Study BSc Architectural Technology at Middlesex University

Architectural technology is
basically the science of architecture, so it involves the major components
of the design and the technology. But as well, there is also the
management and the practice. The course follows the Sciad benchmarks
and standards, and it was extremely important for us to get consultation
from the industry partners as well. My role was to help the team at
Middlesex, along with other industry experts, to look at how to position
the course within the industry. This course at Middlesex has an emphasis
towards building information modeling, which is a new approach within the
industry, and that’s being driven by younger people. We’re no longer working
with diagrams and drawings. We’re now working with virtual
representations within the computer. The degree prepares students for
their working lives by linking with industry and by live case studies
and projects. Studying in London can provide so
many industry opportunities toward networking and jobs. For example,
I started working in Siemens after my first year.
London is great for social life. You can go anywhere.
You can go to Camden. There’s all the design museums.
There’s the science museum, history museum.
There’s so many great things to see in London that inspire me on the course
and help to keep me motivated. We have several core lecturers, and we
also have lecturers from across the world, many of whom have tremendous expertise
in different constructional industries, which brings a very important,
kind of, dimension to this course. The facilities here are really, really
good. We’ve got everything from 3D printing right down to band saws.
We can do everything to really explore with prototyping.
We’ve got a whole room full of silhouettes, computers, that also have
InDesign, Photoshop, illustrator, all the latest CAD and video editing software.
It allows us to present our ideas very easily.
We are the only undergraduate program at the moment who encompasses BIM in every
single module, which we are experts at because of our masters in BIM management,
and this is exactly what the industry wants right now.

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