The Build Up: Episode 6, Baltimore Courtyard Renovation Reveal, and Reflection on Community Impact

Previously on The Build Up. The Cultural Arts
Center is a place where everybody comes
together in the community. Wow! Beautiful! The goal is for us to be able
to feed the community two days a week for free. What if– food trailer? It can go anywhere and serve
the community at large. Wow! I’m John. And I’m Anthony. We’re design and
construction experts. Ellen sent us on a mission
to help extraordinary people doing amazing things
in their community– This is so sweet
that you do this. You go back to high school. And you help with an
after-school program to help kids. –and then pay it forward with
some incredible renovations and life-changing surprises. Oh, my goodness! This is The Build Up. We’ve been helping Baltimore’s
Downtown Cultural Arts Center, where it’s been
owner Renny’s dream to be able to feed the community. And it’s finally time to
make that dream a reality. Guys, why don’t you
turn around right here. What? What? Goodness! Oh, man! Wow! That is bananas! You wanted to be
able to serve more than just this immediate area. Yes. This, you can tow. You can show up at street fairs. And you can get the word out
about the Downtown Cultural Arts Center and serve
the entire community. Wow! Wow! To have a healthy kitchen for us
to be able to feed the people, I’ve been dreaming
this 20 years-plus. John, and Anthony, and
Ellen made it come true. The Ellen Show! We are so, so very grateful. We put that dream on wheels. We’ve got a brand
new food trailer. But you’re going
to need something to tow it with, right? Oh, my goodness, cut it out! What? Your all-new Chevy Silverado! Oh, my God! Oh, my goodness! Oh! Woo! Oh, my goodness. Oh, my goodness. I feel great for giving
back to Renny and Carmen because they did so much for us. They deserve everything
they have here. What you guys do inspires us. We want you to be able
to tow this everywhere around the city. So it’s nice and easy. It has its own app. It has a huge screens. It’s easy to tow. You pull right up to it. You take the food trailer
all over Baltimore. We will definitely make sure
that we pay this forward, that the people
benefit from this. Yes! Thank you so very much. And this will not stop here. This will not stop here! Today’s the day we’re going to
perform at the Cultural Arts Center. The whole community’s
going be there. Everybody who is helping
us is going to be there. And it’s just going
to be so amazing. Seeing this space used in
the exact way intended, it felt so good. It just felt like we made
all the right decisions for the community,
for Baltimore. The mayor came. She was thrilled. Oh, my god. So what I want you all to know
is that we’ve been watching. This kind of work really helps
put Baltimore on the map. And it also helps
our young people to aspire to your greatness. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you so much! Seeing the mayor come to the
Cultural Center Arts Center just means the world to me. It was just, like,
wow, this is amazing. [MUSIC – MACKELMORE – “CAN’T
HOLD US”] Without further ado,
in the new space, The Downtown Cultural
Arts Center Courtyard, Timothy and Malik, let’s
give it up for them, y’all! To see them in front of
the entire community, and everybody
cheering them on, I couldn’t be more proud of them. Return of the Mac, what it
is, what it does, what it is, what it isn’t. Looking for a better
way to get up out of bed instead of getting on
the internet and checking hit again. Stay on my craft. And stick around
for those pounds. But I do that to pass the
torch and put on for my town. And then we go back. They’ve taken things
to another level. And now, they have
their own style. And that makes me feel great. –like the ceiling
can’t hold us! Now, can I kick it? Thank you. Yeah, I’m so damned grateful. I grew up really
wanting gold fronts. But that’s what you get
when Wu-Tang raised you. Why, time to go off. Gone. Deuces, goodbye. I’ve got a world to see. They wanted to bring the
entire community together. And they totally nailed it. This is our moment. Tonight is the night. We’re going to fight
’til it’s over. So we put our hands up like
the ceiling can’t hold us, like the ceiling can’t hold us. These boys are fire. Yo, they looked great up on
the stage, their performance. Everything was beautiful. I’ve never seen somebody throw
a drumstick off the wall and– And catch it! And then play the drums again! And then upside down. Upside down! The drum– That was amazing. It’s great to see Timothy
and Malik perform, and to see the community
come together around them. And I think, for the
Cultural Arts Center, it’s going to bring
a lot exposure to show what the city,
Baltimore City, has to offer. It could not have been a better
end to an absolutely incredible project. I wanted to say thank
you to everybody that’s been on the journey with us. It’s not– It’s not over. It’s not over. It’s only the beginning. And we’re going to
definitely continue to work hard, keep
moving forward. This is how the
cousins always say. Love you. Cheers, man. Love you. Love you. You just keep paying
it forward, man. I’m so happy for everybody
that came into our lives, and helped changed it, and
made it a better place for us, and helped made it better
for everybody else. Awesome work. Awesome work, bud. Love you. Love you, buddy. To the future! To the future! Yeah!

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