Tell Banks to Stop Financing Fossil Fuel Infrastructure

Oil and gas companies are trying to
build new pipelines all over North America. We already know that pipelines are dangerous. They threaten Indigenous rights, contaminate drinking water, and are bad for the environment. But there’s one thing these companies need to keep building these destructive oil pipelines. Money. A lot of that money comes from banks. These are the very same banks that some of us use for our checking accounts and our mortgages. The thing about banks is they don’t
really like a lot of risk. And pipelines are incredibly risky. So why should risk-averse banks continue to finance fossil fuel infrastructure that may become obsolete. Especially when there are important renewable energy options that need financing. People are starting to question how their money is being used. But we still have the dirty dozen. These are banks that fund pipeline
companies and projects that threaten human rights and the environment. Enough is enough! All of us, all over the globe need to stand together, make our voices heard, and join the Wave of Resistance. If you’re with us, sign this petition.

1 thought on “Tell Banks to Stop Financing Fossil Fuel Infrastructure

  1. I agree that they shouldn't go through indigenous land. But really pipelines are much safer and more efficient than trucks.

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