The essential kitchen renovation checklist

Hi, I’m Kate Davidson of Kate + Co. Design Inc. and I’m here at the National Home Show today and let the pure kitchens
booth and today we’re going to be talking about the latest and greatest
renovation tips and the key things to remember when you’re designing your
kitchen when you’re starting a kitchen renovation it’s important to think about
how you’re gonna use this space I always recommend my clients jot down the key
areas of function that they need as far as appliances and storage and then we
can start thinking about the design and adding some really interesting elements
to the space so it’s important to consider what appliances you really want
and need in your kitchen you know do you have room for a wall oven and then the
range-top or do you have to have it all integrated in one to save space
dishwashers are an essential also your kitchen sink you know do you have room
for a large 36 inch sink or do you have to keep it more compact at 30 inches so
once you have your wish list and your appliances figured out the next thing is
to determine your layout you know most importantly it’d be wonderful if you
could incorporate an island into your kitchen it adds more counter space and
it’s wonderful for entertaining some key rules of thumb to consider when you’re
laying out your kitchen is the distance the distance from your counter to your
island I always try to have it at 42 inches it gives a nice distance for
appliances to pull out like your dishwasher and refrigerator the key to
making a functional kitchen is to take account of what you have and how you’re
going to store it in your new space this kitchen has wonderful dividers and trays
for knives spices cutlery it really makes it really functional and easy to
access so now for the fun part of the design of your kitchen you know consider
what style you want it to be do you want it to be traditional contemporary modern
choose something that really speaks to you and also relates to the rest of your
home style the key areas where I like to splurge
when designing a kitchen are the hardware the cabinet hardware makes such
a difference in a statement for the overall look and feel of the kitchen
also your faucet you know the faucet you’re going to be using everyday it’s
right there as a centerpiece make sure you pick a beautiful and stylish faucet
in this kitchen here they use this great courts for the counters as well as the
backsplash it’s a really nice look clean contemporary but it’s actually a bit of
a save now quartz is more and more reasonable and affordable and it’s a
great substitute for a real marble when picking the paint color for your
cabinetry of the kitchen consider color blocking here they painted the island
and the cabinetry under the cooktop a charcoal gray which adds wonderful
interest to the space lighting is a key item that people often overlook but it
needs to be thought of really far in advance because your Lighting has to be
roughed in before any cabinetry is installed I always like to incorporate
three layers of lighting you have your overall pot lights your under counter
task lighting and then pendent your decorative feature lighting which is
often pendants over the island the key thing to consider to have a successful
renovation that’s both on-time and on-budget is to do all of your homework
speak to your trades your electricians your plumber your cabinet maker make
sure everything is listed and itemized and don’t be afraid to talk about budget
and any unforeseen cost

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