.
    Vaccinations have certain blood blocking additives such as mercury and aluminum to cause diabetes and triggers for addictions and alziemers. Best way to penetrate is at birth. All vaccinated humans after 1966 cannot hold jobs down or relationships.
    Jews are best at convincing governments to compulsory vaccinate before entering schools or catching a plane, flying abroad you need a flu shot…
    As if jews can cure common flu virus!!
    No humans can cure any virus.
    Drugs only make you feel good. Jesus was killed by Jews but his father or Aliens who cloned us what ever you want to believe, only gave us the knowledge to kill bacteria.
    All internet and Major newspapers are Jewish owned. Jews are best to create anxiety and panic….Through their mediums. Remember you cannot say anything bad against a Jew on Twitter !!!
    You be the judge.
    Their are more child birth deaths
    More than any other time in history… Why????
    Another thought… You cannot sue a pharmaceutical company.

    Happy new year to all
    Goya… Goya is a non Jew.
    Non Jews can be cheated, steal their goods, killed or treated less than a Cow… ☺

  2. No diet changed my wife diabetes except the Keto diet. In fact by dropping carbs, she could stop taking medicine, in just a few weeks. The problem with people like McDougall is he doesn’t do real science, he does correlation studies and refers to Chinese and Japanese diets as if these diets would have the same effect on Americans. That is not science that is a guessing game that he uses to make money.

  3. So what it's the type 2 supposed to do? Eat more sugar? It's that what this video was about? Please make it clear. Eat sugar and vegan?

  4. All I can say is there's a sucker born every second. Having tried a plant based whole unprocessed food diet that eliminated all animal products and oils and eating only legumes, whole grains, starchy vegetables and leafy lower carb veggies, plus two small fruit selections each day, my diabetes got steadily worse, I gained 20 pounds and my A1C score went up a point. I was told this type of high carb diet was actually good for my diabetes which is the opposite of what actually occurred. I followed the diet exactly with no cheating what so ever. There might be some Diabetics that had better results on this diet than I did but I am by no means the only one that has had a negative experience adopting this highly controversial diet.

  5. I begged my Dr for YEARS to get me help with my Diet with a Dietitian…Dr shrugged his shoulders….years later he diagnosed me with Diabetes…now I get Dietitian Help…and wants me on 3 meds, Bp meds, Cholesterol, Metformin…did research…those meds are NIGHTMARISH….no thanks…will take my chance without…

  6. You are a star doc,vegan goes couple years graces to blocks like you,, Neil,B.Clement, and others,,kudus

  7. I'm a T1D. At least with Type 2, big pharma is developing devices to help Diabetes in general. If it wasn't for T2, there would be no new technologies to help T1D., will still be on pig insulin and finger sticks.

  8. Some drug addicts get their syringes for free. My daughter has diabetes type 1 and we have to pay.🤔

  9. Type 2, A1c 9.5 and 300 pounds. Went keto, cut sugar and carbs, no meds, dropped my A1c to 4.5 and dropped 116 pounds. Keto works well for me! Fat doesn't increase my blood sugar. Carbs raise mine.

  10. Thank you Dr. McDougall for all of your hard work and dedication to saving lives. You are a true healer. I have the utmost respect for you.

  11. You are dead wrong, doctor !!! You can't eat sugar to cure high blood sugar. To reverse diabetes, the sure way is to limit starch/carbohydrates/sugar intake. And your body will heal itself as you lose weight. It's that simple. May the love and the peace of Jesus be with us.

  12. John McDougall
    MD is a salesman,
    Pushing Vegan diet, and will gladly sell you food.
    No one diet is best for every one, MANY follow KETO way of life, please note, low carbohydrate is a tried and peer reviewed method to treat/ REVERSE type II Diabetes.
    Please turn down the noise that your way is the only way.

  13. Well,if you feed your children pizza,fries,burgers and soda (with added GMO and other shit) in schools,one must be insanely stupid not to understand the end result..

  14. As you can all see by reading comments, there is no ONE way to health. Low fat, high fat, low carb, high carb, vegan diet, smoking and drinking,… some people see results by low fat/low protein/low carb, others by high fat/high carb/high protein. Unfortunately for all of us, there are many researches “proving” every opposing views. So, what the heck are we supposed to do? Well, here is my answer to you: LISTEN TO YOUR BODY AND ITS SYMPTOMS. Try everything and if it works, then follow it and STOP listening to others. Otherwise, you will lose your sanity and diet of hunger and misery. Guaranteed.

  15. I think he could have taught this in half the time. He is probably a good doctor, but not a very good speaker. He is quite redundant and I'm sure I don't need to hear his resume so many times. I managed to sit through it to glean the information I tuned in for, the scams of the diabetic industry, which didn't happen until nearly halfway through, and then only sporadically between his verbose renditions of superfluous information. Then he got to the study that said high carbohydrate and sugar led to glucose control. What a crock of ….t He has some old studies to back up his "facts" There are so many more studies that show the opposite affect. What a waste of my time.

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