33 thoughts on “STOP Buying Plots in Pakistan & My Better Investment Solution | Azad Chaiwala Show

  1. Better to buy property in ur home country, should not invest in any country if you dont have its nationality…

  2. پاٸی جی تسی اپنا کم جاری رکھو۔۔۔میرا مطلب چا دا کم😂😂😂

  3. My father purchased 4 plots in the 1980s and got ripped off by a family member who sold them and brought worthless plots. NEVER INVEST IN PAKISTAN ITS FULL OF THIEVES AND CROOKS. SHAME ON THEM.

  4. Azaad bhai i am not agree with u maine 5 saal phly park view lahore me 5 marla plot 18 lacs me buy kya tha installment py or dosra bahria town karachi me aj parkview ka plot 48 ka ha or bahria town double py maine parkview waly plot py ghar bana k sale kya ha and i got 97 lacs from there imagine in 5 years 18 se 97

  5. It is better to make single story building on one plot than to buy two plots.There are teo benefits of foing this one you will get rent and the other is that you may sale this house and makr profit

  6. Nowhere in the civilised world do rents increase by 10% each year either for commercial or residential property. The fact that this barbaric practice goes on unabated and unchecked in Pakistan is shameful. This video is totally irresponsible in promoting the 10% increase as being a norm it is no more than modern day riba. It allows the landowners to get richer and those who cannot afford to buy get poorer, disgusting practice that should be outlawed!

  7. Yaar seriously u dont no what ur saying kon sa plot sasta hoa hai specilly in punjab side mujhey bhi batao mein bhi le loun wahan pe

  8. Kyun chutiaa bnaa ry ho bhai awam ko… Khud e kyun n kr lyty business yhan videos bnnany s bhtr khen office khol k baith jao property ko r 10pcnt lol

  9. Time is a greatest healer ….. I will see u after 10 years ……. Where will u stand …………after 10 years ….. In ten years we might have 2 recessions ……….

  10. Hahaha very nice like bro this thing with me I have bussiness in oman everybody say me take plot but I don't care I see my goal only thx nice videos

  11. jani how are you buying property in "SAUDI" according to saudi rules no one can buy property in saudi except soudian nationality

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