100 thoughts on “The Boring Flutter Development Show [Pilot Episode]

  1. My first ever mobile app ever created was with flutter. Flutter team has nice documentation and i wish to know create my own widgets.

  2. Hey, if you really are the google developers, I hope you see this because I need help syncing my gmail, it won't sync no matter how many methods I try.

  3. Cool video. Could you post future videos on a different Youtube channel so we can easily subscribe and watch them

  4. I would love to see how we can customize given widgets. For example remove that up/down arrow on the right or to draw brand new widgets with custom shape and behavior.

    Also I would like to see how we can call native Android/iOS APIs.

    And a bit more about asynchronous callbacks and best practices, for example I need to do some background work and notify all UI elements about the results (fail with message or OK). And what about multithreading?


  5. Thank you, Andrew & Filip, Its really a useful video for beginners like in flutter. Waiting to watch video from both you
    1. On CRUD SQLite operations.
    2. Making API requests.
    3. Customising the UI (tweaks on iOS&Android)
    4. Navigations drawer, Switching between screens etc

  6. Make more Videos like this …its Amazing …..but go and watch Fluttery Channel he Awesome in this ……

  7. Kudos to Andrew for reeling in the demo to take a timeout to get Filip to explain the concepts of Flutter.

  8. Thanks for the example. Could you please also show a more complex sample with state persistence (SQLite), service managers that are not represented on the UI layer and working with device hardware like IMU sensors, camera, file system etc..

  9. Nice Video. Anybody come up with a solution that shows the SnackBar?

    Update: I found this https://docs.flutter.io/flutter/material/Scaffold/of.html

  10. Humm, body property's arguments should've been wrapped in a builder, you wouldn't have got the error for the Snackbar 😀

  11. Thanks for the video! valuable information from you guys 🙂
    Just a question, which perhaps will be solved in the following tutorials:

    Just like you do at 51:40, if you open an item and then refresh the page (and thus, deleting it), the application shows the next item as open, even if it wasn't.

    Why is that? I imagined the each ExpansionTile was specific to its own item, so I expected to remove the first item leaving the others as they were. Could someone help me figure this out?


    P.S. if anyone needs the article.dart file, this is the link to the version they use in this lesson: https://github.com/filiph/hn_app/blob/4fcf94328ca850691c36f6d6ed477d9569919d81/lib/src/article.dart

  12. Hi averyone…the start on flutter is weird cause dart language but you know " always learning new thinks mote"
    Ok, second stage, creating a real app with real beautiful UI … task done ! Yupiiiiiii
    Ok, so you need more features. Kind easy to implement in java/android studo…and…

    BANG! Theres is no native support to INTENTS on Flutter !!!

    Hole, s****, all the building is collapsed!!! Back to java/android studio !

  13. I put the code from this episode https://github.com/antygravity/flutter-development-show. I will commit more after watch more 🙂 This is a very good way to learn Flutter!

  14. Love to watch this boring show about flutter from google developers. I want to excel in both flutter and AngularDart.. let me try 😉

  15. 0:56 I always wonder who writes these subtitles. Whomever, whatever it is, they clearly never heard about Hacker News which is a noose app, haha. Very cool format

  16. How would you add a working search bar to this. The issue I'm having is I can't seem to .add items in the list to a new list and then set the state to use that list if it contains a query that matches some data in the items parameters.

  17. Sir making mistakes while teaching makes this the best tutorial ever
    because i do that i make mistakes and keep editing until it works and most of the time i think i'm just a dumbass and will never be a programmer
    but after seeing a professional Goggle engineer making mistakes i'm full of confident ow and will keep learning 😀 Thank you

  18. Light mode on android studio is dead. I would forget this blasfemy because the episode was really great guys! Well done! No more light mode please x.x!

  19. I'd love to see state management best practices in the show. I am using EventBus/Vuex in Vue.js project. I'd really want to see how this relates(forgot the word here).. in a flutter project.

  20. 47:30: Snackbar.of(context) is called with the BuildContext of the entire page, which does not have Scaffold in the first place. https://docs.flutter.io/flutter/widgets/Builder-class.html could be used to show Snackbar based on the wrapping Scaffold

  21. Help: I get this error while Im trying to show the data on screen using list: list<dynamic> is not a subtype of list<widget>.

  22. "We'll just use the iOS simulator because…. oh shit I can't say because it's way faster than the Android emulator.. err.. just … because." Good video anyway!

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