The Enterprise Bridge Will Appear In The Next Star Trek Discovery Episode

hi people welcome to everything track the promo for the next discovery episode shows the bridge of the USS Enterprise I've been convinced for a while that we would see the Enterprise bridge on Star Trek discovery check out the video where I first discussed this possibility link in the description below now let's take a closer look at the discovery version of the Enterprise bridge the overall bridge design is basically a modern update of the original series bridge and most of its features are either almost identical to or at the very least reminiscent of its Tos counterparts the red railings and debride chairs are basically the same as in TOS the captain's chair in front of piker seems a pretty similar to DT OS version the navigation and helm stations as well as the bridge consoles have been modernized but still reflect the TOS style the Star Trek Discovery Enterprise bridge even includes its version of the lamp like viewer seen in the first TOS pilot the cage you can see it on number one station and number one is sitting in the same place on the bridge where she would sit in the episode the cage I would say that the only significant departure from the TOS bridge is the view screen the discovery version of the enterprise bridge as a window style view screen like in the other Discovery era ships instead of a traditional TOS abuse train Timothy Peale who has worked on the set of the Star Trek Discovery Enterprise bridge as confirmed on Twitter that this set is not her address of the USS discovery set the fact that they have built a whole new set instead of just modifying the Discovery one is to me further evidence that the Star Trek producers are planning to use the Enterprise bridge for more than just the last two episodes of Discovery season two what else does the promo for the next discovery episode show here we can see the discovery and the enterprise side by side facing a fleet of section t1 ships in this scene on the screen behind a Captain Pike you can read the word Xia Xia is the home planet of Poe the alien that Tillie mates in the short tracks episode run away you can check out my analysis of the episode link in the description Poe belongs to these alien species which is a new species introduced by the short tracks Zions can become invisible in the short tracks a Poe is about to become the queen of Ziya after her brother's death she claims to have developed a method of recrystallizing dilithium crystals dilithium is a rare element used to control the power of the warp drive systems of many starships the USS discovery in the next episode could be traveling to Ziya to get the energy required to use the time crystal that Pike retrieved from the Boroff monastery in this other scene from the promo we can see Mero georgiou on the bridge of the discovery it will be interesting to see what role she will play in the last two episodes is she really siding with Starfleet or does she have a hidden agenda finally here Michael Burnham is looking out of a window watching a starship that could be the enterprise where is she is she on da discovery is she saying goodbye to the enterprise if yes why my personal theory for di finale is that Burnham and the discovery crew or part of the discovery crew will travel to the future while Pike and Spock will rejoin the enterprise this would explain why Burnham would say goodbye to the enterprise in this scene since so she wouldn't know when she will see her foster brother Spock again so this is it thanks for watching if you have time please check out my patreon page I'm looking for some external support for the channel since it's difficult for me to manage both my channel in my job you might like the patron rewards that I offer or you can donate on PayPal as well I would really appreciate it please come and share like and subscribe if you decide to subscribe also click the deshaun bell next to the subscribe button to be notified when my videos come out follow me on twitter stay tuned for more videos on Star Trek talk to you soon and live long and prosper

9 thoughts on “The Enterprise Bridge Will Appear In The Next Star Trek Discovery Episode

  1. Oh yeah the pilot bridge colors were silver and black cause it was meant to be original in black in white then when they switch to color they made the rails red and everything colorful. And shows in the 60's over did color like acid trip extreme to show off new color tv's lol

  2. That new 1701 bridge looks a bit like JJ enterprise bridge but that view screen looks to much lie a Klingon ship view screen they should have gone with he change square or rectangle round edged view screen. lmao but yet there going to throw the 60s pilot chairs in there =x

  3. well the thing is and why the ships look more modern and different overall and even the characters is because the show is about to become a new timeline and do its own thing. which may even open up a possible tos remake with the discovery universe. i mean that could be kind of awesome.

  4. i would LOVE to see a series with captain pike on the enterprise. anson mount has done a WONDERFUL job as pike, and is one of a very few redeeming things about STD. they need to cancel STD and start up the pike series. ALSO, CAN ANYONE SAY STAR TREK: CAPTAIN WORF????

  5. Good theory that Michael may go to the future!

    Also, hope we will get Pike and Spock and Number One series on Enterprise! Shut up and take my money! 🙂

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