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Turn to Cliggitt Realty when you are looking
to invest in Tampa Commercial Real Estate. Cliggitt Realty was founded by Michael Cliggitt,
a commercial realtor, licensed Real Estate broker, and appraiser for the state of Florida. These realtors are experts in commercial,
industrial, and investment real estate. They are ready to work with both buyers and
sellers across the Tampa and Central Florida region. Cliggitt Realty works from the ground up to
sell Tampa Commercial Real Estate. They begin with an in-depth analysis of the
property and market to identify prospective purchasers and tenants. They are experts in determining and negotiating
property pricing to maximize returns for property owners. They include a robust marketing strategy that
allows for local, national, and international exposure of your property on a combination
of mediums, including placement on industry leading real estate websites, MLS, property
signage, and direct mail. They also maintain strong business relationships
with investors, developers, brokers, past and prospective clients. All of this leads into securing a buyer or
tenant for your Tampa Commercial and Industrial real estate. Learn more about how Cliggitt Realty can help
you with Tampa Commercial Real Estate by visiting Cliggitt.com or by calling 813-810-1615.

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