17 thoughts on “The FIRM Classic: Low-Impact Aerobics Original DVD Workout

  1. The goal of a film director is to lead the viewer through the story or activity without awareness of time. In film lingo, total emersion in the moment is termed 'suspension of disbelief'. As evidence of the power of cinematic craft, the original FIRM workouts have withstood the test of time. This is one of the defining characteristics of a 'Classic' work of art.

  2. Original FIRM workouts productions took about a week to record. All 48 pre-2001 titles FIRM workouts were edited (like movies) in post-production. The lead and cast costumes were frequently changed during taping, otherwise sweat marks would not match when shots were assembled.

    Crafted by a director who was exercise instructor, choregrapher and editor, cameras were composed to impart max info. This raw material was edited to both teach and synchronize to the melody and tempo of the music.

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